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An outdoor timber frame arbor, pergola, pavilion or gazebo is a welcome sign, creating a congenial thinking-of-you environment.

Restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals etc. and commercial establishments are being more resourceful than ever before by maximizing the potential of their outdoor spaces. Even the smallest of physical wasted space have been utilized into an effective sidewalk café, patio dining, seating areas, WiFi and phone charging stations for employees and/or clientele.

In our digitized, on-the-go and ever diverse culture, some business organizations and commercial establishments believe that by capitalizing on their natural open outdoor spaces they are focusing on efficiency and increasing their employees productivity. It is awesome to have an outdoor workspace you can retreat to with a sense of getting out of the office, not having to go anywhere. It creates a great environment that feels less trapped to be able to recharge, collaborate or brainstorm in.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Western Timber Frame™ equips outdoor workspace facilities and backyard living with all the latest in modern outdoor living making better use of the premium outdoor space that surrounds their buildings or store fronts. For example, the Western Timber Frame™ TimberVolt™ power option. The Inferno model features integrated USB outlets to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. You can also do presentations, play movies on your outdoor TV that is plugged into one of the main electrical receptacles up top.


Each outdoor commercial space has its individual purpose but the incentive is the same: to increase the venues capacity, increase productivity and to host return business. Creating the extra space is a motivator and paying attention to details to create a special place that is comfortable for people will invite people to come back again.

In London, England where nine months of the year is considered good outdoor weather, many rooftop and outdoor pubs do not close when the temperature drops for three months. Even in January, for example, Grand Union Brixton, a Thai themed commune garden space has people coming in with their coats on and doing full business all winter. Some of their outdoor areas are booked out six months in advance for private parties and special events.

Interestingly, New York too, with its extremely cold and snowy winters has no shortage of sidewalk, rooftop terrace and outdoor dining areas. Al fresco is very popular in New York. The creativity of several business owners in New York and London, England has paid off for frigid, winter days with turbine heaters, chimineas and in some instances, warm blankets. The pergolas, pavilions, arbors and gazebos are an integral part of their businesses and the food tastes so much better with a side order of a fresh outdoor breeze on a sunny day or winter afternoon.

Fresh air and sunbeams warm and feed the human soul with peace and serenity. Reimagine a space with a timber frame shade structure offering a home-away-from-home, an invitation to come again.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide