double tier pergola arched

The primary purpose of an outdoor shade shelter such as a pergola, pavilion, cabana or gazebo is to create an inviting and comfortable outdoor room, that can be decorated and furnished.

Extending the home outdoors creates an inviting spot where the family will enjoy spending time outside.

Some of the best examples of how much an outdoor room can add to the function and beauty of a home is in the viewing of what the outdoor area looked like before the ShadeScape™ kit was installed.

horse barn before

Today we are showcasing the Miller’s well kept and beautiful home. Mike Jenson was the Design Manager that helped the Miller’s in creating outdoor living spaces for the Miller’s grandchildren, family, and friends out of what the former residents once used as an area for horses. Pictured left is the backyard with the horse stable as it was before the Millers gave it a makeover.

Look at their finished results:

8 trellis arch top pergola

The tiered arched roof pergola is installed over the patio conveniently next to the kitchen of the house. The family enjoys barbecues and family dinners here. On the far left of the picture in the background is the 8-Gon trellis with the fire pit. Both ShadeScape™ timber frame structures feature the TimberVolt™ power post.

The Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt™ Inferno model features:
1. Recessed male plug with an upgraded weather cover
2. One GFI  plug  for your protection with an upgraded weather cover
3. One lower plug just above the GFI plug with two USB plugs in it
4. One double switch (one for lights and one for fan)with upgraded weather cover half way up the post.
5. One upper TV plug with two USB plugs and upgraded weather cover.
6. One separated plug on top of the post – one for lights and one for a fan. Both are on the double switch and have an upgraded weather cover.

timbervolt power post
trellis 8-gon

The watering tap once used for horses is now a water fountain, a wonderful convenience to quench a thirst next to welcoming fire pit.

Below is an aerial view:

aerial view trellis
Firepit beneath 8-Gon trellis
octagonal fire pit trellis
arch top pergola evening
double tier pergola
double tier pergola
arch tier roof pergola

We would like to say thank you again to the Millers for letting us help in creating your dream backyard.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide