andersone pergola contemporary style

Contemporary style DIY pergola kit designed for shade over a backyard deck.

pergola kit backyard

Tree filled yard did not provide the needed shade this DIY pergola does.

pavilion pre assembled in shop

As are all kits this is a timber frame DIY pavilion kit being pre-assembled in the shop before being shipped out for fast and easy installation.

Design your own outdoor living space and enjoy a new and different sun everyday.

You can have your own dream backyard with the best DIY timber frame pergola, pavilion or gazebo kit designed for your own unique space, to your specs, just the way you want it . It is easy and fun. Each is custom for your needs and space, and then crafted in our shop. Our Design Managers work with you to determine what your needs are for your unique situation. They’re experts in outdoor living environments. They work for you to help you create a truly personal outdoor living space based on your needs. They’ll listen to you, and in turn ask you questions to help you create a truly inviting outdoor living environment that fits your needs and your budget. This whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes.  Total turn around time to delivery is usually about 2 weeks. In our busy season it can be as long as 3 weeks. Of course, some projects do take more time when there are home owners associations to work with to get approval and other things like that but we are experts in helping with that as well.

When it comes to assembling your kit, we have installation video’s available, and we include instructions with each kit. And, our support team is available during the week to answer any questions you have via phone or email. And, we do also install kits as well.

contemporary style pergola specs

Drawing from the DIY pergola plan schematic sheets illustrate the roof design and layout for this backyard space.

Today’s featured DIY pergola kit is a 6000 Series ShadeScape™ with a premium high-grade, UV protective Canyon Grey stain exterior timber stain with a contrasting white roof. From the wood deck to the bottom of the lowest roof beam is 9′ 11 1/12″ giving this pergola a spacious feel while still providing the much needed shade, next to the house, all day.

This backyard had many trees and shrubbery that gave wonderful cooling shade, yet the deck and home itself, the place where the family wanted to spend the most time, was too hot during the hours it would be used most often. The DIY pergola kit over the deck was the perfect and beautiful solution for a functional outdoor living family space.

The homeowner grew up in this home and now his grandchildren play here. There has obviously been many years of choice family memories here. The pergola is designed and built using old world craftsmanship by timberwright artisans with mortise and tenon connection joinery without the use of nails or glue. This kit was installed in Utah where there is heavy mountainous snowfalls. Our kits definitely stand up to the weather and the snow in Utah as well as climates all over the United States. There will be many more years of joyful family memories made here.

6000 Series ShadeScape™ for Backyard Barbecue Deck with Waterfall Fountain & Fairies

pergola deck shade

It is the people that make a home a happy place. This home is a happy place. The homeowners were wonderful and the yard was filled with their handiwork.

Walking into this backyard oasis, the first thought that came to my mind was “a Garden of Eden”. The deck is surrounded by trees, lawn and a running waterfall fountain flows right under the deck. The homeowner sculpted and created the waterfall fountain himself. You could see the love and talent these gifted homeowners had to create such a spectacular place. I thought, were I any one of their Grandchildren, I would never go home. I would live out here everyday. That is the way every backyard should be, a place for the family to be together in privacy with all the pleasures that nature has to offer. Comfortable shade lets them enjoy it all hours of the day.

pergola barbecue grill

The morning shines across the backyard deck with outdoor furniture and barbecue grill beneath a Contemporary style DIY pergola kit installed for shade.

garden chair pergola

Outdoor chair sits next to the waterfall fountain that flows beneath the deck.

pergola shade corner house

The side of the house peeking into the outdoor room with the waterfall fountain on the left.

metal brace pergola

Huge metal knee braces on the corner of the Contemporary style pergola.

climbing vines pergola post

Beautiful climbing vines with purple flowers were on two of the pergola posts.

Fairy garden

Miniature fairy garden beneath backyard cherry tree.

When you meet someone and you immediately feel like you already know them, that was how it felt meeting these homeowners for me. After seeing the details of their backyard playground it was so much fun and I could not help but feel even more connected and as to why anyone would feel at home here. This was a place made for the grandkids. It was a place for the perfect childhood. I loved the miniature fairy gardens beneath the trees and next to the waterfall fountain that runs beneath the deck.

waterfall fountain fairy

Waterfall fountain creek bed with fairy land details as water flows under the deck.

bird feeder pergola

Bird feeder next to erected Contemporary style DIY pergola kit.

water fall fountain deck

Water fall fountain flows beneath the deck.

sunlight rafters pergola

The early morning sun shines through the rafters of the Contemporary style pergola.

pergola roof contemporary

The corner of the Contemporary style pergola meeting the edge of the house top. I loved the large metal knee braces.

contemporary style pergola roof

View from beneath the Contemporary style pergola roof.

contemporary style pergola roof

The middle of the Contemporary style pergola roof.

shadescape pergola DIT kit

Side view of timber frame Contemporary style ShadeScape™ DIY pergola kit installed.

barbecue grill deck furniture

Backyard deck with furniture and barbecue grill beneath a ShadeScape™ DIY pergola kit.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide