pergola pavilion
daughter wrist flowers

“Five and 1/2 years ago, our daughter Melina was diagnosed with hypoplasia MDS. We did a bone marrow transplant to save her life.”

Melina sweet sixteen

“We were fortunate that one of our boys was a match and then she had a successful transplant in September of 2010.”

Melina for 16th birthday

“And as a promise to Melina we celebrate that each and every year with an open house party.”


“The big party is the five year. That’s when they tell you as a bone marrow patient that if things don’t change, you will be good for the rest of your life.”


“Melina’s five year celebration coincided with her sweet sixteenth so we knew we wanted the sweet sixteen party to be great.”

husband wife pergola

“We are going to have it here at the house. It’s going to be an open house. It is going to be so much fun. but there was one thing missing from our yard, something missing from our property that kind of complete it. My wife wanted a pergola. She wanted a pavilion but we couldn’t get anyone here in New York to give us the quality we wanted or the look that we wanted. So we turned to the internet and that’s when she came across Western Timber Frame™.”

“I was searching on the internet for hours and hours and when Western popped up I was like: WOW! I loved the look of it, the chunkiness of it. It just looked so rich to me. I was like, ‘Tom. look at this one, I love it.’ And he’s like, ‘It’s in Utah.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, so maybe we can make it work.'”

father talking

“Just looking at the products on line we knew this is what we wanted. The problems were that we didn’t know if we could afford it. We didn’t know if we could actually get done on time be cause we had a short window. And That’s when we met Ernie. Ernie was amazing. He not only came through working with us on budget but he got this job done and delivered in less than four weeks. Our question then became, ‘How are we going to put this structure up?’ because I am not in construction and we really did not feel confident hiring local guys to do it. Thats’s when we made the decision, probably the best decision, is to reach out to Ernie again and say, ‘Ernie is there anybody that wants to come to New York?’ That’s when we met Lyman. Lyman came out…”

pavilion put up in place

16′ x 20′ timber frame DIY pavilion kit

“He was amazing.”

“He was absolutely amazing. And in a few short hours. I think we beat the website record of 2 hours…”

“MM hmm.”

“In less than two hours they this entire structure up. It went up so smooth. It took us longer to bring the wood from the front to the back than it did for them to erect the pavilion. It was absolutely amazing.”

pergola for 16th birthday

11′ x 13′ Fullsize timber frame DIY pergola kit


16′ x 20′ permanent timber frame DIY pavilion kit.


“Our yard is so wide open we knew we needed coverage. We needed something to provide us shelter from the rain and last night was a great example This pavilion came in handy because last night it started to pour but our guests didn’t mind They were all standing under there drinking and eating and having a blast.”

birthday celebration pavilion

16′ x 20′ timber frame DIY pavilion kit

“The pavilion did exactly what we knew it would is to provide a place for people to enjoy themselves without any concern about the elements. We love it. It is a perfect addition to our property.”

happy man and wife


“Like I really love it. You just don’t see this in New York. When I saw Western Timber Frame™. You can’t compare. This just stands out.”


Beautiful family.


Top view of the 16′ x 20′ timber frame DIY pavilion and the 11′ x 13′ timber frame pergola installed.


Top view of the 16′ x 20′ timber frame DIY pavilion and the 11′ x 13′ timber frame pergola installed.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide