Western Timber Frame™ has designed and built many timber frame outdoor shade structures for business expansion and various business needs. The Gardner Village was another exciting and fun project to do.

In every season of year, Gardner Village a historical old flour mill surrounded with brick lined paths and 22 quaint shops made from restored cabins, houses and buildings is a Utah favorite. It is nestled just twelve miles south of Salt Lake City and is listed on the National Historic Register.

Gardner Village has beautiful old fashioned furniture shops, home decor, old fashioned quilts, jewelry, candies, clothing and many fun treasures to buy. They also have a restaurant and a neighborhood bakery, salon and spa. They also host meetings, weddings and receptions. From June through October the Farmer’s Market sets up at Gardner Village. It a fun place to spend an afternoon discovering and rediscovering Gardner Village.

We were privileged to build a standard timber frame pavilion with a unique timber frame barrel like pavilion for a business sign for advertising in this historic place. This was fitting with the beautiful old world dovetail mortise and tenon timber frame from Western Timber Frame™. The Dovetail Difference™ design has proven through centuries of time to endure standing in strong winds and under heavy mountainous snows. These will provide years of more comfortable outdoor shade as timber naturally regulates itself for a more human friendly temperatures.

If you are ever in the neighborhood and would like to check out the National historical Gardner Village drop by and see Western Timber Frame’s handiwork in these beautiful well built timber frame pavilions that may several centuries from now be historical landmark structures too.


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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide