timber frame arbor winter

Photo of in-progress installation of a timber frame DIY arbor kit installed a few weeks ago.

before and after pergola installation

Before and after installing a timber frame DIY pergola kit in just one afternoon.

before pergola
diy timber frame pergola kit

Before and after photos of Snowden family’s front yard makeover with a timber frame natural finished DIY pergola kit.

Before and after installing a timber frame DIY pergola kit in just one afternoon.


Enjoying a guy’s hunting picnic under a Western Timber Frame™ pergola with attached gazebo.

Last year, 2015, we experienced our greatest increase in demand for outdoor timber frame shade structures. Part of this increase comes from an upturn in homeowners taking the initiative to create lower maintenance backyards, such as getting rid of lawns in favor of pollinator attracting grasses and perennials, new outdoor seating areas, searching out native xeriscaping plants and installing durable, natural, sustainable landscaping architecture. The other factor that came into play was that more prospective clients are realizing that architectural landscaping with timber frame is easy to do in the winter months and a great time to get a head start on your business and home improvement plans.

before after timber frame pergola over patio
birthday celebration
birthday celebration pavilion

Architectural landscaping is at the center of Western Timber Frame™ designing, creating natural, sustainable, outdoor living environments in America’s own backyards that encourage families to choose to spend quality time with each other. When you add on an outdoor room, it is a focus on the family, their friends and neighbors, inviting them to come together, building stronger families, neighborhoods, communities and ultimately in our mind, a better country.

Western Timber Frame™ architectural shade structures have also been used to celebrate healing. This last year, we designed and manufactured and installed a timber frame pavilion and pergola for a family in Long Island, New York to celebrate the 16th birthday of a beautiful young woman, for 5 years of being cancer free! What a cause for rejoicing and celebration, it is!

There has been a rising trend in architectural landscaping targeted specifically towards personal healing. It is being used to improve and reduce symptoms in cases such as alzheimer, autism, oxidative stress and dementia, etc. Architectural landscaping has been shown to boost their immune systems, encourage physical activity to stimulate their production of endorphins; which also helps in fostering healing relaxation. Enjoying the benefits of an architectural landscape is good for everyone. The healing benefits also extend to nature herself. Technically, an architectural landscape has come to be known as a natural bioremediation system of transforming a place into a valuable, energy saving space through the use of plants, soil and architecture that lowers healing and cooling costs, is built with sustainable material and brings people closer to a natural balance of peace through nature.

The concept that the natural environment that surrounds us in nature will increase your energy, clear your mind and help you to feel better is intuitive. Most would support this idea as true, perhaps unless you were conversing with a contrarian. Spending time in a quiet garden, next to a mountain stream or feeling the kiss of warm sunshine on your face can have healing benefits for people who suffer from stress, trauma, depression, or sickness. It is as though you can feel yourself being equipped for life, renewed with greater clarity of mind, more able to focus in a peaceful, uncluttered, balanced and intelligent atmosphere. Nature is not just found in the mountains or wild places. Natures compensative package can also be found in green spaces, as close as in your own backyard.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide