Seven post pergola in backyard.

In every conceivable human experience, circles and curves are omnipresent, from the sun, moon, stars, to the eyes that give us vision. Nature is filled with curvilinear shapes.

With curves comes beauty and versatility that captures attention. It tends to soothe the mind bringing with it a sense of mild gentleness, gracefulness, and safety. Of course, that is not the case with all things. Ultimately, an angular chocolate bar will be preferred over a curvy predatory snake.

Some studies conclude that most humans are deeply engrained to prefer curved shapes over angular shapes. However, when taking a look at the semantics for a complete meaning of aesthetic, the word aesthetic has two principle variables, composition, and complexity. Included are sub-variables such as order, symmetry, balance, proportion, and variety, etc. The concurrence of architectural literature the most appealing aesthetic experience prefers toned-down levels of complexity with and higher levels of composition. On this premise, combining curves with straight lines usually offers the best in favorable aesthetics.

If you are looking for ideas to add extra composition to a backyard shade shelter, check out this collection of previously published posts and pictures, showcasing various curved, inverted or radius style shade shelters.

Inverse Radius Roof Pergola w/Fire Pit

pergola inverted radius roof

A cantilever or radius roof is beautiful means to extend the measure of the shelter a roof will provide. It is also can be extremely practical as the footprint size, from post to post can accommodate a small area while creating a significant amount of coverage.

An inverse roof works on the flip-side, in reverse. There are times when a homeowner chooses a curvilinear roof solely for its aesthetic appeal. In some landscapes, it is to draw the eyes to a particular focal point. On this ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit, it was also for the practicality of placement over the open fire pit.

This perfect gathering space is where the family gathers comfortably with friends and neighbors any and every day. It has the perfect amount of shade to sun ratio all day throughout the year. The curvature of the inverse roof with the round fire pit added to the set amount of shelter and sun ratio, but it also gave this landscape balanced harmony.

inverted roof pergola

Cross Angle Radius Cantilever Pergola w/FirePit

custom pergola


custom radius

Wow! After this gorgeous 6-post pergola was installed, the wavelength of warm, reflective light from a gorgeous sunset caused this stately Rich Cordoba stain to appear like an Early American stain.

Design Manager Brian Thompson created a radiused cantilever roof on the front right section adding the curvature of the concrete. The custom cross angle of the ShadeScape® #DIYPergolaKit also flows with the patio layout. Masterfully done!

It is extremely eye-pleasing and with the outdoor fire pit and seating, this is a wonderful place for the family to enjoy vacationing right at home, any and every day!

Thank you for sending us pictures! It is beautiful from every angle.

8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Plan Specs

Style Structure: Traditional
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Timber Size: 8000 Series
Stain: Rich Cordoba
Beam Profile: Roosevelt Step

Beam & Rafter Style: Legacy
Knee Brace Opt 2: Includes Arched Knee Braces
Roof Size Dimensions: Approx. 15′ x 27′
Posts Size: 8″
Btm of Support Beam: 9′

Wow! Radius Beams Stunning Pergola

radius beams pergola kit

The human spirit has always enjoyed the unique, the surprising, something new to delight and awaken the mind. 21st Century technology has paved the way for free-spirited architects to expand beyond the rules of the vernacular architecture allowing for design styles, which stand alone.

Your judgment in style and taste, and how you want to use your backyard, is what matters most in preparing to design a functional landscape.

Exploring the richness of creativity and artistic imagination shared by others, literally available at our fingertips, it is easy to be inspired and feels more empowered in creating your unique outdoor environment, to your taste, in ways you may never have thought of before.

The project in highlight today is a ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Kit featuring radius beams. It was shipped to New York and installed by the homeowners for a shade over their outdoor poolside kitchen. The fireplace makes it useable year-round.

pergola cantilever radius roof

A radius or inverse radius roof is a smart design considering people’s natural affection for curves in architecture, but it is also is extremely practical as well. In places where there is less ground area to work with, posts can be set closer together, without compromising your shade.

This ShadeScape® is not just a radius roof, but the beams are radius beams. It is very eye-catching and unique. For a comparison see the pergola pictured here. The roof is a radius roof, but the beams are not radius.

Thank you to the Hayes family for sharing the pictures of your finished project. It is beautiful! Below is the DIY pergola plan specs for this 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit.

ShadeScape® 8000 Series Pergola Kit

Structure Type: Pergola
Project Type: Freestanding
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Timber Size: 8000 Series – 8″ Posts
Beam Profile: Roosevelt Step
Knee Braces: Classic
Quantity Knee Brace: 2
Roof Size: 8×18’11×14’10
Footprint Size: 4×16’11×13’10

Overall Structure Height: 10′
Custom Beams: 4×12
Custom Braces: 3×8
Post Size: 6×6
Custom Rafters: 3×10
Btm. of Beam Height: 8′
Custom Shade Planks: 2×6
Hardware: Knife Plate Quantity = 4

Curved Beam Pergola: Timberwright Artisan Elegance

curved pergola

Skilled in fine woodworking, timberwright artisans of Western Timber Frame™ specialize in the ancient art of old-world craftsmanship joinery combined with innovative, cost-effective, cutting-edge technology. ShadeScape® timber frame DIY pergola kits are engineered, designed and built with a forever vision, beyond the immediate gratification of its present-day use in creating distinctive and wide-range commercial, residential and recreational and timber structures.

With a thorough understanding of load paths and design properties, well-seasoned timbers with the mortise and tenon joint systems have allowed for wide-open spaces, cathedral ceilings, great rooms in castles, commercial constructions, expanded bridges and more that have lasted for centuries, sometimes millenniums.

Western Timber Frame™ has improved upon the old world craftsmanship features an award-winning Post-to-Beam™ patent-pending The Dovetail Difference® connection system in all of their timber frame DIY solid timber structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses, and more. The Dovetail Difference® a patented design connection system creates safer, durable structures more resistant to powerful coastal storms, high winds, heavy snows of high mountainous regions and seismic shifting, maintaining structural integrity.

The integrity of a structure says everything about the people who built it, which is why the timberwright artisans of these impressive architectural masterpieces have engineered them to be enjoyed by future generational descendants who they believe will thank them for it.

A #CurvedBeam pergola enhances the elegance of an #OutdoorLivingSpace for a more upscale feel in a garden setting, outdoor room or commercial space. Hidden within circuitry architecture of the human brain is an emotional attachment to curved lines often giving them a higher beauty-rating inhered with a sense of harmony and well being.

8000 Series ShadeScape® Curved Beam Pergola

ShadeScape® Pergola Specs:
2×6 Shade Planks
4×12 Beam
Full Arched Knee Braces
Decorative Keystones
8×8 posts
8′ bottom of beam
Profile Crescent Steps
10′ x 60′ 10 5/16″ Roof
Footprint (post-to-post) 8′
Classic Style Knee Braces

curved beam pergola plan
curved pergola kit

Solid Wood Deck Hot Tub & Attached Curvilinear Pergola Kit

curved pergola

Utah has some spectacular mountainous views with rocks and natural vegetation as art spread in quiet respite. This gorgeous Heber City backyard solid wood #SlateCoveredDeck is the perfect family everyday getaway that overlooks a river with lush farmland. Looking out over the early morning landscape garnished with rainbows from irrigation sprinklers and glistening diamonds of dew makes one never want to leave home.

In the heat of summer days, the deck needed shade and protection to enjoy the hot tub and dining, #BarbecueArea. A Douglas fir ShadeScape® 8000 Series #AttachedPergolaKit was installed for all day, year-round use of the #BackyardDeck.

The front side edge of the attached pergola kit has a curvilinear design that flows with the curved solid wood deck. The deck features majestic 12″ solid wood posts. The attached ShadeScape® pergola kit has 8″ posts that bear upon the 12″ deck posts for an architectural poetic parsing that pleases the eye.

curved pergola
radius pergola

This is a good angle showing the curvature of the front face of the pergola from the back view on the deck.

Curvilinear ShadeScape® 8000 Series attached DIY pergola kit features a radius roof, Roosevelt Step style beam and rafter end profiles, four arched knee braces with decorative keystones and finished in the premium, high-grade UV protective Rich Cordoba stain.

Like so many other families who are enjoying their solid wood ShadeScape® outdoor living areas, this deck, hot tub, and dining/barbecue area will see generations of good times to come. The best thing about these awesome ShadeScape® outdoor living areas is the close family and friends that they will enjoy it with.

radius pergola

8 Post 20′ Round Pergola w/Dragon Power

round pergola

An outdoor wedding celebration was held beneath this elegant eight post, round pergola. The roof spans twenty feet across to cover a pre-existing round patio area. The ShadeScape® shelter is a 6000 Series Pergola Kit. The kit features the Dragon TimberVolt® power post.

The TimberVolt® Dragon Power Model

power drill timbervolt pergola kit


• 1 lightswitch1 GFCI outlet.
• One GFI outlet pre-wired with about a 5′ male plug at the bottom.
• One 6″ Female plug coming out of the top.
• Custom steel insert at the top to
• Electrical box on top with two electrical receptacles.
Ideal for:
Preventing water and debris from going down inside the post. Protecting the wiring or water lines from being punctured from lags and hardware fasteners throughout the installation process. Provides excellent access to lights, fans, and other accessories.


And maximize your Family’s Backyard Living experience.

On the Dragon model, we use a Hubbell ML450Z Weatherproof Expandable Flat In-Use Plastic Device Cover. It is an extremely flexible outdoor rated cover that features 16-in-1 configurations. Revolutionary patented design expands from 1in. to 3.5in to meet your while-in-use needs. Each of these covers is made from an ultra-rugged polycarbonate and synthetic neoprene rubber. It is sealed with a synthetic gasket.

black 8 post pergola round

#SolidWoodPergolaKit #DFYOutdoorShade #DFYCoveredPatio

6000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Pergola Plan Specs

Structure Type: 8 Post Pergola
Project Type: Freestanding  Custom Round
Timber Size: 6000 Series – 6″ Posts –
Style: Traditional –
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Footprint Size: 18′ diameter
Roof Size: 20′ diameter
Roof Ht: 9’6″
Post CC: 17’6″
Posts: 6×6

Btm of Beams: 8′
Beams: Braces: Rafters: Rafters all run one way
Shade Planks: Circular design
Beam & Rafter Profile: Crescent Step –
Stain Color: Black –
Knee Brace Style: Cove Knee
Brace Qty:  16 Knee Brace
Hardware: Knife Plate
Hardware Qty: 8 Footing:
Power: 1 TimberVolt®-Dragon Post

DIY Solid Cedar Wood Cantilevered Pergola

timber frame cantilever roof pergola

This DIY pergola was installed in Colorado that has a unique ovate shape that gives it an extra eye-catching flare as well as more shade. The existing concrete patio had a radius extension on the south and west sides as shown in the drawing/schematic.

This somewhat ovate shaped cantilevered pergola roof tied the elements all together as though the #SolidCedarWoodDIYPergola kit had been a part of the plan from the beginning. In the original schematics for this DIY pergola plan, the homeowners had decided on Cove style knee braces and possibly lattice style privacy panels. In the end, they chose full arched knee braces with decorative keystones and omitted the extra lattices for more access.  

The pergola has a footprint size, post-to-post of 15′ 2″ x 10′ 4″ with Roosevelt Step style beam end profiles, 8″ posts and is finished in a premium high-grade UV protective Natural stain to show off this gorgeous solid cedar wood. From the ground to the bottom of the first top beam is 9′ 6″ giving a towering, majestic feel that is awesome to stand next to. Our clients were very happy with their choices and it turned out fantastic.

timber frame pergola design plan
timber frame pergola design plan

DIY pergola plan with an ovate cantilever roof before the homeowners decided for a more open feel without privacy lattices.

timber frame power post timbervolt
pergola kit shade patio

The homeowners also chose a TimberVolt® power post, the Inferno series. The Inferno is also a popular choice for convenient outdoor living styles. It is extremely aesthetically pleasing without running unsightly or unsafe exposed wiring. IT reduces the cost of or even eliminates the need to hire an electrician. It also eliminates conduits and/or nails. There are so many features and benefits with a TimberVolt® power post, a unique feature of Western Timber Frame™. The #ShadeShelter is ready to use the moment it is installed with no need to wait for someone to wire it up for you. You can also add as many TimberVolt® posts as needed in various configurations.

The Inferno model chosen for this DIY pergola kit features integrated USB outlets; #ChargeYourSmartphones, tablets, and other USB devices, while you watch movies on your outdoor TV that is plugged into one of the main electrical receptacles up top.

The TimberVolt® Inferno model is a completely self-contained unit for easy grid-free power. Simply plug the male plug into a generator and it’s ready to go. For a silent application, we recommend a GOALZERO generator with a GOALZERO solar panel installed on top of your outdoor living structure and your ready to go.

round pergola swing
custom radius pergola

Radius Roof Poolside Pergola & Fireplace

pergola round roof

A 12′ x 16′ solid wood timber frame pergola with a radius roof for #PoolsideShade with an outdoor fireplace. This DIY pergola kit is featured with Classic style knee braces and Roosevelt Step beam and rafter end profiles, with a premium high-grade UV protective Early American exterior timber stain. The fireplace is a nice addition as many people add radiant heaters, fire pits or fireplaces for year-round use.

Poolside Pergola Shade for a Party Yard

poolside pergola for shade

12′ x 16′ Oversize timber frame #DIYpergolaKit installed over patio with a crescent-radius cantilevered roof for extended shade. The pergola features Crescent Step beam and rafter end profiles, Cove style knee braces with a premium high-grade UV protective Canyon Grey exterior timber stain. This is an awesome setting for #YardParties day and night.

timber frame pergola shade
chiminea-fire pot pergola shade

Radius Roof Timber Frame Pergola for Pool Side Shade

radius roof pergola

Timber frame #DIYpergolaKit installed for poolside shade featuring an 18′ #RadiusRoof, Champion beam, and rafter end profiles, Classic style knee braces and finished in an Early American premium high-grade exterior stain.

My wife and I are very glad we found Western Timber Frame and recommend them to anyone considering a pergola. The pergola we ordered came together beautifully – completely erected in one day by two men. They were so impressed with themselves, they have recommended it to other customers…we could not be happier. As an architect who is aware of how important the details are, Western Timber Frame has the details figured out well. They are very good at what they do. – Aaron C. Ruby, AIA, LEED AP, Little Rock AR

cantilever roof pergola

Timber frame ShadeScape® pergola kit installed over patio with approximately 18′ x 20′ radius roof and outdoor lighting.

half round pergola kit

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide