hipped gabled roof pavilion

On these three DIY pavilion plans, one is a straightforward pavilion with a standard gabled roof. The second DIY pavilion plan has three gables. Adding a third ridge defines an entrance, creating an additional wing on a structure.

The third DIY pavilion plan engineered with four gables changes the entire look. For a pavilion, a gabled roof opens up the view and magnificently showcase the impressive trusses. A gable roof is the most common shaped roof in places with colder temperature climates.


4 gable diy pavilion plan
gable roof pavilion chandelier

Featured today is a ShadeScape™ three-gable roof, DIY Pavilion Kit with integrated power. The TimberVolt™ Power Post equips outdoor workspace facilities and backyard living with all the latest in modern outdoor living. The TimberVolt™ Power Post makes better use of the premium outdoor space. For example, the Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt™ Inferno model features integrated USB outlets to charge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices as well as play movies on an outdoor TV plugged into one of the primary electrical receptacles up top.

Check out the pictures below and see how beautiful their fully installed DIY three-gable pavilion kit is. With the self-contained, integrated TimberVolt™ Power Post, the family enjoys their pavilion for poolside relaxation and family entertainment on any evening, all year round.

3 gable pavilion power