swing patio pergola shade

Within the bustling of this ever growing, busy city of Riverton in Utah, this timber frame pergola kit has created the perfect daily-holiday getaway right in this homeowners meticulous and well-groomed backyard.

Conveniently located just off the back door, the outdoor dining table and chairs give the family that great access to the fresh and open air atmosphere, Al fresco style for dining. Eating outdoors captures that quaint feel of dining out, like on a cozy sidewalk cafe or patio of an outdoor restaurant. Breakfast, lunch, supper or anytime of day, this comfortable pergola creates a gathering place for many years of memorable family dinners together.

The portable fire pit is a nice addition. Stargazing and firelight, nature and its captivating elements offer the perfect entertaining ambiance. Let’s roast some marshmallows, fix S’mores or barbecue Shish Kobobs tonight!

The hanging swing tops off the sitting/living room area for swinging to lift your spirits and relax your mind. Not so long ago, sitting on the porch was a standard for the parentage of today’s America. It was a place for family, rekindling friendships, for hard working people to converse, enjoy good company or just slow down while, “Mayberry” fashion. The front porch tradition is alive and growing strong in outdoor living spaces for new families and people looking for the strengthening values of past generations. Western Timber Frame’s timber kits create outdoor living rooms designed to invite families together to strengthen the home and influence the integrity of communities, inhering a stronger America.

This free standing Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY pergola kit is Douglas-fir, featuring a 12′ × 27′ roof with Champion style beam and rafter end profiles, Classic style knee braces, 2 full arched knee braces with decorative keystones, 8′ chain and 2 eye-bolts for swing, 6 post knife plates and is finished in the premium high-grade UV protective Early American timber stain.

Take in the outdoors through pictures viewing every angle of this beautiful Early American stained DIY pergola kit installed in the beautiful Salt Lake Valley.

patio shade solid wood pergola
patio shade pergola

Solid wood Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY pergola kit with full view of the full arched knee braces and decorative keystones on the side.

Knee braces on timber frame pergola post

A third Classic style knee braces added is a lovely eye-catching composition on this solid wood, Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ 8000 Series DIY pergola kit.

shade timber frame pergola

Looking up towards three Champion style beam and rafter end profiles dovetailed into the large timber Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ 8000 Series posts.

patio shade pergola kit

Western Timber Frame kits feature an award-winning mortised dovetail and state-of-the-art connection system. Innovative in their designs, the Post-to-Beam and patent pending design  The Dovetail Difference™ make installation faster and easier. It also creates very strong, rigid corners. Over time, as the timbers expand and contract with changing seasons, these dynamic joints maintain a close-fitting connection which minimize gap exposure and reduce typical twisting and warping. The Post-to-Beam and The Dovetail Difference™ connection system gives you superior strength and quality and extend the life and beauty of your investment.

patio shade pergola

Western Timber Frame uses only #1 Appearance Grade A Douglas-fir for the Douglas-fir timber frame kits. Douglas-fir is known for its amazing strength.

swing pergola patio

Many of us have cherished first memories of playing on a swing. Swings are very often hung or installed later from a timber frame kit. Reading a good book here would be pure pleasure.

patio shade pergola

The family can come home and enjoy the outdoors with family any and everyday. Invite the neighbors of friends for a barbecue in their expanded their living with more utilized space.

sunset pergola kit

Cheers to many years of invigorating fresh air, while admiring ever new spectacular sunsets together!

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide