Timber frame train station at Evermore Park
Our Western Timber Frame fellow timber-wrights and other skilled personnel enjoyed our numerous structures and had a great time together at Evermore Park. Evermore is an Old World, European Gothic styled park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah! And seeing everyone in costume was so much fun.
Come along and enjoy our party with us.  Check out some of the highlights with rustic timbers, aged wood and old-world timber frame shelters!
fun with family and friends
evermore theme park timbers

The Gothic eye-catching style had its beginnings in Romanesque architecture and fundamentally may feature some of these primary characteristics:

• Steep pitched and front facing gables
• Chimneys grouped together
• Pointed Arches
• Leaded glass
• Quatrefoil and clover shaped windows
• Oriel windows
• Asymmetrical floor plans
• Wood trim bargeboards
cottage plan

Plan for Gothic Style Cottage with Trusses and Corbels

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cottage at evermore

Gothic Cottage with Trusses and Corbels still under construction.

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Aged wood cottage
The wood on much of the architecture was aged to create archeological wood timbers to give this beautiful theme park an inspiring walk-back-in-time with an authentic austere.

The windows below are an example of Western Timber Frame™ timbers replicating that delightful, distressed and weathered appearance of aged wooden timbers.

Kaleidoscopic stained glass windows framed with replicated timber bargeboards.

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evermore ticket booth window

Arched top ticket booth window and shelf in replicated aged timber.

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oxidized aged wood

Reclaimed wood is perfect for bringing a rustic, homey environment to any space. Oxidized, distressed wood has a way of softening any room with that vintage reconnaissance. Achieving a beautifully worn look is an art of cheating time itself. Once the wood made to look old, it can transform pristine timbers into places of aging character that appears to have been around for years on end.

Evermore Ticket Booths

evermore ticket booths
Ticket booth plan

Looking over the plan and seeing it in completion is so satisfying to witness the beautiful old-world architectural style come to life with people enjoying it every day.

Wood is such a pleasing material not only to view but to touch. And as a side note: Wood has the ability to halt and kill bacteria on its surface.

ShadeScape® Pergolas Dining & Entertainment Area

pergola eatery

Evermore Barn w/Antiquated Timbers

timber frame shelter

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timber frame pavilion

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Reclaimed barn wood is rare to find so faux aged barn wood is a wonderful alternative. This beautiful old barn replica is a dynamic transformation from daylight to evening lights — Fun way to get some spectacular pictures.

Old barns are often seen in a decaying state which makes seeing a barn representing several hundred years ago as it might have looked is delightful. Barns represent an image of community spirit that links to the past. America’s architect Thomas Jefferson saw our new nation as a republic that dependent upon citizen farmers. It was the family farm that offered stability and freedom. The barn is a symbol of the closeness to the land, community, traditions and represents a way of life. The barn is a vital image in the past that serves as a reminder of our American consciousness. Stones and aged timbers give it that sense of historical authenticity.

Archery and Axe Range

pavilion barn

#Archery #AxeRange #RecreationalSports Axe Range and Archery

pavilion privacy walls

#Archery #PavilionBarn #RecreationalSport Axe Range Area and Archery

The ShadeScape® pavilion with aged wood privacy walls, housed hay bails as a protective backdrop for one of their archery and axe-throwing areas. Another ShadeScape® pavilion with a pergola roof provided a place for knife throwing. The turns everyone into a woods-person testing their accuracy and skill. There was also plenty of fun sword fighting and battling it out with friends.

jail cages

The iron gibbet cages hang from aged timber posts and beam, and was enjoyed by many for a favored photo opt. Over the course of time, timber naturally develops a gorgeous patina through weathering. These posts appear to have been authentically scarred with years of use.

#OldWorldJail #IronGibbetCage #HangingCageJail #RecreationalSports Hanging Cage Jail – Iron Gibbet Cage

timber frame pavilion
gazebo on top of rock wall
gazebo-train station

Old-World Restrooms

restrooms timber frame grass roof

Nostalgically invoking a bygone era, the restrooms have aged timber framing, stone walls and a thatched roof. Thatched roofs give such a cozy covering. On the inside is wooden stalls doors, wood tiling, and stone flooring.

windows with timber

Much of Evermore Park is still in the process of creating more fun. The ShadeScape® gazebo overlooks future gardens and what looks to me like a future amphitheater. It has a circular central space surrounded by slopes that may be used for tiers of spectator seats. On any account, it will be a place that will be ever changing and adding more things to see and do.

trains station at evermore park

Every railroad and train enthusiast will love this train station! This classic, old-world style pavilion with the wooden roof and cupola top takes took you back to a special place in time.

In architecture, a cupola is a small and most often dome-like structure adorning a roof or ceiling. Cupolas simulate a place to look out or to admit light and air and usually crowns a larger roof or dome. A Cupola with a bell is a bell tower. Weathervanes are a beautiful roof ornament to enhance a cupola or bell tower.

#railwayStation #TrainStation Railway Station Train Station

Prefabricated TimberVolt® Power Posts

timbervolt power posts
timber frame pavilion

TimberVolt® power posts are installed throughout the Evermore Park for an authentic looking old-world lamp post lighting. The posts are pre-drilled, and pre-wired for an easy installation. The plugs and lighting has protective weather coverings and the wires run through the middle entire length of the post.

interior post drilled for power

View inside the TimberVolt™ power post.

Up-Shear or Down-Shear Bit

When cutting solid wood, an uncut is almost always the preferred choice. However, on a CNC a down-shear bit is used almost exclusively. An up-shear bit is prone to tatter with cutting edges on the top surface as it pulls the wood fibers upwards. This may or may not be important, but on some projects, it could be an obstacle. A CNC works differently than a router. The upward thrust of the cutting action will pull the post off the table. The piece must be firmly held down or it will move. In most situations the down-shear bit is the better choice, pushing the piece down as you work leaving a clean, perfect surface on top. The CNC runs at a higher speed than it does with an up-cut bit so the bit and chips do not overheat and must use numerous passes.

Aged Wood Timber BargeBoards

cottage with timbers

View from the train is aged wood bargeboards on a vintage style cottage. Thanks, for joining our party today.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide