Latticed trellis w fire pit and lights
The giggle of a child naturally fills the world with sunshine. When you become a grandparent you get to drink from the “fountain of youth” in pure, unfettered happiness. Eric is every child’s vision of the best Grandpa ever. He envisioned his backyard specifically to delight his grandchildren. 
Today’s featured ShadeScap®,  a 6000 Series DIY Trellis Kit, is the creation of Design Manager, Mike Jenson, built to house and entertain all that happiness. 

The latticed timber frame trellis has metal cladding for aesthetics only as the timbers are connected with old-world dovetailed joints without the use of unsightly hardware. Architectural structures built with this technique have endured beautifully for hundreds of years.

The trellis has the Drill for Power and TimberVolt®, prewired and ready-to-go, to accommodate any and all of the family’s outdoor electrical and lighting needs. The family installed colored lights that changed from red, white, blue and green. Eric’s backyard delights not only his grandchildren but anyone who has the pleasure of visiting with him there.

Thank you, Eric, for the pictures. It is the people who bring the most to any atmosphere and what an awesome place to come home to!

  • trellis fire pit colored lights
  • trellis lattices fire pit lights
  • Trellis with lights and fire pit

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