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When something is transfigured it becomes ELEVATED and EXCEEDINGLY more BEAUTIFUL than it was before.

A glowing sunset can transfigure an entire landscape.

But did you know?

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Witnessing the beauty of the sunrise can transfigure your entire life!

It may seem to be a rather bold statement but hopefully, bear with me and you too, will be astonished and take advantage of this delightsome FREE Gift.

Many families have told us that since installing their timber frame gazebo, pavilion or pergola kit they feel better, and are healthier. We love hearing it. We know nature makes us happy. And let’s face it, too many people monotonously spend the majority of their time indoors staring at glowing screens in artificial lighting and breathing in stale air.

It is plain common sense. If people are able to enjoy the quality time together out of the house, they will feel happier, and ultimately being in an outdoor environment makes them healthier.

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If common sense weren’t enough, there are a plethora of investigative studies that show an earth-friendly setting can be better than a perscription drug. Getting some sunshine in a peacefilled outdoor environment increases mental clarity, boosts the immune system, melts away stress, helps people to relax and sleep deeper, improves productivity, and melts away stress.

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As we all know, without the magnificent energy of the sun there would be no life on earth. Little did I know though, how almost computeristic like – except on a higher intelligence processing level – the sun does things to the human body I had never dreamed of before.

This ball
of electromagnetic radiation
that we call light
is a TOOL that can
and spiritually,
transfigure your life.

There are so many reasons people have told us their family or business is especially blessed in having installed a ShadeScape® timber frame pergola. Listing a few off the top of my head, they tell us they spend extra time with their kids. They love the convenience; customers love it. Their health has improved. Gatherings are relaxed and laid back. It is easy and fun to decorate for special occasions. And the list of benefits goes on.

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We are grateful to the numerous individuals who have called us, e-mailed or looked for us at home shows to say hello again, and let us know what a difference their outdoor living shelter has made in their lives. Making their lives better is what fuels our purpose and why we do what we do.

Over the course of the many years of manufacturing pergola kits, there is one particular benefit that began to be increasingly intriguing. People were telling us …

they, their spouse,
or some family members had …

lost weight due to spending more time
outdoors in their ShadeScape®. 

There is nothing out of the ordinary in what they expressed to us. What was surprising, however, is the NUMBER of people who said they lost weight, as a result, of the time they spent in their ShadeScape®

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By experience, I know that getting out of the house more has helped me in losing weight. I too, have a solid wood pergola from Western Timber Frame™. It beckons me to come outside every day, and I have also lost unwanted pounds. Thirty of them!

Previously, I had attributed this due to the fact it is so much easier to spend time outdoors. The pergola is the go-to-place for everyone.

Moving, getting exercise, eating better, are all the highest regulators for weight loss, or so I had always believed. That is until recently when I came upon several forward-advancing discoveries centered around the topic of light.

Light can manipulate the body, and the sunlight is an awesome great weight loss program.

The sun is a secret weight-loss tool.

Of the many recent studies confirming that the sun is how we lose weight, my primary focus is on the works of Dr. Jack Kruse, an accomplished and well-respected neurosurgeon.

Dr. Kruse is a member of the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

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His accolades are impressive but there is more to Dr. Kruse than the services rendered in his chosen profession. His compelling research has catapulted him to a higher level of bettering health and happiness for humankind.

Credentials do not tell the depth of who Dr. Jack Kruse is, what he has done for others or the obstacles he has faced in life. Personally, I am inspired by one particular challenge he mastered and is another of his impressive accomplishments.

Dr. Jack Kruse lost 77 pounds in 3 months.
He then went on to lose a total of 140 pounds in 11 months.

A transfigured life!

What made his weight loss strategy singular from any diet, pill, surgery, or workout routine?

 He attributes his weight loss to the sun,
and all without exercise

“If you are doing things correctly, you should never need to exercise to lose weight.” – Dr. Jack Kruse.

“Everything is light,” says Dr. Kruse, “We have been driving biology the wrong way. The sun is food as all food is created by photosynthesis, an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight.”

The DNA of plants is filled with small physical units of light in the form of biophotons. The more sunlight a plant stores, the more nutritious it is for our bodies to eat. Light regulates functions of cells and other vital life processes.

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The sun energizes and empowers the body. 1/3 of the human body’s electrons comes from the intake of food and 2/3 of the electrons is derived from sunlight. 

Obesity Begins in the Eye

In the past, sunscreen and sunglasses have been toted as essentials for outdoor play. Thankfully, there has been spurning away from some of the conventional wisdom-ism of the day.  Dr. Kruse is a non-conventional neurosurgeon. He recommends not using sunscreens or wearing sunglasses.

“Obesity,” says Dr. Kruse, “begins in the eyes.”

In medical school, eye doctors were taught that the anterior chamber of the eye blocks out all UV light. Over the last ten years, recent data has proven this to be false. The eyes do catch a small amount UV rays. The little bit of light that gets through stimulates a complex series of biological processes in motion. One is a messaging system that tells the hypothalamus how much food the body needs based upon the EMF’s received from the sun.

Other than the skin, the eyes are the only major organs of the human body laid bare to sunlight and they are the perfect place to start on a wellness journey. Consider some wondrous functions of the eyes:

• Human eyes begin development at two weeks after conception.

• Our eyes play a vital role in our health in numerous ways. Sometimes the condition of our health can be seen in our eyes.. During a sight test things like diabetes and high blood pressure that can be detected.

• Eyes are a marvel. The pupil of the human eye contracts and enlarges, adjusting to ever-changing light conditions. They are also the quickest and most active muscles in the human body. This is why when describing something as happening super fast, we say, ‘in the blink of an eye.’ Eyes can blink as many as five times in a single second.

• The eyes are sensitive to light. The reaction to lights is especially noticeable to the body if it gets an overdose of blue light from your phone, tablet or computer. The eyes are more lethargic reading onscreen compared to reading on paper. Typically, people read 25% slower on screen than they do on paper. The brain can become exhausted or feel like it is being filled with wet cardboard. In stark contrast, taking time out for a walk in the outdoors will energize the body and the mind.

• Our eyes act as a camera capturing the light and sending an upside-down picture to the brain. Our brain will then flip the picture upside right, Without the innate intelligence of the brain, we would step comically over images of fixtures on the ceiling as though we were gazing down into a mirror while walking. The brain – not they eyes – is what we see with. Blind people who were not born blind can see their dreams. 

• Often when a person is photographed in a darkly lit room their eyes will appear red in the picture. You will never see red eyes in a photo snapped out in the sunshine.

The Proof Is In The Eyes

Now, here is the discovery and the reason neurosurgeon Dr. Kruse likes to repeat, “Never let your education limit you from learning new things.” Institutions for learning medical practice teach that the eye blocks the UV rays from reaching the retina. Dr. Kruse says the things he was taught in medical school are not true, “The pupil is the perfect black box radiator. It means that light can go in and come back.”

It upsets some optometrists and ophthalmologists to hear this as it goes against everything they have been taught in their profession. The proof can be easily be made evident by anyone who will purchase a simple UVA LED flashlight. When you shine the flashlight into the retina, a fluorescence light is seen coming right back at you!

“This,” Dr. Kruse amusingly says, “shuts them up, quick.” It is simple but awe-inspiring to see! The eyes take in sunlight, 1% UVB and 3% UVA to our photon brain.

When Light Slows Down Matter Is Created

To understand how the body really works, Kruse says humans should be observed in their natural environments and not under blue or artificial light sources. The type of light the eyes take in makes all the difference to our health.

The eye has what is called the vitreous EDI.   The vitreous EDI is composed of water, collagen, and hyaluronic acid and occupies 80% of the volume of the eye.  The EDI is a unique substance not found anywhere else in the body.  The job of the vitreous EDI is to slow light down before reaching the retina.

In physics, E equals MC squared, anytime light slows down matter is created. Ponder on the beauty of this for a moment. Through the light we receive through our eyes we are being recreated with new life every day. And is it any wonder that the eyeballs (corneal epithelium) are the fastest healing organ in the body?

As the eyes transmit programming light into the brain it is breathtaking to consider the magnificent operations of our malleable brain. You have the ability to veritably re-engineer your brain. The key is in making new connections and light helps the brain to do that.

“Blue light is what makes people fat.” – Dr. Jack Kruse.

Light frequencies control the amount of vitamin A in the eye. Dr. Kruse goes on to say, “every option in the body is tied to retinol, to vitamin A. There’s not an option in the human body that’s not tied to it.” Vitamin A deficiency and obesity go hand in hand. “Blue light,” he says, ” is what makes people fat.” 

Vitamin A is yellow. Blue light, of course, is blue. Yellow and blue are complementary colors – or aka opposite colors. When opposite colors are mixed together they cancel each other out and become a grayscale color. Blue light is an antidote against Vitamin A.

Blue light not only lowers vitamin A levels that signal the body to lose fat, but it also induces damage to the retina – harms vision – and sets sleep patterns askew. Docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid is an important fatty acid playing a critical role in the functioning of the eyes as well as supporting ongoing brain, and heart health. The retina and retinal pathways contain more DHA in it than in any other part of the brain. It is also a treasure host pathway, the retinal runs between your inner clock and hypothalamus. DHA is continually reprocessed through the retinal pathway using the combination of vitamin A and incoming light. Light affects your internal clock – the #CircadianRhythm – which has different timing than any other clock in your body does.

Dr. Kruse uses the example of an iPhone. If you want to travel to a restaurant in Vermont, the clock in the sky will be 38 microseconds faster than your iPhone. If it wasn’t you would end up in New Hampshire, instead of Virginia. Similarly, the eye’s DC electrical current runs faster than the rest of the body. In other words, you might be desperately needing sleep “in Vermont” but are wide awake “in New Hampshire” – at three in the morning – wishing you had had your daily dose of sunlight. 

Winter Weight Gain
Due to Lack of Exposure to Sunlight 

One study led by Peter Light with researchers from Edmonton, Canada at the University of Alberta Medicine & Diabetes Institute demonstrated that unexpected winter weight gain was due to the absence of sunlight.

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Published in the Scientific Reports Journal were the results of a study of sunlight on subcutaneous fat cells located beneath the skin. The skin when exposed to sunlight released lipid droplets out of the cells causing the cells not to store as much fat. Their findings also revealed that sunlight we receive through our eyes had the same effect on our fat cells. Our skin is another piece of the equation playing a vital role as the link between sunlight and our mitochondria. Within our skin are lipid-droplets; which create laser light that transforms into a coherent light activating the processes for the subcutaneous fat.

Sunlight is the most important nutrient
you need daily.

In another  publicized study, researchers reported that not having enough exposure to the sun carries a serious risk for death – comparable to physical inactivity, smoking, and obesity.

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Don’t waste the sunshine!

Exposing yourself to the evening or morning sun for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes a day richly increases your body’s critical production of vitamin D. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin at all. Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that the body manufactures with cholesterol derivative and through exposure to UVB sunlight on the skin and through the eyes. Higher levels of Vitamin D can help control inflammation, strengthen the immune system, protect against heart disease, depression, cancer and more. And now recent findings, show sunlight to help control weight.

Early morning sunlight is the best lighting to enhance weight loss. When the sun first rises, the eyes take in UVA and infrared light-absorbing the amino acids that produce melatonin, the hormone of darkness.  When you go to bed later that night, you will get better sleep because of the light you received early in the morning.

Neuroscientists Measure Benefits of Outdoor Living

All the benefits families enjoy as a result of spending time outdoors in their ShadeScape® pavilion, pergola or gazebo are rewarding testimonials. Losing weight is an awesome trophy for me but only one of many extra bonuses gained from the experience. The wonderful endorsements from families can also be proved scientifically through the means of modern technology.  Neuroscientists can measure the brain’s responsive alpha waves to different environments with something as simple as a portable EEG unit.  This allows them to see how the brain and the body are physically and emotionally responding to the environment it is exposed to, beyond simply asking someone how they are feeling.

Test results prove that when people get out of their houses and spend time in the outdoors…

• improve their memories
• lower their blood pressure
• are more creative

• boost their energy levels
improve their vision
• lessens pain

• are aromatherapy calmed
• experience a clearer mind
• have less anxiety

and according to psychologists, being outdoors makes us a better person.

TLTR Highlights

• Surprising NUMBER of people report losing weight as a result of the time they spent in their ShadeScape®.
• Neurosurgeon loses 77 pounds in 3 months without exercise, “If you are doing things correctly, you should never need to exercise to lose weight.”
• The Sun is food. Sunlight is the most important nutrient you should eat daily.
Sunlight is a weight-loss tool and helps to prevent cells from storing extra fat.
• Light affects the circadian rhythm and timing produced through the eyes are different than any other clock in the body.
• Exposure to sunlight richly increases the body’s critical production of vitamin D.
• Sunlight helps cells behave better, controls inflammation, strengthens the immune system, protects against heart disease, depression, cancer and more.
• Light received from the morning sun gives better sleep at night, producing melatonin as well as dopamine.
• Light regulates functions of cells and other vital life processes.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide