We were really excited about working with these clients. When they first came in and talk to us they had just recently moved into this Holladay area in Utah. They had this beautiful back yard. It had the sides of the perimeter which were somewhat developed out with some trees but it was lacking some trees on the back side of their property.

It was also really open to their neighbors and they were looking for that added level of security with privacy from the surrounding neighbors. When we came in they had us design this pergola to go in right in the middle of their yard. This way it would really separate the two yards from the neighbors giving them that added level of privacy that they were looking for.

The other concern that they had was they wanted to make this structure look like it belonged with the design of their house. We took a little extra measures to make sure the design fit in with the style of their existing home with just the right color, theme and things like that. We were really excited to see how this was going to turn out here for them.

One of the most rewarding things that we that we have received is feedback from our clients in regards to how fast we are able to come in and set up their timber frame pergola kit in their backyard. They are just blown away and amazed that we can come in, in one afternoon set up their complete structure from start to finish to where they are ready to use their patio that same afternoon. And that is something that we really love to see and to do for our clients.

We are really happy to be able to walk away at the end of the day with happy customers that are ready to use that outdoor living space for their family, friends and neighbors. They can fire up the grill that same afternoon.

The pergola went up smoothly. No complications. It went up just nice. The homeowners are really ecstatic. They were already talking about the many ways which they are able to use their patio now. They are ready to move their furniture out here, out their benches maybe even hang some wings or hammocks. The possibilities are endless once this timber frame outdoor shade structure is up and so it turned out fine. It turned out great. We are really excited and pleased with the end result.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide