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Outdoor living is becoming a year-round experience. Patio heaters, and fire pits are easier than ever to install. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in winter installations and kits that include pre-wired TimberVolt™ power posts.

Western Timber Frame™ client’s families are preparing to spend cozy winter evenings around the fire complete with ceramic or gas heaters. Timber already has an extremely efficient natural built in thermoregulatory system that provides the most comfortable shade for hot summers and retains warmth in the cold; with the addition of a fire pit, fireplace, ceramic or gas heater these beautiful outdoor living rooms become a welcoming “mountain lodge” retreat for year-round family fun.

The Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt™ power post makes it much easier to illuminate your outdoor living space and extend the time outdoors. Hanging lanterns can also be easily installed for aesthetics and ambience lighting. LED lights are also an energy efficient solution that is low maintenance and can add a warm glow to brighten pathways. For a stunning winter atmosphere lighting is often used to accent focal points and other points of interest.

One of the significant factors for the increase of winter installations is that there is more of an awareness that kits can be installed year-round.

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In years past, new customers were often under the impression that they would have to wait until Spring to have their kit installed. This year, our customers have been more educated and knowledgeable about the details of installation in the winter months.

Instead of planning their outdoor living spaces in the Spring or early Summer, customers are now planning them in the Winter so that they can take advantage of warmer weather sooner. Feedback from our clients is that they have discovered that they are also utilizing them in the Winter as well.

To our many clients, that we have built timber frame arbors, pergolas, pavilions, gazebos, pool houses and more, we are grateful for the many word of mouth referrals that have blessed our business to grow as it has. We wish you happiness and good times with your families. And to everyone we wish you a joyful Christmas!

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide