Families are at the heart of everything we do which is why we do what we do; we invest in the future of children.

Planting trees with accountability and expertise is a not simply a springboard to the succeeding generation of forests; at Western Timber Frame™ successful reforestation is taking a lead in responsibility as caretakers of our earth. Our approach is that we leave everything better than how we found it. This is why we have fifty-plus trees planted for every average size pergola we do!

Wonderfully, trees are a sustainable, renewable resource. Cultivating and growing trees ensures perpetual prosperity, the giving of life. We all need trees to live. They clean the air and release pure oxygen to us. They naturally cool the earth, clean the soil and water. Timberland improves our health; provides food, wildlife habitat; rural livelihoods and gives us all a more beautiful creation to live on.

Timber frame structures bear up beautifully over the test of time. The oldest earthly remains constructed by man are oak timber frame structures dated to be between 6,500 to 7,000 years old. Timber has better seismic, wind survival-ability and long-term durability than any other building material. When we harvest renewable, #sustainable wood to model after the time-proven ancient architecture we improve the woodland for future families of America.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide