attached pavilion kit

Featured today is a beautiful two-tone attached pavilion kit; a design of Design Manager Mike Jenson. An area with an existing structure to connect an attached arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola to can be the perfect way to transition from an indoor to an outdoor living space.

Arches and vaults are geometrically pleasing in nature, and in architecture. One of the elements that make a place truly beautiful is a careful balance of complexity and simplicity. Adding arched knee braces creates that beautiful perfect balance with an invitation to step inside.

Arched timber supports with keystones can be placed on one side, two sides, or on all sides. Wherever the arch is placed, visually it is perceived as the natural entryway. On this timber frame shelter, one arch is perfect!

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Attached ShadeScape® Benefits

Seamless Connection
Attaching an arbor, awning, gazebo, pavilion or pergola to your home or business is the perfect transition, seamlessly blending from the indoor to the outdoors.

Maximizes Space
Attached ShadeScape® kits take less room and with fewer posts, they can maximize an area to its fullest potential.

Typically Costs Less
Typically, there are fewer posts on an attached awning, pavilion or pergola kit costing less than a free-standing shelter with more timber.

Attached DIY Pavilion 8000 Series ShadeScape® Kit

Project Type: Attached Pavilion
Style: Modern
Wood Type: Douglas Fir
Home Exterior Material: Stucco
Timber Size: 8000 Series
Stain: Two-Tone Custom Stain
Beam Rafter Profile: Champion

Knee Brace: Arched w/ Keystone
Roof Size Dimensions: 11′ x 19’6″
Footprint Size Dimensions:  9’6″x18’6″
Posts Size: 8″
Roof Pitch: 1/12
Hardware: 2 Knife Plates
Footing: Pre-poured Footings


attached pavilion kit




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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide