pergola pool

Stunningly beautiful, at 41 feet long and 25 feet wide this massive-sized pergola covers an entire swimming pool!

Paula said her husband came up with the idea of covering the pool with a pergola. It was way better than the original plan. They were going to enclose it all in with glass. The pergola was the right choice. They are way happy with it and it has been perfect for their family.

Stepping into the shade of this massive solid wood pergola, Paula is right, it is an extremely pleasing experience. The timbers are heavy-duty, standing majestic-like and when I touched the posts there is a sense of being re-energized by the timber itself. The earth’s primary source of vitality is derived directly or indirectly from the sun and swimming boosts energy levels. Water, sunshine and comforting shelter, all key ingredients to an everyday vacation in their own backyard.

For evenings and interment weather, timber is a natural and extremely effective insulator. Wood retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night so it is so much more than just protection from the daytime heat.

Timber has inherent built-in stabilizers of air pockets that make it less prone to condensation; and more effective than aluminum, metal or vinyl for extremes in temperature. The natural elasticity of timber compensates for structural movement and is more conducive to responsible architectural design than inelastic materials. As a side note, bacteria does not reproduce itself on wood and wood is earth-friendly as well as human-friendly.

With the inherent qualities of timber, Western Timber Frame™ adds a patented design system called The Dovetail Difference™. The Dovetail Difference™ is a joint system designed to compensate for seismic movement and remain consistent with changes in weather and humidity.

Through the use of modern technologies, building an old-world timber frame shelter is eco-friendly and cost-efficient. A ShadeScape™ Kit is also extremely fast and easy to install.

This job was somewhat challenging to photograph as there was not much space to step back and capture the whole of this massively sized ShadeScape™ Kit. It was though, an awesome and vivacious structure to be privileged to take pictures of! Check out the details below:

pergola cover shade pool
Tiered pergola corner roof
pergola pool
pergola post pool
corner pergola
shade pergola
pergola pool
pergola pool
attached roof

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide