A beautiful, new timber frame pergola kit is installed for the Hilgendorf residence with lighting. Pictured here is their new kit being transported on a forklift. Because our kits can weigh thousands of pounds, a forklift is required to load and unload the carrier truck. The kit is shipped to a location with an on-site forklift, such as a business or landscape company.

If someone does not have access to a forklift, the kit can be picked up with a flatbed trailer at the nearest Shipping Terminal. The pallet can then be broken down and the kit unloaded from a trailer by hand at the installation site.

Seeing how fast these kits go up is amazing! In just a few hours the Hilgendorf family residence is equipped with a beautiful new area to gather comfortably with their family and enjoy the outdoors.

If you find that putting a toy together or assembling a bookcase can be frustrating, you probably feel wary thinking of a full-sized timber frame pergola kit. Because a kit means you have to figure this thing out and put it all together.

The design engineers at Western Timber Frame™ understand that not everyone is proficient or able to install a structure easily. They are with you all the way, so when you you get your kit, rest assured it will go together easy.

All the parts have been pre-cut so there is no need for a power saw. The parts are pre-drilled so there will not be a hole in the wrong place. It is all pre-stained so no running to the store after.


Even without any building experience the engineers are there for you and have made it so easy to fit the parts together.

The amazing engineering of Western Timber Frame™ The Dovetail Difference™ design. It is one of the most amazing features that makes this kit so easy to put together and so strong but the best part to me is how beautiful it is without seeing all that unsightly hardware as it does on other conventional timber frame pergolas.

Late evenings under a pergola with lighting in the outdoors can be stunning. It feels so cozy and is a great place to enjoy a romantic evening with someone special or spend a memorable evening with the kids. We are happy for the Hilgendorf family!


Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide