deck pergola dog

What better way to enjoy the spectacular mountaintop view of Utah Valley than from a comfortable deck sheltered with a timber frame pergola?

Today’s featured #DIYPergola kit is an 8000 Series ShadeScape® with latticed privacy walls and deck providing a spacious and comfortable outdoor room. Each latticed #PrivacyWall provides additional shade around the hot tub. Like many outdoor living spaces, the plans for this #CoveredDeck is still in process. Scott and his wife have a few more ideas. They intend on adding a fireplace at the end of the deck next to the #CoveredHotTub area. An outdoor television will eventually hang in the corner able to be watched from both the dining room and hot tub.

Breathing the clean, refreshing air with the quiet and peaceful solemnity of this covered deck, I am sure even the Swiss Alps cannot beat. Travel is only footsteps away for our homeowners to enjoy it any and every day.

dog pergola
lattice walls hot tub deck
trellis walls deck pergola