timber frame pergola kit

A 30′ x 40′ ShadeScape™ solid wood timber frame pergola kit featuring Classic knee braces, Crescent beam end profiles and finished in an premium high-grade UV protective Rich Cordoba timber stain.

“I really like the 30′ x 40′ Western Timber Frame pergola.”

Does it come as a kit?”

How would I go about building it?”

“What is the approximate cost?

                                              — Fred

As these questions are general queries were are often asked, I am republishing David’s reply here. First, I would like to add, that most our kits are considered “custom” but we still follow a standardized method for design. This allows us to maintain quality control and to maintain our unique styles and branding and maintain better pricing. Thanks again, Fred for your inquiries.

Hey Fred,

Yes, all of our timber pergolas, pavilions and gazebos are permanent outdoor shade structures, available as kits. Each kit has a standardized method for design that is then crafted in our shop and can also be customized to your needs and space. Total turn around time to delivery is usually about 2 weeks. In our busy season, it can be as long as 3 weeks. Of course, some projects do take more time when there are homeowners associations to work with to get approval and other things like that.

When it comes to assembling your kit, we have installation video’s available, and we include instructions with each kit. And, our support team is available during the week to answer any questions you have via phone or email. And, we do also install kits as well.

We actually don’t have prices on our kits because each kit can be customized, designed and manufactured to your specific needs, and fluctuates seasonally depending on material supply and a few other factors. That said, we are consistently hundreds to even thousands of dollars lower than comparable size and quality of kits, which is just one of the many reasons why we are the #1 pergola and pavilion kit manufacturer in the United States and Canada.

This isn’t a way to keep pricing from our customers (as a testament to our across the board 5-star customer reviews on all third party review sites). It’s actually how we are aggressive in our pricing and what we offer. We constantly adjust our prices relative to the cost of timber to keep our prices competitive relative to the material costs. We don’t offer cookie cutter kits in a few set sizes. We actually don’t keep any actual “kits” in stock because each kit can be customized and still we offer it at a kit price.

Instead, what we do is have you work with a Design Manager who can give you a no obligation quote in less than 20 minutes. Our Design Managers work with you to determine what your needs are for your unique situation. They’re experts in outdoor living environments. They work for you to help you create a truly personal outdoor living space based on your needs. They’ll listen to you, and in turn, ask you questions to help you create a truly inviting outdoor living environment that fits your needs and your budget. This whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes. At this point, they can give you current pricing based on your needs relative to current material costs.

At this point, you will have current pricing based on your project requirements. Then, when you move forward with your project, your Design Manager will work with our team of in House Architects to create a 3D rendering of your outdoor living space.

pavilion pergola lattices trellis

We offer this as part of every purchase so that you can see a 3D rendering (see attached images) of your project before it’s even built. This is just one of the ways we help you create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space, rather than just toss up a low-quality pergola kit. There are Landscaping Firms that charge hundreds, or even thousands of dollars just for the service and time of creating a visual 3D representation of your project. We generally do not charge for this service (some complex designs sometimes do require a charge, but this is the exception). Not only do we offer this to you as a free service, but we also give you the expertise of a professional Design Manager to assist you along the way at no extra charge.

This is just one of the many ways we work for you to create a handcrafted pergola, or pavilion, featuring our patent-pending dovetail construction. We also have hundreds of trademarked designs ensuring that your outdoor living space not only fits your lifestyle and budget but is truly unique.

If you’d like more information on the construction of this kit, please contact us at 801-331-6690 and one of our representatives will put you in touch with one of our Design Managers who can give you an estimate in less than 20 minutes.

I would like to add that these kits are fast and easy to assemble. As, pictured below, a Western Timber Frame™, timber frame pergola kit like this, can be installed in as little as one afternoon! This is a 16′ x 26′ solid wood timber frame pergola kit featuring Legacy knee braces, Southwest beam end profiles and a custom premium high-grade UV protective timber stain finish to match the house trim.

timber frame shadescape kit

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide