back view pergola with bar
3rd best of show award
best of show 2016
welcome rug

All credit to our amazing Western Timber Frame™ team and Danielle with Cahoon Interiors, Knights Mattress and Furniture. Every one gave their best, working hard to make this a great show for our clientele and future clients to really enjoy. We have been very blessed and are grateful to receive the Best of Show award again.

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who helped us win the Best of Show at this years Winter Home Show! Thank you to the staff at the Salt Lake Home Show, Deseret News, Danielle with Cahoon Interiors, Knights Mattress and Furniture, Fox 13, ABC4Utah and KSLTV.

Western Timber Frame™ specializes in solid timber structures, such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses, and more. At this years January 2016 South Towne Expo Center home and garden show, this is the third time in a row that Western Timber Frame™ was awarded Best of Show! We couldn’t be more pleased! Howbeit, I am not sure if our stellar Design Manager, Brian was happier over the award or being the one to receive it from such a pretty girl. He is single so it is a natural to kid him.

Last year, 2015 was truly a fantastic year at Western Timber Frame™. We have really been blessed and in a large part it is due to our word-of-mouth clientele for which we are grateful. The world is full of choice people. On a personal note, I have really enjoyed working with the people from Western Timber Frame™ who are passionate in creating the best in outdoor living environments to bring families and communities closer to build a stronger America.

We are all looking so forward to 2016, the new year, and as well received as this show was we believe that January’s home and garden show is only the beginning! Now, for a look at some highlights of the show and some of Western Timber Frame™ our newest product and details on our patent pending Tuscany style concrete posts and Best of Show booth and displays throughout the South Towne Expo Center Home & Garden Show.

brad marie booth
cedar pergola

The suspended table is always a show stopper as it hangs with chains from the pergola roof just as the old world ships used to do. Perfect for the old world style timber frame architectural shade structures.

western red cedar pergola

The beautiful Western red cedar really was stunning with such a rich, warm feel that was so inviting to just come and stand beneath.

Dovetail Difference
home show dovetail difference

With our new products and ideas we still love showing off our original The Dovetail Difference™. Here displayed on our posts at the South Towne Expo Center advertises The Dovetail Difference™ mortise and tenon system, combining the best in old world craftsmanship and modern technology. The Dovetail Difference™ is what has made Western Timber Frame™ a leader in excellence. Hyrum Thompson, owner of Western Timber Frame™ is the inventor of this and many more innovative designs featured on all of Western Timber Frame™ timber frame shade and architectural structures. The Dovetail Difference™ delivers incredible strength giving these shade structures 500% greater load capacity compared to traditional hangers with 160+ mph wind ratings!

Back side of Western red cedar pergola

The back of the Western red cedar timber frame pergola booth was just as stunning as the front side.

suspended table and chairs

Oh, the warm comforting feel of solid real wood. This table was plush to sit down to with all the comforts of indoors and benefits and style of luxurious of outdoor living.

light on pergola

Here, again you can see just how stunning and majestically massive in size from every view this gorgeous Western red cedar is on this timber frame pergola. I loved the lattice works overhead!

Gazing up through the latticed roof and center,  open to view the night time stars when this Western Red Cedar timber frame DIY pergola kit with its patent pending concrete posts are installed in its permanent home. Western Timber Frame™ The Dovetail Difference™ design creates such an aesthetically pleasingly clean finish virtually eliminated ugly unsightly hardware.

The fire pit works so well aesthetically and for practicality with this layout design DIY pergola plan.

tv Western red cedar DIY pergola kit
pavilion tv

We are greatly indebted to the enthusiasm of our clients that has truly really helped to grow this company to what it is.

tv Western red cedar DIY pergola kit

Four television mounted to each corner of the Western red cedar timber frame pergola with concrete posts and one more over the outdoor solid wood bar. Each TV featured testimonials from clients who volunteered to give others their opinions talk about their experience with a Western Timber Frame™ outdoor shade structure using the amazing Dovetail Difference™ design and how it has created a better place for their families.

Decorative timber frame pergola

Down to every detail, such as the lattice roof and decorative caps, this rough sawn, Western Red Cedar timber frame shade structure is breathtaking designed with the incredibly smart The Dovetail Difference™ design created a better outdoor living places for home and work.

concrete post pergola
profiles concrete post

The suspended table seats six to eight people comfortably and with the hanging candle chandelier, an elegant finishing touch, it just beckons the family to come dine outside. The beam and rafter end profiles on this timber frame pergola are beautiful in the warm tones of the solid wood Western Red Cedar contrasting the majestic concrete Tuscany style patent pending posts.

Pergola entrance South Towne Expo Center

A beautiful traditional style timber frame pergola was displayed over the front entrance of the South Towne Expo Center home and garden show. This show is so much fun to do.  Pictured here are two gentlemen who asked me to take their picture for our web site. It’s people like this who put a smile on the world’s face; they were entertaining.

table seting timber wedding

The entryway pergola at the South Towne Expo Center home and garden show was a built from Douglas-fir and featured an extended radius roof, Roosevelt style beam and rafter end profiles, Class style knee braces, two full arched knee braces with decorative keystones and finished in the premium high-grade UV protective Rich Cordoba stain. Extended radius and half radius style roofs are not only beautifully eye-catching but they offer additional shade in many outdoor settings. Decorating outdoors is especially easy with a timber frame pergola as a focal point or a warm backdrop. We have seen some fantastic wedding, birthday and special event decor with pergola as in the example pictured here.

wedding pergola with chandelier
Reinheit landscaping timber frame pergola
pergola home and garden show

Reinheit Landscaping also displayed a Western Timber Frame™ pergola with their beautiful landscaping booth. They had an awesome waterfall with pink lighting, fire pit, entertaining wall and gorgeous pavers. Really great guys to work with! The timber frame DIY pergola kit was Douglas-fir and featured Roosevelt style beam and rafter end profiles, Cove style knee braces and was finished in the popular Rich Cordoba, premium high-grade, UV protective stain.


Built in or freestanding bars are a nice addition to a timber frame pergola. The bar worked out nice for storing our belongings throughout the show. Serving at a bar like this would be perfect for entertaining several guests and storing of drinks.

best of show pergola

Every show, has featured a new idea, a new product, a show stopper. We are so looking forward to this year with this new product, master-minded again of course by Hyrum. These patent-pending concrete Tuscany style posts are wind rated at 110+ mph! They have a nice finished stony texture that doesn’t need painting! It was fun to see that others were as enthusiastic as we are about them!

We are anticipating the upcoming home and garden show in February in Ogden, Utah with so many other works in the making! Yeah! We welcome you if are in the Ogden area to check out the home and garden show and see how massively large these structures really are up close. See for yourself just what makes a Western Timber Frame™ architectural shade structure easier, faster and so much stronger.

shade pergola
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