The Deseret News Fall Home Show in Sandy, Utah was a fantastic show and we were very pleased and grateful to receive the Best of Show award again this year. Here are a few highlights from the show.


The guys were all very happy about the Best of Show award. They all worked hard and it is because of the many hands and good people who came together to create the beautiful displays.


A white DIY pergola kit was displayed over the Deseret News Home Show entrance. When I showed up to shoot a few shots of the show I started here to photograph. A sweet lady, pictured on the left, stepped out from behind the ticket counter and showed me some beautiful features on the pergola and angles I might like to get a photograph of. It was awesome to feel her enthusiasm over a product she had no reason to endorse, but she thought was so gorgeous. I really liked her and that was fun for me.


A white DIY pergola kit that was displayed over the Deseret News Home Show entrance featured a TimberVolt™ power post. The post is pre-drilled with a hole down the entire length of the post and is pre-wired, ready to goto accommodate any and all of your electrical and lighting needs. This is the Inferno™ TimberVolt™ model.

• The Inferno model features:

• Recessed male plug with an upgraded weather cover
• One GFI plug for your protection with an upgraded weather cover
• One lower plug just above the GFI plug with two USB plugs in it
• One double switch (one for lights and one for fan) with upgraded weather cover half way up the post.
• One upper TV plug with two USB plugs and upgraded weather cover.
• One separated plug on top of the post – one for lights and one for fan. Both are on the double switch and have an upgraded weather cover.

home show booth
home show booth

HGTV stars Mina Starsiak and Karen Jensen from ‘Two Chicks and a Hammer’ just hanging out in our cozy booth with Hyrum at the Deseret News Fall Home Show in Sandy, Utah.


The furniture in the booth this year was just my taste. It was truly as though you were sitting in your own living room outside; absolutely beautiful! Again and again, people expressed their awe as well, “So nice you could live outside and never want to go inside again.” The windows added a stunning, inviting atmosphere.

home show pergola window

On the backside you get a better view of the lattice work and the large windows. The blinds can lift, open and shut for extra shade.


An outdoor television is mounted on the roof of a DIY pavilion kit to showcase our products as well as display how nicely an outdoor television or movie screen mounts on these massive beams.


This was a show stopper, a suspended elegant solid wood table hanging from chains, with some complimentary outdoor dining chairs.


The beautiful backside view with windows and latticeworks and the timber kitchen bar; from every angle people everywhere expressed how much they really loved the look.


Every detail was well thought out. I love these small lights strategically placed to add lighting and ambience that is quite stunning.


Beautiful shot of the king post. The guys did a beautiful job combining a timber frame gazebo, pavilion and pergola combination to really show what styles and combinations can be formed to create the perfect outdoor living shade structure.


Best of State for 2015 award!


At the top of the TimberVolt™ post features a double switch with an upgraded weather cover, one for lights and one for fan.


On the front entrance white pergola you can see on the top of the TimberVolt® post a better view of the double switch with an upgraded weather cover, one for lights and one for fan.


This suspended table was well received by everyone, amazed that it stood so still for its heavy weight and yet suspended as though it were almost weightless. Quite a beautiful illusion and yet so practical for an outdoor dining table.


Another angle of the roof with its old world craftsmanship, dovetailed without unsightly hardware, nails or glue. Western Timber Frame™ unique patent-pending design, The Dovetail Difference™ not only creates a stronger, more durable structure but it also creates a more aesthetically pleasing shade structure as well.

Check out the TimberVolt® plug at the top of the post.


These outdoor chairs were beautiful and really were inviting to sit on but even nicer once you sat on them it felt like being home, relaxed and not wanting to go anywhere else.


This is a view of the company sign on the white pergola as you enter the trade show. The roof is a sample of a pavilion roof that can turn a pergola into a pavilion.


Full front view of the main Western Timber Frame™ booth at the Deseret News Fall Home Show in Sandy Utah.


This is another display of a solid wood timber frame DIY pavilion kit displayed over the Vintage Market booth. The old truck was charming and I thought added to the pavilion as pavilions are often used for carports or as a timber frame Porte-cochère.


A contemporary style pergola was featured over the Reinheit Landscaping and Maintenance booth. The Reinheit Landscaping company had some beautiful fireplace and fire pit displays; a nice compliment to each other for an outdoor living environment.


The lights, curtains and timber-work had a cozy ambient feel that kept drawing you back to the booth. If this were in my backyard I would have a hard time ever leaving.


The television was set easily to view from the couch with a full view of the dining room area.


The timber cabinets matched the suspended table, so gorgeous.


The timber cabinets matched the suspended table, so gorgeous.


Outdoor furniture has come a long ways! With the glass windows in the timber frame gazebo it feels like coming home in the outdoors. Wow!


The TimberVolt® power post is forever my favorite feature. I love the clean finished look without exposed wires and cords strung across. It is safer, which Western Timber Frame™ is famous for their excelling beyond the normal safety codes for even safer components; but is so aesthetically pleasing to see. Charge your phone and so much more; such easy grid-free power.


The in-demand Timber outdoor shower is so convenient for an instant pleasing hot outdoor shower. One woman told me this would be perfect for her handicapped daughter who loves showers and could just play outside in it.


Side view of the outdoor timber shower. Outdoor showers have become very popular and this shower is compact and easy to set up and have an instant hot shower outdoors!


Back view of the outdoor timber shower. Here you see the taps for cold and hot water and all the equipment.


The metal candle lanterns were pretty, nice for natural outdoor lighting or I thought if you didn’t want to deal with wax you could always set in those faux candles as well. However, real candles would create such a romantic setting.


I just kept coming back to the living room. The perfect setting for a family movie-night or just to sit and talk with the kids. I am re-thinking my own back yard.


I love the King post on the gazebo, one of my favorite features. It is everything old world craftsmanship and its beauty speaks of the quality that Western Timber Frame™ puts into every piece and structure they design, built to last for generations! We met so many wonderful people and it was a fun show. Again, we were so grateful to receive the Best of Show award again this year and would like the thank all the people at the Deseret News Fall Home Show again. We are looking forward to the next show.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide