There is a strange, yet fascinating relic left over from a ship-breaking yard. At the Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia, a large old watercraft called the SS Ayrfield, a steam collier built in 1911 and later used as a transport ship during the second world war, was brought to Homebush Bay to be dismantled for salvage. However, the operations of the salvage yard ceased and several vessels were left behind including the SS Aryfield. The old ship is now over one hundred years old and has become a floating forest of vegetation that has seeded itself and sprouted up over the last several decades. Photographers come from all over the world to capture on film this unusual remnant left from the past.

Homebush Bay - SS AyrfieldPhoto Courtesy of Jason Baker via Wikimedia Commons

Western Timber Frame Pergolas

Trees are generally tenacious in determination to survive as a species even making its own food. Appreciated for their beauty and the wonderful products they produce, trees are recognized in each State with its own official State Tree. Trees do so much for us, slowing down the wind, keeping our air clean, quieting loud noises, providing shade, holding topsoil, reducing water pollution, reducing erosion and the list goes on and on. Trees have always played an essential part in our world and we even see symbology of the tree throughout the world in every culture.

arbor-vitae-cerebelliArbor Vitae Cerebelli

Ancestral generations are referred to as a family tree. The pattern of the tree is even physically written inside of your brain. The arbor vitae cerebelli, latin for the tree of life is a white tree shaped substance inside of the cerebellum. The arbor vitae plays a major part in the role of motor and sensory information at the center of the body’s nervous system which involves the body’s movements, transmitting signals, coordination and timing. It is a path that coordinates our actions and connects with everything through our body. In every design we find tree like structures that move currents from one point to another. The tree has a natural flowing design for currents to flow through and absorb shock and movement and physically connects us to the earth.

purkinje-cellsPurkinje Cells located in the human brain are some of the largest neurons. Each cell has about 500 climbing synapses of fiber that all originate from a single fiber in a tree like formation.
the-longest-wooden-bridge-and-floating-town-in-sangklaburi-kanchanaburi-thailand-xsWooden Bridge, Sangklaburi Kanchanaburi Thailand

Trees are always contracting and extracting to maintain an equal balance and equilibrium in an constantly moving earth just as the trees on the SS Ayrfield do in an ever tossing, moving, floating forrest. The underlying structure and blueprint of the tree is made up from the torus blueprint called the Vector Equlibrium that represents magnetic energy of repulsion and attraction, forming energy into matter. The Vector Equilibrium is the structure of the torus that gives birth to every shape and symmetry we see around us. Like a waves that rises up and recede, the Vector Equilibrium is ever changing yet maintains its balance with equal forces. Similarly trees also give birth, symmetry and balance.


Vector Equlibrium

Conserving energy as well as converting and producing energy for human use,  trees power everything in nature and gives us energy to walk, talk and breathe, not to mention the thousand of foods, medicines and other wonderful products we use everyday. Unlike other energy sources such as oil and coal which can be depleted and forever gone, trees are wonderfully renewable. Trees absorb movement from the earth and energy from the sun and are in essence a great big battery and continue to do so even after they are harvested and utilized.


Hugging a tree or wood products is good for our wellbeing and has proven scientifically to be beneficial to our mental and physical health. Scientists have shown significant improvement in functions of children through physiological and psychological research indicating that tree’s have the ability to alleviate headaches, improve concentration levels, reduce stress and depression and function better emotionally and cognitively.

These vibrational energies from trees have been studied in Damanhur, Italy by capturing the electromagnetic changes on the surface of the leaves and roots they can transform them into sounds and you can actually hear the music it sings. This has created such a fascination with this amazing phenomenon that musicians have begun performing concerts playing the music produced from trees. It is also interesting that the music changes and reacts differently to different people changing its tune to people it comes in contact with. It is quite a captivating demonstration to hear such perfect and incredibly harmoniously resonate music and helps us to understand there is so much more we have to learn about trees and their effect upon us.


Through scientific biologist studies trees have been shown to have immortal like properties that continue to absorb and give energy even after it is harvested and utilized centuries later. This energy naturally balances itself and works more readily with the earth’s motion.

A pagoda, the Horyu-Ji temple built in Japan in 607AD. has amazingly survived having been violently shaken by 46 earthquakes of a magnitude of 7.0 or greater. Traditionally pagodas were built from stone but with Japan’s high rainfalls and seismic instability builders during the sixth century experimented and adapted to their shaky conditions through building with timber and disconnected floors. This is the same idea as the dovetail system, the age old tenon joinery and mortise method used in timber framing that allows the timber to move and still remain stable. It works like a puzzle that interlocks but cannot be slid straight out. Timber is able to fluidly ride a seismic wave more readily than a solid building would. Also cement and steel are not able to without intervention through artificial mechanisms. Dovetail joinery and mortise are a great advantage in earthquake areas.

Trees literally give and offer us balance but maybe even sometimes in odd humorous ways was well. There are two Boabab trees in Kimberley, Western Australia. The Boabab tree naturally forms itself sometimes like a bottle and is hollow inside. These two Boabab trees are used as prisons. Then in stark contrast to a prison is the oldest tree in France located in Allouville-Bellefosse which is also hollow inside. However this tree was constructed into two small chapels still used for worship today. It is charming and looks like a child’s fairy tale with a wooden staircase surrounding the outside of the trunk.

The earth is constantly replenishing itself with trees giving us nutrients and life breathing oxygen. Eight percent of the world’s forests are contained in the United States and there are more trees today through sustainable forestry than there was even one hundred years ago. The Food and Agriculture Organization states that Nationally the forest growth has exceeded harvest since 1940 and the volume of forest growth is 380 percent greater than it was in 1920. Every part of a tree can be made into useful products, or give back nutrients and rich soil sprouting more new trees for the earth so that nothing is ever wasted.

baobab-xsBaobab Tree

Building with timber helps us maintain balance, environmentally and well engineered infrastructures using the proven age old methods of dovetail mortised and tenon joinery is safer and better for our health and wellbeing.

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