Deck or Patio Cover

Step inside the wide open doors of your own backyard retreat.

A solid covered deck or patio is predominately used as an outdoor living area, an extension of an existing home or business.

luxury resort living backyard

Here are a few of the many benefits of a Deck or Patio cover.

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Pavilion Mounted Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Shade plus energy!

pavilion kit

Save Energy

Lower power bills


Family Time

Bringing families closer

fan furniture power pavilion

Climate & Bug Control

fans, heaters, misters

arched pavilion

Cutting-Edge Custom

Add Architectural Attraction

pavilion timber frame shade

Photo courtesy of Alderwood Landscaping of Spokane Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers.

timber framed pavilion lights

Outdoor Lights

Recessed lighting, chandeliers & more!

shade pergola deck outdoor movie

Sound Systems, Movies & More

Electronic Media



Vehicle shelters or entertainment

family pergola fireplace

Enjoy Your Patio or Deck

Regardless of Weather

gazebo pergola shade

Patio Furniture

Leave Outside All Year

Roofing Choices

For Solid Covered Decks or Patios

PolyCarbonate Roof

polycarbonate roofing pergola
  • Polycarbonate is stronger than glass or plastic.
  • Blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Lightweight, easy to install.
  • High priced, a major disadvantage.
  • Not resistant to marring, scratching or abrasive surfaces.

Solid Wood

timber frame gazebo kit
  • Wood allows a more natural circulation of air.
  • Heavier, more substantial  “architectural” look.
  • Allows for extreme custom roof designs.
  • With variations in color and wood grains no two wood roofs will ever be the same.
  • Wood keeps the most human-friendly temperatures.

Solar Roof

Solar Panels Mounted on Pergola
  • Photovoltaic systems reduced monthly cost of electricity.
  • Occasional inspection and cleaning of the panels is required.
  • Solar roofs allow air circulation creating a cooling atmosphere.

Is a Solid Covered Deck or Patio Right for Me?

Consider installing a timber framed pavilion or gazebo over your deck or patio if...

You use your patio or deck for meals.

Installing a timber framed pavilion or gazebo kit over your deck or patio is the perfect way to incorporate family time into the busiest of lifestyles. A backyard can become a central gathering place for eating together inviting friends and neighbors for a barbecue or picnic and enjoying the afternoon in the fresh air.

You enjoy celebrating in the outdoors.

A timber framed gazebo and/or pavilion kit can provide shade as well as wonderfully establishing new means for social gatherings. Whether hosting a large event or gathering in a private group, a gazebo or pavilion kit is ideal to provide the outdoor entertainment space for restaurants, parks, family gatherings, weddings, reunions, business or community events and more.

You delight in a change of routine.

You take joy in the open air or open-air activities.

Birthdays & holidays are more fun outdoors.

Keeping furniture or items covered matters to you.

You spend a lot of time on your deck or patio.

For you, taking in the outdoors is an amazing feeling of connection to the earth, renewing a deeper sense of being home.

outdoor kitchen pavilion shade

Summer parties, good food and a night full of friends and laughter can create memorable moments. A dovetailed timber frame gazebo or pavilion covering a patio or deck can ensure a wonderful experience with shade and the guests can still relax and enjoy themselves even if there is an unexpected change in the weather. It also is a wonderful place to sit back and put up your feet in quiet solitude enjoying the stars, reading a good book or watching an outdoor movie. A solid covered deck or patio can do more than provide shelter and protection from hot sun, rain and snow; outdoor experiences enhance everyday life naturally drawing families and friends closer together. When you are outside there is an amazing feeling of being connected to the earth and a renewed sense of home.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide