Looking around the Hewlett’s backyard, you can see that they are a family of change makers and trailblazers with vision. All the brickwork, fencing, pavers along with the fireplace were installed by Hewy and his brother-in-law. The workmanship and an excellent eye for detail as seen in the pictures posted below is so beautiful.

As beautiful as the workmanship of their hands the Hewlett’s are people that if you were hungry and had nothing to eat, inside you would feel like you had a warm bowl of soup. Hewy and Sandy are so hospitable, delightful to visit with; they instantly make their way into your heart.

cantilever roof pergola
pergola lights

Here is Hewy and Sandy and what they had to say about their new 20′ x 20′ 8000 Series ShadeScape™ DIY pergola kit featuring an extended cantilever roof.

Sandy Hewlett: I love the quiet time at night just hearing our water fountain and just having nice lighting, and it is warm and cozy.

Hewy Hewlett: The nice thing is that it always cools off at night and I love to come out and enjoy that for sure.

Sandy Hewlett: And I love that it is an extended extension place of our living space. I love it and to be able to see the mountains from our backyard and have some shade at night. It is awesome.

Hewy Hewlett: It cools the patio off just perfectly.

testimonial hewlett

How did you find out about Western Timber Frame?

Sandy Hewlett: We had them come out two years ago and give us a bid, and we weren’t in a position at the time to do the structure so we improvised and got sun sails and put those up and strung lights and it was good for the first year. And we put them up this year and had three wind storms, and they came crashing down, and my husband rolled them up and said okay “I’m done.”

Sandy Hewlett: We called Western Timber and had one of their salesmen come out and give us a bid and work with us and design what we had pictured and it came out exactly how I wanted, even better than what we had planned.

Hewy Hewlett: Yeah, I think we are going to add to it even more, but right now we absolutely love it.

pergola testimonial

How was your experience in working with the guys and getting it installed and how did that go for you?

Hewy Hewlett: Well, we had a couple of issues, and I got a call from Mike, my representative and they took care of it immediately and they got it done, and on schedule, actually before schedule. I called them with a concern that I had, and they came and took care of it immediately. And their customer service was really incredible.

Sandy Hewlett: It was outstanding.

Hewy Hewlett: It was outstanding for sure. Expensive, but definitely worth it! I talked with a couple of people in the department. They came out and agreed with me 100%, and at the end of the day they said, “We want to make sure that you are completely and 100% satisfied.” And that’s what we ended up with, and we are very satisfied.

Unlike the brickwork that took over a period of five years to complete, the DIY pergola kit installed in just a few hours for dramatic change and sweet shade:

furniture fireplace pergola
cantilever roof pergola
shadescape pergola night
cantilever roof pergola
20x20 pergola cantilever roof

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide