joseph hryum thompson inventor of dovetail difference design

Hyrum, having a great time at the show!

Western Timber Frame™ was honored with the Best of Show award at the Utah’s 2015 Home & Garden Show at the South Towne Expo Center. We have to admit we were very pleased.  Truthfully, though we owe so much thanks to so many people; the inspired artistry and hard work of people who have worked with us and helped us along the way, to all those who have chosen us to build their backyard resort dreams, we are so grateful.

Thank you, too, to all who came by and visited our booths and made this such an enjoyable show for us to do!

Manufacturing outdoor shade structures; arbors, gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, trellises, swings etc. has been our passion.

At the last show Hyrum, introduced sliding doors that close off for added privacy. However, Hyrum whose mind is ever going on designing something new and exciting, came up with some new products and accessories to display, which made this show an extra fun event for us.

best of show timber frame pergola

Note of Trivia: Hyrum kidded with me that real men wear beards. Well, Hyrum, for your information: 98% of all lumberjacks wear beards and lumberjacks are strong, tough, handy at opening hard to twist jars and lifting heavy things. The beard suits you well.

Here are a few of the highlights, check out Hyrum’s heft,  solid wood suspended couch bed and suspended table below. These were a big hit! Trying to get photos without people sitting on the suspended bed couch (who might not want their pictures unknowingly posted) was almost next to impossible! Which was fun to see people were enjoying themselves so much.:)

a beautiful quadruple arched pergola

Western Timber Frame™  was invited by the show management of the South Towne Expo Center Home & Garden Show to provide the display for the main show entrance at the Utah Valley Spring Home and Garden show. We displayed a beautiful quadruple arched pergola. Even next to a building as large as the South Towne Expo Center, walking next to the massive posts of this outdoor shade structure is an impressive feeling; trees this size are incredible!

coventional style timber framed pergola

This was the new contemporary style DIY timber frame pergola kit finished in a premium high grade Canyon Grey stain. The bracing is metal instead of a timber knee brace and the posts have thick heavy-duty trellises for a more elegant, modern landscape design. This was a well received new look that drew a lot of people in to see.

A closer look at the top corner of the contemporary style timber framed pergola. The metal bracing replaces the timber knee bracing on our standard solid wood, outdoor shade structures.

hanging solid wood bed on shade structure

The suspended couch bed was a favorite among show goers. Everyone had to try it out, even I did. It feels so exotic and comforting and yet so amazingly substantial.

timber framed hammock like hanging bed

Here, I had to wait my turn, but I had fun seeing how much she was enjoying it.

hanging solid wood bed and pergola

After, enjoying the pleasure of a swing bed, it is even more astounding to my mind how incredible strong these timber frame outdoor shade structures really are. This heavy, heavy suspended bed couch swaying back and forth and the posts are not secured into the ground and yet you would never know it, it was so sound and firm.

heavy-duty rope hanging from pergola rafter

Personally, I loved the massive ropes anchored to the rafters of the pergolas! They gave it such an incredible look and feel. Just putting your hand around one was amazing. People are amazing, whoever made the ropes are amazing craftsmen.

timber frame suspended table huge hit at show
timber framed suspended table

Everyone loved the solid wood suspended hanging table! This was an all time favorite. It was intriguing how something so heavy could hang with ropes and yet be so stable as a table. The suspended table held wine glasses with beverages and yet nothing ever spilled.

Running my hand across the table felt so nice, I cold have laid on it and gone to sleep. I loved it! I would love a suspended table like this in a pergola.

sliding trellis wood doors for pergola
trellis sliding doors on a solid wood arbor

The sliding trellis doors were also as big a hit as last showing. The trellises are not flimsy trellises that you can buy from a hardware store. These are strong and awesome to feel.

Trellises work well to give you that additional privacy while simultaneously letting you enjoy the warmth of sunshine and cool summer breezes. It makes you want to put your feet up and make yourself to home.

arched pergola with tear drop keystone

Here is an angled shot a few of our pergolas and arbors on display. The solid wood arbor in the middle has the decorative tear drop keystone at the center on top. Western Timber Frame™ offers more decorative keystones to style and dress up your pergola.

timber frame arbor display garden show

We had one of our timber framed arbors displayed here next to an ourdoor fireplace, finished in a high grade Early American stain finish.

A close up of the white trellis interspersed between the posts on the contemporary styled pergola.

The twenty five year warranty sign on the posts. Best warranty in the nation on outdoor timber frame solid wood shade structures.

Western Timber Frame™ logo on the end of the hanging bed.

One of our many styles of outdoor lighting fixtures. We also have a new line of TimberVolt™ series of lighting ideas.

timber frame solid wood pergola over hot tub jacuzzi

Another timber frame pergola displayed over the Jacuzzi company. Hot tubs go hand in hand with outdoor shade structures.

conventional style pergola at garden show

We had a more contemporary pergola design over Roth’s landscaping booth. This was a nice booth with outdoor fireplaces.

fire fountain
fire and water fountain

This wasn’t our display but belongs to Roth’s Landscaping. It was a nice set up for outdoor landscaping ideas. The fire and water combination was fascinating.  We wish their business the best of success.

pergola outdoor lighting with hanging ropes

Outdoor lighting on a premium high grade white timber framed pergola.

timber frame dovetail difference joinery
brian thompson landscaping designer

A special thanks to all the guys, who although they had fun, it was long days on your feet!

timber clad decorative timber post

Decorative metals as an added touch on the posts give a nice finish.

dovetail tear drop arched pergola

The original The Dovetail Difference™ design is always the best feature at any show, anywhere. This ingenious design makes the strongest joint connection in timber framing.

Here are a few of the Utah landscapers who use and/or recommend Western Timber Frame™ products are Reinheit Landscape & Design, Classic Jack Landscape, Roth Landscaping, Legacy Pools & Design, Affordable Lawncare & Landscape, Landscape Supply of Utah, Innovative Excavation, and Lighting Pros of Utah, Utah Ponds, and many others.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide