privacy walls

Trellises are the perfect solution to build walls, boundaries, and borders for gardens, commercial, recreational and residential landscapes.  Gates are often included in many trellis designs.

A trellis forms a natural windbreak giving comfort as well as much other outdoor living environment benefits. With a ShadeScape® timber frame kit it is simple, fast and easy to create a secluded getaway. One example is pictured above. Installed in the beautiful State of Massachusetts, this DIY pergola-pavilion features trellis latticed privacy walls. In the furthest back corner is a Koi fish pond. The latticed trellises give partial intermittent shade as a reprieve for the Koi fish as well as privacy from the neighbors.

A trellis wall can be solid, partially enclosed or open with lattices letting in the sunlight.

The beauty of a timber frame ShadeScape® DIY or DFY Trellis Plan is that they are not “cookie-cutter” kits. Each kit is built to fit the unique and individual landscape and vision of how it will be utilized every day.

Below are just a few illustrations of the many ShadeScape® DIY Trellis Plan ideas that Design Managers have done for other homeowners and businesses.

If you would like more trellis or privacy wall design ideas, check out our gallery or talk with a Design Manager. They are professionals at helping you as much or as little as you like to plan the best garden or outdoor living environment for your specific needs.


diy trellis plan


Privacy walls



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