Reception centers, outdoor churches, hospital resting places, outdoor dining areas, sunrooms, pool covers, pool houses, carports, Porte-cochères —Western Timber Frame™ has built old-world shelters for so many purposes. And yet, by the very nature of its use —one of the most intimate of shelters settings is timber hot tub coverings and privacy screens.

reception center
hot tub area before

A timber cover will dramatically change the look with a stunning beauty that turns an area into a showpiece.

Pictured here is a hot tub area before installing a #DIYPergolaKit for a covering. Below are three pictures after the installation of a ShadeScape® pergola kit over the backyard hot tub area.

The design still allows for an open hot tub exposure which the homeowners desired while keeping off the hottest time of the day for sunshine making it more more enjoyable all year round.

hot tub pergola with lights
hot tub pergola with lights
hot tub pergola with lights

Unearthed centuries old aqueducts and calderas used for mineral and thermal baths show that hydrotherapy has long been a restorative and pleasurable way to unwind. Today, hot tubs, saunas, spas, sweat baths, Jacuzzi stars, plunge baths, or a luxurious hot bath can give you the essence of a hot spring bath in your own backyard. With controlled pulsating water jets, the pulsating heated water improves blood circulation while soothing sore muscles.

While admiring the beauty of her pet parrot — my neighbor once told me, “Everyone needs time to unfurl their wings and preen their feathers to keep in our best of condition.”

That visual of a bird taking time out to re-oil its feathers stuck with me — “preening my feathers” wasn’t vanity or selfishness, we each have a genuine need to loosen the bow to preserve its spring.

Having the perfect place to escape to, relax and unwind is what Western Timber Frame™ specializes in. A timber ShadeScape® shelter provides year-round protection and shade.

Pictured here is a ShadeScape® pavilion kit finished in a Canyon Grey stain. Covering a hot tub it creates a beautiful and cozy backyard setting.

More ShadeScape® Shelters

Hot Tub Covers & Outdoor Sauna Spaces

shed-roof-pavilion privacy walls

ShadeScape® shed roof DIY pavilion kit with solid wood privacy walls for an outdoor hot tub. It features a TimberVolt® power post and is finished in a Rich Cordoba stain.

lee after pergola install
hot tub pergola

Early American ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit for an outdoor hot tub.

hot tub

Hot tub installed under a timber frame ShadeScape® pergola kit.

ShadeScape® DIY pergola and pavilion kit has an outdoor tub installed on the pergola side and is used for year-round family get-togethers.

deck pergola hot tub

ShadeScape® timber frame deck with hot tub and outdoor living and barbecue area. Timber frame decks are designed to hold heavy hot tubs, saunas and spas.

pergola deck farm
pergola deck

Lake side ShadeScape® pergola kit installed to cover a sandy beach area with a hot tub.

hot tub gazebo deck

Decks are a great way to extend the living space of a home, providing a place to entertain, and readily enjoy outdoor living space. They don’t always have to be a wooden surface to incorporate the outdoors within a few steps of your back door.

pergola night lights
family dining pergola

A pergola as a hot tub cover that also functions as an area for family and friends to mingle, with some furniture has made this backyard a favorite year-round family gathering place.

ShadeScape® pergola sauna cover is built of solid Cedar wood finished in a natural stain with a FullWrap® roof, full arched knee braces and decorative keystones.

hot tub cover

A ShadeScape® porch deck and pergola kit with latticed privacy screens make a cozy, yet open environment for enjoying a hot tub.

ebony pergola with privacy walls for hot tub

Ebony ShadeScape® DIY pergola kit features two latticed walls for additional privacy.

Installing a Timber Frame Arbor, Pergola, Pavilion or Gazebo

installing posts

You don’t have to know how to build your own gazebo, pergola or pavilion. If you have experience in home improvement projects and have the time to do the job, you can install your own ShadeScape® kit.

These kits are massive in size. Though they are heavy-duty gazebo, pavilion, and pergolas – because of the engineered design – they can easily be set in place with the help of a friend or two.

Not everyone wants to install their own ShadeScape® pergola kit,

but for those who do:

they find it a fun project to do!


“It looks awesome!! Only took about 3 1/2 hrs. My brother said this is a GREAT kit!!! Said if you ever needed anyone to install in our area that he’d be more than happy to do it. Just wanted to let you know how excited we are!
Karen Reynolds – Enterprise, AL

Every ShadeScape® pergola, pavilion, and gazebo kit is designed to be fun, fast and simple to install.


All our ShadeScape® pergola kit parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-notched, and numbered with easy interlocking corners and drop-in rafter layouts. Our unique corner system allows for a quick, snap-together beam-to-post application. The result is a timber pergola kit with quality and durability that is quick to assemble. We provide instructions in our installation manual as well as technical support from one of our installers at your request.

However, if you are feeling intimidated by the massive size of these timber frame pergola kits, know that we are here to ensure your installation is successful. Just give us a call at 801-331-6690 and we’d be happy to help you with your project.

Western Timber Frame’s core purpose is to empower every ShadeScape® owner.

If you decide to install your kit yourself, we’re happy to help you as MUCH as you like – or as little as you prefer.

Tier step pergola installed


The instructions that come with it are very self-explanatory. I had a minor problem getting the measurements right. After a quick phone call, I got it straightened out. It was a pleasure working with Western Timber Frame™. – Dewey Farmer – AZ

How Long Does it Take to Install?

Based upon many variables, such as size, complexity, the weather and site conditions,
the average ShadeScape® structure can typically
be installed in ONE AFTERNOON!

As with this family, you may prefer a ShadeScape® shelter to create the ultimate in outdoor living along side your hot tub but not necessarily covering it. Each homeowner has their individual dream of how they like it. The beauty of a ShadeScape® arbor, pavilion, pergola or gazebo kit is that is to the specs of each landscape and homeowner’s vision. We don’t fit people with a kit but the kit is designed the way they want to use their outdoor living area.

outdoor hot tub cabana living

Owner of a ShadeScape® DIY pavilion kit with integrated power posts and fireplace sent this picture of their family enjoying their outdoor living area with a hot tub.

cabana outdoor fireplace pavilion

View beneath their ShadeScape® DIY pavilion kit with integrated power posts and built-in fireplace.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

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