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Timber frame DIY pergola kit
Roof: 15′ 5 1/8″ x 16′ 10 3/4″
Footprint: 13′ 5 1/8″ x 14’ 10 ¾”
Roof Height: 9′ 8″
Beam & Rafter Profiles: Roosevelt
Knee Braces: Classic
Stain: Premium Rich Cordoba timber stain
Full Size
Wood Type: Douglas-fir

purple heart badge of military merit.

A new timber frame DIY pergola kit is installed in New Windsor, New York nestled next to the Hudson River. New Windsor, however is anything but new; rich in American history.

The name of New Windsor town is from Windsor, England, with “new” affixed by the early settlers in remembrance of his royal sovereign. New Windsor, New York was a major depot during the Revolutionary War for the Continental Army and the Army Medical Department. The majority of the New Windsor residents supported General Washington and the war efforts. This was the town where Dr. Thomas Young, the leader of the Boston Tea Party was born. His brother, Dr. Joseph Young was the author of the United States first medical textbook and was also born in New Windsor. The first glass factory in the United States was built here.

In 1782, the soldiers built a final winter encampment, a city of over 700 log huts for quarters, kitchens, hospitals, stables and blacksmith shops covering over 1600 acres for six to eight thousand men, women and children. Martha Washington is said to have visited the General George Washington while here. The men also constructed an 80′ x 40′ hewn log building with a barrack roof called the “Temple of Virtues” for religious Sabbath services. After the dedication and Washington had departed some officers had a carousal, it was only called the “Temple”. It was also here that General George Washington, Commander-in-Chief at the time, ordered a reward, the Badge of Military Merit, to be established to honor the faithfulness and fidelity of three soldiers. This badge today, is known as the Purple Heart. When the war ended a proclamation was read by Congress from the door of the Temple to cease hostilities and then a celebration was held on a grand scale.

It was at the Temple where a meeting was held to decide whether the army should rise up in power for the grievances it had long suffered under. This was a crucial crisis in American history in which a tragic ending was prevented by Washington’s address to the officers. This moment in time was a lasting monument to Washington’s selfless patriotism, notable discretion, discerning wisdom and paramount ability. In 1783, founded here was the Society of Cincinnati, “To perpetuate among the officers of the army and their descendants, the memory of their toils, trials, friendships and triumphs, for succeeding ages.”

On the site of the Temple is a monument with the inscription: “On this ground was erected the temple or public building by the army of the Revolution, 1782-1783, the birthplace of the republic.”

What a great place to install an old world craftsmanship dovetail designed timber frame pergola kit. Western Timber Frame pergola kits are engineering masterpieces rich in architectural heritage with old world craftsmanship combined with and perfected in modern technology, creating monumental heirlooms for generations of enjoyment.

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diy timber frame pergola kit

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide