half round pergola kit

We “fall in love” with the families we get to build for and we work to give them only what they really need. This means asking key questions to help reveal their desires:

  1. How do I want to use your space?
  2. How many people will it regularly serve?
  3. Are there existing elements you would you like to incorporate?
  4. If you could, what would you make differently?
  5. What is most important to you?

Shade shelters are not just for shade; they are multipurpose living areas and the way each family uses their backyard living area differs. And as varying as people are in how they want to spend their time, people also have different ideas of what their personal space should feel like for them. All ShadeScape® kits are designed to meet the needs of each homeowner —fitting their landscape and area the way that best suits their dreams of a best utilized outdoor living space. In our experience, for most people this means a multi-purpose space e.g. a barbecue area, dining/lounge area, etc. This is why we offer ShadeScape® “kits” only in the sense that all of the timbers are pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-stained, and tested so they can be shipped to and easily assembled on site. After that they are better described as a custom old-world architectural showpiece.

Your judgment, style and taste, and how you want to use your backyard, is what matters most in preparing for a functional outdoor living area that will beautify your landscape. After the initial evaluation of the space and usage, then comes the exciting process of choosing how you want your pergola or pavilion to look.

Add Curve Appeal

We build many rectilinear arbors, pavilion, and pergolas —Contemporary style— with straight lines and squared angles for a formal appearance that is boldly attractive and appropriate in many projects.

shadescape pavilion kit installed
Triple post pavilion kit

Here, we are focused on a pergola plan that integrates curved lines into the design. In practice, curved elements of architecture soften the bold impact of straight line structures. However, curves do more than just enhance the beauty of an shade shelter.

Contemplate for a moment —the most beauteous curve in the world is a smile that lights the lamp of the eyes. A smile makes people more approachable, attractive, happier, healthier, and more productive. In general, the brain interprets curvilinear patterns as a reason to release positive energetic endorphins that also apply in the principles of architecture.

Curvilinear forms in architecture produces effects on the actions, opinions, and behaviors of humans according to an interesting science paper: The Influence of Curvilinear Architectural Forms on Environment-Behaviour — published by Elsevier. The way a building is perceived and utilized by people through the sensation of volume and space with the interplay of curvature showed the results as:

birthday pavilion
  • Promotes Communication

  • Encourages Movement

  • Lifts the Spirit

  • Aids Orientation

  • Changes Perception

  • Enhances Social Experience

  • Increases Pleasure
  • Supports the Sense of Community
  • Relieves Sense of Distance and Dissolves Social Boundaries

Half-Round ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

before pergola install

The outdoor living area BEFORE installing a ShadeScape® pergola kit.

half round pergola kit

The outdoor living area AFTER installing a ShadeScape® pergola kit.

Every landscape or site is unique, often calling for alternative approaches and actions. At a glance the backyard patio appeared to be a half-circle but in reality it was extremely irregular. Luckily, with 21st century technology, free-spirited architects are enabled pave the way for designs of the most artistic originality and keep lower the cost.

To get a more precise layout, Dave Bunker the Design Manager of this pergola plan implemented drone photography —capturing the perfect birds eye view of the patio—  considering the variables of the established concrete patio. The architects were then enabled to render a pergola plan that was a bit more complicated but it kept the appearance of a symmetrical shade shelter. When completed, the curving flow of full arched knee braces complimented and mirrored the patio area beautifully.

beneath half-round pergola

Wherever you stand, beneath or taking it all in from a distance, this ShadeScape® pergola creates a beautiful setting the family loves! Now, the backyard is the go-to place all day long.

half round pergola


half-round pergola


half-round pergola kit
half-round pergola
semi-circular pergola kit

Alternative Ways to Add Curve Appeal

Oval Pergola Roof
wedding pergola

An oval —shaped like an “O“— is a word derived from Latin is “ovus” for egg. A roof with an oval configuration composes flowing interest similar to a circular roof.

The oval pergola roof has an advantage though over a circular roof in a smaller sized yard it can yield itself easier a tighter fitting area.

Circular Pergola Roof
pergola round roof

Circles are not used often in architecture primarily for spacial reasons. This is why circular features draws more attention than commonly seen right angled parts.

Circles are in nature everywhere: the sun, earth, moon, fruit, flowers, seeds, and more. In many cultures, traditionally a circle represents a caregiver, commitment, innocence, unity, life — having no beginning and no end. #HalfRoundPergola

octagonal fire pit trellis

Octagonal Trellis

Hexagonal Pergola

A round shape tends to be viewed often as feminine while straight lined shapes are more of a masculine design style. You can still get a curve style feel with straight lines as shown in this octagonal trellis kit or this hexagonal pergola kit. The flow of straight lines send an emotional message much like a circular shape of harmony and protection.

Dodecagon Gazebo

Gazebos are traditionally sectioned triangularly together in a circular fashion. A dodecagon roof has 12 sections or you can have 6 or 16 sections. It all depends on the size and look you desire. The picture following is best described as a pavilion and gazebo combo —with a flow of windows.

Gazebo roof
pavilion gazebo lights

On a shade shelter the roof is a major role player in the appearance and style an outdoor living area. The DIY trellis plan is straight lines that give the curving ambience of a half round shade shelter. Center is a circular roof DIY pergola plan with the timbers spiraling outward like sunbeams the stem from two preexisting pillars. The circular pergola plan on the far right has the front posts set back so the roof is cantilevered. As can be seen here in just these three pergola plans, there are so many different ways to incorporate a round style roof in a shade shelter.

Diy pergola plan for fire pit area

Curved DIY Trellis Plan
round roof diy pergola design

DIY Circular Pergola Plan
round roof

DIY Round Cantilevered Pergola Plan

Fan Roof Pergolas and Arbors

fireplace radius roof pergola arbor
Fan Roof ShadeScape® Arbor Kit
Alpine pergola with radius roof
Fan Roof ShadeScape® Pergola Kit

A fan style roof is shaped like a tapered folding fan used for to cool off during sweltering hot summer days. Traditionally in Japan fans weren’t just for practical purposes they were also considered decorative.  Often a fan roof arbors or pergola is installed in corners of to create a corner within a landscape but don’t overlook that fan roof arbors and pergolas can also stand alone in the right setting as a functional showcase centerpiece.

Curved Pergolas and Arbors

garden arbor

Curved DIY Arbor
curved pergola

Curved DFY Deck Pergola Kit
curved pergola kit

DFY Curvd Pergola Kit for Diner

An ever so slightly curve of the entire shade shelter keeps that bold stance while drawing the eyes around. This works beautifully whether you are mirroring a curved ground feature such as a rounded patio or if you just want to create the radius look.

Curve Cut Pergolas and Arbors

arch pergola

ShadeScape® Curved Step Roof Pergola Kit

The above ShadeScape® step pergola has a slightly inverted roof that ever so subtly mirrors the patio below. It is these kinds of detail that create that extra richness to your outdoor living space.

ShadeScape® Inverted Curve Roof Pergola Kit

Here the ShadeScape® pergola has well-defined inverted roof to finish the frame of a circular style fire pit on the patio. Whether the curvature is inverted or arched outward the bending of the course of shape will bring that delight of the bend in the country road.

Cantilever Pergolas and Arbors

cantilever roof pergola
ShadeScape® Cantilever Roof Pergola Kit
timber frame pergola kit
ShadeScape® Cantilever Roof Pergola Kit

Standard ShadeScape® arbors and pergola kits with a rounded cantilever roof is an easy way to give rounded flare and keep a structure in a tight line for better utilized usage of ever bit of space.

Arch and Barrel Roof Arbors, Pergolas and Pavilions

Arch top pergola and hammock for Autistic children

ShadeScape® Barrel Roof Garden Arbor
cantilever arch top pergola

ShadeScape® Barrel Cantilever Roof Pergola
Arched Barrel Top Pergola

ShadeScape® Tiered Barrel Roof Pergola Kit

ShadeScape® Barrel Roof Pavilion
barrel top pergola

ShadeScape® Asymmetrical Arc Roof Two-Tone Pergola
arch top pergola

ShadeScape® Asymmetrical Arc Roof Cedar Wood Pergola

An arched or barrel roof arbor, pergola or pavilion has to have the right setting to compliment the landscape but they are definitely attract attention and admiration as an outstanding example of fine craftsmanship and architecture.

Arched Beams

Alpine ShadeScape® Alpine Arched Beam Pergola
arched beam pergola with keystone

Natural ShadeScape® Arched Beam Pergola
arch beam pergola

Early American ShadeScape® Arched Beam Pergola

Arched beams are an ingenious way to give that luxurious curve appeal. The bottom beam is cut with a curve that flows around with the curved knee braces. The Alpine, Natural, and the Early American pergolas feature arched beams on all four sides.

Below on the front view of a 6 post pergola only the two front beams are arched. The Rich Cordoba pergola defines the entryway with just one arched beam reflecting the arch of the front door.

6 Post ShadeScape® Pergola w/an Arched Beam

Rich Cordoba ShadeScape® Pergola w/an Arched Beam

Arched Knee Braces

Arched Knee Brace

Full arched knee braces are the hallmark of fine old-world craftsmanship. Arched Knee Braces feature a keystone capped at the center and are extremely popular on timber frame arbors, cabanas, gazebos, pergolas and pavilions.

Arched Knee Braces are more than just beauty though; they carry an advantage over horizontal beams by providing a greater load carrying capacity.

garden arbor

Knee Braces

The highlighted elements are the knee braces exampled for reference.

Classic Knee Brace
Classic Style Knee Brace
Cove Knee Brace
Cove Style Knee Brace
Legacy Knee Brace
Legacy Style Knee Brace

Knee braces provide additional strength and durability, and they help ensure that you will not have any twisting or warping throughout the life of your pergola kit. As a design feature, they provide diagonal contrast to your horizontal beams and vertical posts. You can choose your favorite knee brace style from any of our free standard options. These three offer some curve appeal or you can opt for a custom style of your own.

Beam Profiles

The orange highlights on the arbor kit pictured here show the end beam profiles. Though they are a smaller element on the overall structure, the end beam profiles are a vital part of how the completed structure is going to look and feel.

Five of our free standard end beam profiles have some curved elements on them. We have thousands of pictures in our gallery to give you a visual of different beam end profiles and how it will appear on a shade structure.

crescent step profile dovetail pergola kit
Crescent Step Beam Profile
roosevelt profile dovetail pergola kit
Roosevelt Beam Profile
roosevelt step profile dovetail pergola kit
Roosevelt Step Beam Profile
crescent profile dovetail pergola kit
Crescent Beam Profile
champion profile dovetail pergola kit
Champion Beam Profile

Curves will definitely add curb appeal.  The attractiveness your property should make you smile clear through your eyes.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide