Want more out of your yard? Do you have a free afternoon?

In just a few short hours —you could easily live closer to nature — enjoy an additional living area, new-purposed space, a canopied deck —or anything from a private, cozy corner to a resort-style getaway.  See inspiring examples of before and after with old-world craftsmanship (wood-to-wood connections) in timber shelters delivering fun, function, comfort, and class.

ShadeScape® Outdoor Kitchen Arbor w/Cantilever Roof

Whether an area is established or under construction, ShadeScape® prefabricated shelters are custom prefabricated to fit the designated area.

Shown here is a 6000 Series ShadeScape® DIY arbor kit that is installed in San Diego, California over an already there outdoor kitchen.

Western has a variety of popular stain colors to choose from. The arbor is finished in a unique and custom stain color chosen by the homeowner.

The ShadeScape® 6000 Series arbor kit features a cantilever roof with Classic style knee braces, Axis Beam profiles, and a Phoenix TimberVolt® Power Post.

before pergola outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Before the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Kit

after installing pergola

After install of a cantilever roof ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Kit w/Power Post #DIYOutdoorKitchenArborKit

The TimberVolt® Phoenix Model comes pre-wired and includes an electrical box on top with two electrical receptacles to prevent water and debris from going down inside the post. A core hole runs through the center of the post and can be used for an Electrician to run their own wiring, water lines for Water Misters, water taps, network cables, cat 5 lines, tv lines, etc.

The custom steel insert on top protects the wiring or water lines from being punctured from lags and hardware fasteners throughout the installation process. Electrical boxes are installed with blank covers, ready for use. They are ideal for concealing cords out of sight and also offer protection from the elements. This also provides excellent access for lights, fans, and other accessories at the roof.

Adding a TimberVolt® power post to a shade shelter maximizes a family’s outdoor dining experience.

timbervolt post

ShadeScape® Gazebo TimberVolt® Power Post

A kitchen in the outdoors lets you prepare full meals with all the amenities available at your fingertips. Providing targeted shade, protection, and power made this outdoor kitchen more usable. With the help of a Design Manager, a ShadeScape® pavilion, pergola, gazebo, trellis or arbor can create the outdoor kitchen area to be everything you’ve dreamed about. Installation can be a do-it-yourself or done-for-you project.

Pergola plan with triangle roof

#6PostPavilionPlan #OutdoorKitchenCoverPlan

sloped cantilever diy-pavilion plan

#DIYPavilionPlan #OutdoorKitchenCoverPlan

An outdoor kitchen that is Straight, L-shaped, U-shaped, a Curved or Corner Kitchen —Bar or Barbecue Island; no matter what your specifications, a ShadeScape® shelters are designed to cover in the best way for each setting.

ShadeScape® Covered Deck w/Timber Frame Pergola Kit

before and after deck

The Earls family replaced their backyard deck with strength; bigger, stronger, and bulkier in substance with an easy-to-do, timber-frame heavy-duty deck covered with a ShadeScape® DFY pergola kit.

The previous porch deck had vinyl railings that would move. Vinyl is a soft and pliable material from the get-go but it also weakens and breaks down over time.

Thankfully for this family, the ShadeScape® interlocking mortise and tenon timbers with added metal railings give the “muscles” and “power” that was lacking in the old deck.

Top view before with the previous deck.

Top view of the ShadeScape® pergola and deck after install.

couple sunlight pergola dogs shade

The deck pergola lets in 85% sun to shade ratio, comparable to a healthy shade tree.

View of two-tone stain; Early American and Beach Sand deck.

Timbers formed with old-world craftsmanship, wood interlocking with wood, without the use of nails or glue, are so stunningly beautiful. The underside of the upper deck is just as gorgeous with a contrasting light stain. It feels open and free, even though it is fully protected and covered.

ShadeScape® Triple Post 16′ x 20′ Hip Roof Pavilion Kit

After installing 12 post pavilion kit

Triple-post, hip roof ShadeScape® pavilion after installation.

before installing 12 post pavilion kit

Area before ShadeScape® hip-roof pavilion kit is installed.

The rock work, fireplace and outdoor kitchen were built-in after the timber frame pavilion was installed.

The kitchen is complete with amenities such as an outdoor sink, refrigerator, grill, etc. TimberVolt® power posts are conveniently integrated through the pavilion kit for all their outdoor power needs.

outdoor kitchen sink and integrated power post

Outdoor kitchen sink and TimberVolt® power post plugs.

fireplace pavilion lights

Outdoor fireplace, chandelier and dining set beneath ShadeScape® pavilion.

timber frame roof

One post is more than enough to provide adequate support for each corner of a ShadeScape® shelter —but for those who are desire an eye-catching appeal, three posts give a powerful look —a uniquely, bold presence.

Triple post pergola kit

Although, the rock and brickwork were added after the pictured 10,000 Series ShadeScape® triple post pavilion kit was installed, the kits are versatile and can be installed onto an already established substructure as shown in this DIY arbor plan.

shed roof arbor

ShadeScape® Arbor Plan #DIYArborPlan

ShadeScape® Contemporary Style Louvered Roof Pergola Kit

Contemporary is a style that stands out in a crowd. Unlike other timeless shelter styles, it has a minimalistic semblance with a futuristic flair.

before installed a timber frame pergola

Taintor family’s backyard, mid-morning before a Contemporary style, ShadeScape® pergola kit is erected.

After Contemporary style, ShadeScape® pergola kit with a stationary louvered roof is in.

louvered roof

On this Contemporary ShadeScape® pergola, the homeowners desired a solid wood louvered roof strategically positioned to direct and take advantage of the shade and the sun during the prime time of the day.

before taintor contemporary install

Taintor family’s backyard, from a different view before a pergola kit is in.

Another view after ShadeScape® pergola kit with a stationary louvered roof is in.

ShadeScape® Pergola Kit for an Outdoor Bedroom

Pictures before, during, and after from the Owen’s family in Nevada who completed the installation of an 8000 Series ShadeScape™ DIY pergola kit.

permeable patio before

The Owen’s backyard before the installation of their ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit.

install pergola

The Owen’s family in the process of installing the ShadeScape® pergola kit in the backyard.

With a roof size of 14′ x 22′, this pergola kit features the Champion style profiles. The homeowners chose to upgrade their knee braces to Arched Knee Braces with a decorative Keystone. They also have an upgraded the TimberVolt® Inferno Power Post so they can run lights and have multiple outlets to use under the Pergola for year-round day or night use.

The Owen’s family did a great job, it is beautiful!

ShadeScape® Barbecue Grill Arbor Kit

An timber arbor is one of the fastest and easiest architectural elements sculpture a stunning new look. In the winter a timber frame arbor injects warmth and color giving a striking and beautiful contrast to snowy landscape. From a cozy sanctuary to an elegantly formal design there are many styles to transform an area into a place of interest —as in this example— the arbor made this barbecue grill area into a side yard showpiece.

barbecue grill before

Barbecue Station before the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Kit

arbor after

Barbecue Station after the install of a ShadeScape® DIY arbor.

arbor barbecue

Go vertical to draw the eyes upwards in a horizontal yard.

ShadeScape® Radius Roof Pergola Kit

Spherical or circular shapes reflect the earth and naturally give a welcoming curve appeal. Some of the oldest constructions of indigenous cultures were round or semi radius —e.g. the North American tepee, hogans, and yurts. Interestingly, a neuroscience study conducted at Harvard Medical School reported that when people were given a choice between linear or curved styles in architecture most chose circular or curved over linear styles. This was said to be more than just personal taste —it is as though it is actually hard-wired into our brains. It has been our experience with timber frame pergolas as well, curves, round, and radius are very popular roofing style choices.

Before pergola install over patio

Entrance before the install of a ShadeScape® DIY prefabricated pergola.

cantilever roof pergola

Entrance after makeover and the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY pergola.

Outdoor Fireplace Area w/ShadeScape® Pergola

Many coastal and high elevation areas can be brisk in the early mornings and evenings, even sometimes in the summertime and adding a fireplace to your pergola can create the perfect outdoor living environment. To fully enjoy the use of their outdoor fireplace, the Knight family installed a ShadeScape® pergola. Now, they have shade and sunshine as it is needed, and it is a favorite gathering place, year-round.

Outdoor fireplace before the install of a ShadeScape® DIY pergola.

Outdoor fireplace after the install of a ShadeScape® DIY pergola.

Outdoor Hot Tub Area w/ShadeScape® Pergola

hot tub pergola

After: Pergola is set in place w/outdoor power.

hot tub before

Outdoor hot tub before the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY pergola.

Pergolas are also one of the fastest-growing backyard elements and can trace some of their earliest beginnings from Ancient Rome. Romans gathered to unwind in natural hot water springs under pergolas. Hot tubs are known to have a calming effect that reduces stress.

hammock trellis

Today, a person can let go and take a breather in a private spa of bubbling water from the convenience and privacy of their own home.

The family also had a ShadeScape® trellis installed to support a hammock. With hammocks —much like being cradled in the womb— the body doesn’t have to conform to any surface. Swaying is also soothing for most people for a more relaxed state.

Hammocks are a wonderful addition to a trellis, arbor, pergola, pavilion, cabana or gazebo.

Peterson Family ShadeScape® Gazebo

 Before the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY gazebo kit.

 After the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY pavilion kit.

Kent Peterson

“I think it is an elegant structure. I was amazed when they were putting it together. I was sitting out there on a lawn chair watching them and how everything just slipped together, no nails, no anything. Everything fit together and dovetailed in. I was amazed how it went together, how accurate it fit. I had Western Timber Frame install it for us. If I was ten years younger, I might have attempted it, but I was amazed how easy it went together. Everything fit with not much coercion. They didn’t even need their big hammers or anything.” -Kent Peterson

Peterson Gazebo Saves Wedding Reception

“We had the gazebo set up in the yard, and it decided to rain first time this summer, and it rained almost 2 1/2 inches and so they cleaned out there where we were going to have the reception, and we all went under the gazebo. Most of us fit. And It was a little cold, but everybody was chummy and got together, and it worked out real nice.

I think it saved the reception actually cause people got out of the rain and got closer together, and we had food in here and dances and all kinds of stuff going on. It was a real good experience. Like I say, everybody that comes in just loves it!” -Kent Peterson

Early American ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

before pergola installation

 Before the installation of a ShadeScape® DIY free-standing pergola.

attached pergola

 After the installation of a timber frame ShadeScape® DIY pergola.

An 18′ x 14′ rough-sawn, solid wood timber frame DIY pergola kit installed over backyard patio for shade. Pictured above is a couple of before and after photos. Latticed privacy screens are added for extra shade as well as privacy as found in outstanding historical Dutch and Colonial gardens and landscapes.

3rd Gable 16′ x 22′ ShadeScape® Pool Side Pavilion

fireplace before install

 Before the installation of a timber frame ShadeScape® pavilion w/privacy wall.

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pavilion w/privacy wall installed.

There were neighboring houses on either side and yet the yard felt as though you were in a world all your own, extremely private and secluded. The photograph of before the pavilion was installed with a privacy wall shows how close the neighboring house is. The privacy wall made all the difference.

hip gable pavilion

Cantilever Roof ShadeScape® Pergola

before pergola kit installation

 Before timber frame ShadeScape® pergola w/cantilever roof.

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pergola w/cantilever roof installed.

A cantilevered pergola roof makes an enduring statement with its well-thought-out design creating the feeling of openness and space as it graciously provides expanded shade in a limited or smaller area.

Backyard Makeover w/ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

The beauty of a ShadeScape® arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, pergola or trellis kit is that they can be installed before many elements —concrete, fireplace, outdoor kitchen, etc. — are in,  or after. Here a six-post, custom pergola is installed before a concrete patio is poured.

before 6 post pergola

 Before timber frame ShadeScape® pergola install.

6 post pergola

 After timber frame ShadeScape® 6-post pergola install.

Before pergola installation

 Before timber frame ShadeScape® pergola install.

After pergola installation

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pergola.

pergola kit shade

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pergola.

6 post pergola

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pergola.

ShadeScape® 6-Post Pergola for Entry Way Shade

before pergola install

 Before timber frame 6-post pergola install.

 After timber frame ShadeScape® pergola. #6PostPergola

ShadeScape® pavilions and pergolas make a stunning first impression for a front door cover. A grandiose mansion or a cozy, cottage door, the entry is the first thing that welcomes you home every day.

Canopying with an awning, pergola or pavilion is easy. The shelter can be free-standing or attached. The stain can match an existing element of the house or compliment with a contrast color.

ShadeScape® Attached Pergola for Porch Cover

before attached pergola installation

 Porch Before installing a timber frame pergola.

attached pergola

 After timber frame ShadeScape® attached pergola installed on porch. #PorchPergola

Replacement of Deck w/ShadeScape® Deck & Pergola Kit

 Porch before installing a timber frame pergola.

after install pergola

 Porch and patio after installing a ShadeScape® timber frame deck and pergola. #CoveredPorch

attached pergola deck

ShadeScape® Radius Roof Pergola Patio Cover

before pergola install

 Patio before installing a timber frame radius roof pergola.

round radius shadescape pergola kit

 Patio after installing a timber frame radius roof pergola. #DIYRoundPergola

ShadeScape® Garden Trellis

Natural timber is a fantastic substrate for plants, compared to metal arbors or latticeworks, which can burn and freeze growing plants. A trellis can add a new dimension to unique climbing vines, vegetables or vineyards as well as garden flowers. They are excellent for vertical gardening to keep vegetables and flowers off of the ground, or even to grow a vegetable garden in a limited space, or a nook in your backyard.

 Edge of yard before installing a garden trellis.

vertical garden trellis

 Edge of property after installing a timber frame garden trellis.

Western Timber Frame™ garden arbors and trellises add a stunningly inviting feel to a garden and are also very practical to accentuate with hanging baskets, pots or growing boxes. They help facilitate beautifully inviting backyard living throughout the year.

ShadeScape® Attached Pavilion Porch Cover

before pavilion install

 Porch before installing a timber frame attached pavilion.

attached pavilion

 Porch after installing a timber frame attached pavilion. #PorchCover

Kits Manufactured to Your Specs

Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie cutter kit. These are not kits that you can buy in your average big box store. All of our kits are custom built to match your requirements and to fit your backyard. We call our pergolas and pavilions a kit because we ship them to your door ready to assemble. However, due to the heavy timbers, and their custom nature your Structure will not look like a typical kit. Your pergola will be an outstanding handcrafted room in your backyard. Building a Project with Western Timber Frame™ is a simple process you can do in person, over the phone, or via email.

ShadeScape® Pergola Hot Tub Cover

before hot tub pergola install

 Patio before installing a timber frame pergola for hot-tub.

lee after pergola install

 Patio after installing a timber frame pergola to shelter a hot tub. #HotTubCover

hot tub before pergola install

 Patio before installing a timber frame pergola for hot-tub.

hot tub pergola

 Patio after installing a timber frame pergola to shelter a hot tub. #HotTubCover

ShadeScape® Pergola Family Sitting Area

patio before pergola installation

 Patio before installing a timber frame pergola patio cover.

after pergola

 Corner patio after installing a timber frame pergola.

Church Family Concrete & Timber ShadeScape® Tuscany Style Swing


 Patio before installing a Tuscany style concrete swing arbor.

tuscany style pergola

 Patio after installing a Tuscany style concrete swing arbor.

“I searched for a pergola and various pictures came up and so as I searched through the pictures I eventually found something I liked and it took me to the Western Timber Frame™ website. The large timbers that I was looking for, I really liked that look. And then the second thing was the tapered dovetail design from a construction standpoint I thought that was superior to anything else that I saw. We love it.

As a family we are out here and when you look at it it is just very rustic; it’s manly. I just like it. They are excellent. The fact that I was out of State initially worried me but as we worked through the project, was evidently not an issue. You just need to have good dimensions and talk it through. And the sales rep, Ondi, he was excellent. They were very good. They are a good company.” — Mark Church

Small Yard Timber ShadeScape® Pergola

We love trees, and all they do for us. ShadeScape® kits are made from the finest grade, sustainable trees. With a timber frame ShadeScape® pergola, pavilion, cabana, trellis, arbor, or gazebo you can enjoy all the happiness of trees without the upkeep, care and wait.

 Patio before installing a timber frame pergola.


 Patio after installing a pergola.

Timber is temperature regulating just as trees are. Like a good shade tree, ShadeScape® canopy timber kits have a perfect light to shade ratio of 85%. There are many benefits of a pergola in small areas where a tree would be more difficult to grow. Here are six reasons:

1. No clearing tree limbs from overhead power lines and utilizes.
2. No strong winds sending branches through a roof.
3. No roots damaging buried wires or gas lines.
4. No dropping leaves that clog gutters.
5. No watering or nurturing.

The sixth – and a biggest reason – is there is No waiting for the tree to grow.

Attached Pergola for Deck Cover

 Deck before installing an attached timber frame pergola.

 Deck after installing an attached timber frame pergola.

An attached shelter is not a fit for every outdoor living environment. In an area with an existing structure to connect to, an attached arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola can be the perfect way to easily connect with nature and expand your living space. The attached ShadeScape® pergola gave this sunny deck comforting shade to enjoy the space at all hours.

 Outdoor Living Room ShadeScape® Pavilion

before diy pavilion kit install

 Backyard area before installing a timber frame pavilion.

pavilion kit

 Backyard area after erecting a timber frame pavilion.

 Tuscany Style Patio Cover w/ShadeScape® Pavilion

 Front patio before installing a timber frame pergola.


 Front patio area after installing a Tuscany style pergola.

 Natural Wood Finish ShadeScape® Pergola

 Front patio before installing a timber frame pergola.

after pergola install

 Front patio after installing a timber frame pergola.

 Gazebo Pergolas Backyard Playground

timber frame gazebo
gazebo pergolas playset

Integrating shade shelters with various roof designs such as a gazebo, pavilion or pergola is beautiful but also practical. It offers the best of both: complete coverage and protection joined together with the openness and freedom of a pergola, areas of sun and shade combined.

countertop cabinet gazebo

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide