Living on a busy street, working with less than 300 square feet — an arbor will turn a previously underutilized space into a warm and winsome front entry, a garden to be admired, or a concealed haven.

Imagine being nestled in the comfort of your own personalized paradise with an arbor you have always dreamed of. With this arbor guide, you can now dream with your eyes open and glean some useful tips to build your own arbor.

arbor pergola pool

In the many years of designing and fabricating outdoor living environments, we have found that when most people are wanting an arbor they are often looking for an aesthetically pleasing accent to the larger outdoor living shelters.  And, it makes perfect sense. Used with a cabana, pavilion, pergola, or gazebo — arbors do draw the eyes to include more of the surrounding landscape for a larger composition.

The Focus of Attention

shadescape swing arbor kit

In many ways, albeit on a smaller scale, arbors can resemble other shade structures — particularly the pergola. Even though there are common features and elements throughout various shade shelters part of the reason for this guide with tips is to show that a well-designed, smartly positioned, and intently purposed ShadeScape® arbor can hold it’s own!

Arbors act as an open invitation, a grand entrance, gateway, guide, or destination.

arbor pergola kit

In essence, arborsoften harmonized with a trellisgive more artistic license to orchestrate  the entirety of a yarded area.

Defining An Arbor

William Strachey —one of America’s first historians— recorded in 1612 that the houses of Virginia were “like gardein arbours.” From the earliest records that describe what an arbor is, as, with other shade shelters, it is like trying to define “house.” A house serves the purpose of a place to live, but are distinctly set in time by its style, material, and how it is used. For some American Indians, a transportable teepee was home — for someone else, their residence may be a houseboat or a skyscraper apartment, etc.

Over the last seventy years, the classifying of shade shelters and architectural garden structures —are by in large— been formalized into distinct categories of what characteristics define an arbor as an arbor, a pergola — a pergola, or a pavilion — a pavilion, etc.

All in all, this makes talk of outdoor living shelters straightforward and understanding others a little simpler. Arbors, though, have a bit of a curveball that challenges its trademark and imitates its imprint —and that is: the trellis.

ShadeScape® Trellis Kit #TimberFrameTrellis

To give a full range of useful tips and ideas to how you can build the arbor you always wanted — there is just no other way around it — the trellis must be included.

Covering the Constitution of Your Landscape

Trellises are unique from arbors, sometimes featured as a latticework, wall, fence, or extension of a gazebo, pavilion or pergola. And it is often partnered with an arbor.  But what makes arbors and trellises so inseparable are the roles each of these fine art of garden shelters play. Trellises enable a landscape designer to build upon the constitution of the landscape as a whole, forming entryways, gateways, guides, or destinations — and so do arbors. In some projects, arbors and trellises have had so many shared characteristics — technically it could be classed as both —a trellis and an arbor.

man roof of arbor swing

Before finalizing your arbor plans — here are design options, tips and landscaping concepts with arbors and trellises.  You may find compositions or refashioned landscaping elements you would like to include. Hopefully, it sparks some ingenious ideas of your own.

Arbor Outdoor Living & Landscape Ideas
Plus 22 Tips To Start Building Your Dream Arbor

Add Height With An Arbor

People are enamored with tall things, spaces with height, stature, and elevation. It is why people travel the globe just to stand in awe of towering monuments, naturally formed or man-made by aspirant geniuses. In an outdoor room, where the ceiling is the sky, an arbor sets vertical lines in horizontal surroundings. It gives a place for the eyes to go upwards for a stronger presence — a sense of grandeur.

barbecue grill before

Built-in Barbecue Bar Before ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Kit Install

arbor after

Built-in Barbecue Bar After ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Kit Install

Tip #1 — Plan Your Arbor to Give the Impression of Increased Height

For added height keep everything vertical. Even though there is no fixed ceiling, view the outdoor space as an indoor room. Keep in mind, higher ceilings cause a room to feel spacious and widespread while lower ceilings will either feel cozy or closed in.

Whenever something is taller than it is wide it will create an illusion of height. The greater the difference is between length versus width, the more outstanding the effect is. It is also dependent upon the flow and size of the area. Smaller spaces will produce a stronger monumental bearing. Choose low-profile furniture, with shorter backs to advance the impression of additional height.

Build Your Own Arbor or Trellis Hammock

Hammocks and swings are by in large —the delight of children and adults— one the many pleasurable ShadeScape® amenities. As a manufacturer of luxury ShadeScape® shelters, we get asked at times if our pergolas, pavilions or arbors are strong enough to hold a hammock or swing.

Yes, they are! And we encourage anyone who loves to swing – by all means – add a hammock or swing. It is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your outdoor living room even more. In fact, install a suspended table, couch, or a bed if you like.

children on hammocks

Our All-Time Favorite Picture a Family Sent in to Us

Build Your Own Arbor Gate

A gate is an outdoor doorway to your property. Arbor gates are free-standing or connected to a fence, trellis or wall.

Similar to the door on the front of your home a gate offers the first impression and hints towards a beautiful retreat. The arbor gate should be warm and inviting as well as blending with or complementing the architectural design of the home.  A well-designed arbor gate is a beautiful focal point for the front of your home.

ShadeScape® timber frame gate arbors easily tie in with or complement other materials and elements as well. The DIY arbor plan pictured here is for a metal gate on a timber frame arbor.

Technically, this two-post arbor gate could also be classed as a trellis gate. Trellises are often a framework used to screen or support.

arbor gate plan

Tip #2 — For Formalistic Form

The width of a gateway is governed in part by its use and available space. Dependent upon the overall layout — in general — a wider gate will have a more affluent appeal. If you are looking to give your gate formal flair, widen the opening.

ShadeScape Gate

ShadeScape® Plan for Theme Park Massive Timber Double Door Gate — #ThemeParkDoubleGatePlan

gate trellis

ShadeScape® Plan for Theme Park Massive Timber Double Door Gate — #ThemeParkDoubleGatePlan

gate door

ShadeScape® Plan for Theme Park Wicket Door Gate — #ThemeParkWicketGatePlan

The above Theme Park massive gate plan has an extra-tall wicket door on either side of the double gate. A wicket gate is a pedestrian door built within a wall, fence, or door as seen on the right ShadeScape® Theme Park Gate Plan. Wicket doors can be a door within a door such as a doggy door or a pedestrian door built into an extra-wide gate or wall. In this way, a wicket door can give the formality of an expanded opening and include the benefits of a narrower alternative door or passageway.

arbor gateTip #3 — Lighten the Weight

Double gate doors aren’t just to give you an up-scale look, they are also for practical purposes as well. Wider gate openings allow for things such as moving garbage cans, a lawnmower or wheelbarrow.

If the gate needs to be extra-wide, opting for a double-door will lighten the weight.

Tip #4 — Enhance Existing Gate

arbor with gate


garden gate


Arbors frame and enhance an existing gate or leading up to a gate. It is also easy to install and arbor with the intent to add a gate at a later date. A single door gate bears a cozier, cottage style aura.

Tip #5  — Sliding Gate

Typically, on smaller structures such as arbors, a swing gate is sufficient as it will not swing out that far. The only time you will see a slide or rolling gate on an arbor would be if it was integrated with a fence or wall and there was some advantage — such as a tight space — for the gate to slide parallel to the fence line. For larger areas, slide gates are often easier to open and close. If it involves an extra expansive opening, the gate could be geared with remote control — for automated back and forth slide.

latticed doors on pergola

ShadeScape® Timber Frame DIY Pergola Kit featuring sliding latticed doors. #PrivacyScreen

latticed doors on pergola

ShadeScape® Timber Frame DIY Pergola Kit with closed sliding latticed doors. #PrivacyScreen

diy pergola pavilion privacy walls and gate plan

ShadeScape® Timber Frame DIY Trellis Kit with closed sliding lattice door. #PrivacyScreen

Gates set within a trellis wall such as seen in this ShadeScape® DIY trellis plan are a fine example of when a rolling gate is a plus. Installing latticed screens on the trellis will still allow the light to get in while giving additional privateness.

Build Your Own Arbor Grill or BBQ Island

Grilled food is a whole lot tastier. If you love smoky flavored vegetables or prefer juicer hamburgers, steaks or chicken — cooked naturally (the way food was meant to be) an arbor with an outdoor grilling space might just be ideal for you.

trellis barbecue

ShadeScape® Trellis Barbecue Bar

An arbor or trellis can give sophisticated style and shade just where it is needed at the times you would most likely be barbecuing.

Other arbor and trellis alfresco environments ideas could be an outdoor kitchen, cocktail counter, snack bar or cozy dining area.

arbor barbecue

ShadeScape® Arbor Barbecue Stand

Tip #6 — Angle for Sun & Shade

outdoor kitchen attached pergola


Angle, lattice or cover the roof of the arbor or trellis to let in the desired amount of light and shade ratio for the time of day you will most likely be barbecuing. Latticed solitude screens and walls may be included if needed.

sloped cantilever diy-pavilion plan


Build Your Own Arbor Nesting Place

We all need time to prune our feathers, to keep ourselves at our best. Create a “nesting place” to hideaway — a lush outdoor nook, romantic focal point, urban retreat — your quiet go-to place, for any and every day.

Touching genuine wood and injecting color and warmth of timber help to reconnect to mother earth and recharge our energies. Include a bench, built-in or attached to the timber frame arbor. When people sit together on a bench, they literally and figuratively feel closer to each other. Bench seating is a wonderful place to curl up, read a book or anything you want to do while engaging in nature. An egg swing or single chairs — whatever offers luxury to readily embrace the outdoors.

ShadeScape® Arbor Bench

Tip #7 — Cover, Conceal, Comfort

If you are up high or in a private place to take in the surrounding view, you may not need any privacy screens.

Houses of today are often built closer together and sometimes it becomes an obstacle to obtaining a desirable amount of seclusion in some outdoor spaces.

arbor bench resting area


Lattices perfectly embrace the best in outdoor living with both sun and shade. Bench arbors and cozy nooks let you take in the surrounding view in comfort and sequestration.

Trellis walls and screens easily enclose a space and most importantly — conceal as much or as little as needed. Here the arbor is latticed above the fence line giving a pleasing privacy screen.

Trellis on door

Within a landscape, trellises are loved for dividing garden rooms, setting clear boundaries, for example, between the driveway and neighboring yard, the street, and the home.

Trellises are ideal to conceal almost any area and increase privacy. This is why they are prevalent elements of other structures, such as arbors, pergolas, fences, gates. etc.

One of the strong attributes of trellises — but often overlooked — is to create outdoor enclosed rooms with curved or straight lines attached to a home or other existing outbuilding. It lets the light in, creating attractive accents but still, it is your own secluded retreat.

Tip #8 — Save Space

The beauty of an arbor bench area is that it adheres to a smaller space so fittingly. Place your bench seat where — no matter what the time of the day it is —  it is shaded or sunny, when and where it is desired.

Although an arbor inherently takes up less space than large-scale shade shelters, it can still provide that extra needed shade just by a different roof design.

cantilever roof shade


Cantilevered roofs expand the shade for all-day protection — and it can be tastefully designed to give extra protection, on any or every side.

Build Your Own Trellis Fire Place

ShadeScape® Trellis Kit #TrellisFirePit

fireplace privacy wall pavilion

ShadeScape® Trellis Wall Kit #TrellisFirePlace

Trellises grace a landscape with a beauty all their own, enhancing, making a statement, building backdrops and boundaries, and so much more!

Featured here, a poolside corner ShadeScape® trellis kit has built-in benches to sit around an outdoor fireplace. Also, a triangular trellis frames a fire pit adding some handsome height to the scenery.

fire pit arbor

ShadeScape® Triangular Trellis  #TriangularTrellis

Trellises will create the most purposeful hardscape within the least amount of designated space.

bench seating trellis fire pit

ShadeScape® Trellis Bench #TrellisBench

inverted roof pergola with fire pit

ShadeScape® Pergola w/Inverted Radius Roof for Fire Pit

Fires reflect the vitality of the natural world.  And arbors — just like the trellis — can also create a warm, welcoming vibrance to a space designated for an outdoor fire.

radius beams pergola kit

ShadeScape® Arbor w/Radius Roof for Fireplace Bar

Tip #9  — Install Color

People have a natural fascination with fire and all its enticing, illuminating glow. If you already have an existing fireplace or fire pit you are already well on your way to an even better outdoor living area with a trellis. Light of the fire pit or fireplace lengthens the time to be together out of doors.

ShadeScape® Trellis Kit

trellis fire pit

ShadeScape® Trellis Kit

To really increase the entice and illuminating glow — put in color-changing lights. It has long been understood by architects and artists that color not only generates a certain atmosphere but it also affects emotions and mood.

Green is calming and reduces stress. Blue is also calming. Yellow is a happy color and red increases energy. Whatever colors that brings you delight will create a happier ambiance with your firelight.

Lighting can be added in many ways. Western makes it easy with a ShadeScape® trellis kit. All ShadeScape® kits can be drilled for power or upgraded with a TimberVolt® power post.

Build Your Own Outdoor Movie Theatre

pavilion in snow

Hosting movie nights outside is a lot of fun. We build lots of outdoor theater settings with cabanas, pavilions, gazebos, and pergolas. An arbor or trellis can be just as equipped to fashion your own personalized outdoor movie theater.

outdoor tv arbor

Tip #10 — Block Light

Placement and distance is an important factor. Aim your movie screen in the best possible direction for the least amount of light. The sun is the brightest of all lights so plan where you want your trellis or arbor to suit your movie viewing without the glare. Add some hanging curtains, permanent or folding walls, that will block light. Additionally, look for other light sources that can be turned off. When placing your shelter, consider every angle. Will light from the kitchen window or the street be distracting? Yes, a kitchen light can be turned off but not the streetlights.

Note: If you are near a pool, make sure your arbor outdoor theater will be installed far enough away from the “splash zone.”

Build Your Own Garden Arbor Portal

timber frame arbor kit
shadescape arbor walkway

There are dozens of inspiring ideas and designs for creating a gorgeous garden pathway whether it be wood, flagstone, concrete pavers, grass or the natural earth.  Creating a portal with an arbor gives a sense of order. Garden and landscape portals are timeless — a nostalgic, reminiscence of our Old English and Early American heritage — and a first-class modern architectural showpiece.

stairway steps arbor

Tip #11 — Think Outside

Think outside of what is standard or expected — a pathway does not have to be a standard passageway. A passageway is a transition between two places, with or without a door or gate. And out of all the architectural shade shelters, arbors are the main choice for any way of exit or entrance whether it be a channel, course, path, or even a slide.

Maybe, as in this case — a super-wide trellis — rather than conventional arbors for walkways.

There is a vast amount of play with arbors and trellises in style, shape, positioning, and integrating other materials.

dfy or diy arbor plan

No post attached ShadeScape® arbor plan

This arbor plan has NO POSTS at all. Now, this is thinking outside the ordinary model of an arbor!

Every space is unique. There is no other spot that is exactly the same. This is why every ShadeScape® is built to your specs. With reflective planning you can give yourself the arbor you envision. Even in a small space —where it didn’t seem possible before— another approach might make it possible.

Tip #12  — Add Daylight Dimension to Your Arbor

Walkways, pathways, entryways — they all lead to someplace else. But what about the journey itself? That is all part of the adventure. The dynamics and dimensions and style of an arbor or trellis cover can completely change the dynamics of a landscape. Lights are always beneficial to a walkway, pathway or entryway for protection, and charming ambiance but only at night.

To bring a sense of curiosity, discovery, and learning to a landscape — if the designated space is large enough — is to bring in some curves or detours to your shelter.

I will say, it brings that “extra spice” that makes an already delicious dish — especially enticing.

diy arbor plan

Build Your Own Arbor Entry Way “Door”

garden arbor

As stated earlier, arbors are an open invitation, a grand entrance, a gateway, a guide to a destination. Framing an entryway with an arbor brings balance and definition to the panorama. Western Timber Frame™ garden arbors and trellises add an inviting feel to a garden and make it easy to accentuate with hanging baskets, pots or growing boxes.

white shadescape garden arbor kit

It might not even be a pathway, but an entrance to a garden, yard divide, or a designated area. In a sense, arbors are the doors and trellises are the walls that frame the outside world, we love to be in.

Tip #13  — Attach To The Top of An Existing Structure

ShadeScape® Trellis Plan #DIYTrellisPlan

diy arbor plan

ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Plan #DIYArborPlan

diy arbor plan

ShadeScape® DIY Arbor Plan #DIYArborPlan

Top a fence, concrete posts, or wall or other existing responsible architectural structures with a trellis or arbor. This DIY arbor plan was designed for a concrete wall over an entrance. It is built to give quite a bit of coverage over the area as seen from the top view on the plan.

Tip #14  — Customize The Roof

Timber frame custom pergola

ShadeScape® Shed Roof Trellis Plan #ShedRoofTrellis

shed roof arbor

ShadeScape® Shed Roof Arbor Plan #ShedRoofArbor

On the trellis and arbor plan here, it is the mono-pitched shed roof — also referred to as a pent roof, lean-to roof or skillion roof is sloped only on one single side. There is an array of roof design options for creating beautiful architectural arbors and trellises. Just as a pergola or pavilion, an arbor or trellis can sport a roof style that will best suit the space in the way it will be used. There are many more roof ideas. If you would like, check out this: 24 roof ideas to get you started.

Build Your Own Wedding Arbor


There are so few days that are as sentimental or more beautiful than your wedding day. A timber frame arbor is an impactful and elegant composition creating an obvious focal point for the bride and groom. The solid wood timbers are also extremely easy to decorate with wedding decor.

Timber frame ShadeScape® wedding arbors, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are impressive architectural masterpieces enjoyed long after the ceremonies are over. In all reality, your future great-great-grandchildren could be married beneath the same wedding arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola they played under as kids.

contemporary arbor plan
diy arbor plan
trellis for wedding
arbor plan

Of the thousands of ideas, you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, that is the beauty of a ShadeScape® shelter. You can discuss your ideas and how you envision your wedding arbor to be with a Design Manager. Our Design Managers know the industry and with your suggestions, they can pull your project together.

Tip #15  — The Wedding Arbor Install

Wedding arbor decorated

ShadeScape® wedding arbor kits are at times, set up for temporary wedding vow renewal cover – in indoors and outdoors settings – and then at a later date, installed to its permanent location.

A free-standing uninstalled arbor works perfectly because of Western Timber Frame’s patented The Dovetail Difference® design.

It is somewhat similar to a three-dimensional puzzle or perhaps — like a toy Lincoln Logs — many of us played with as kids. Using old-world craftsmanship of wood-to-wood connections — a tenon slides into a reverse image (a mortise) — interlocking to create a tight fit that stands securely upright without the use of nails or glue!

dovetail interlocking connections

Tip #16  — Other Wedding Arbor Avenues

A ShadeScape® arbor is excellent for other wedding features — as well as a canopy for the couple to exchange their vows. These are some ideas, timber frame arbors and trellises have been utilized by our ShadeScape® families for events, receptions and weddings:

Wedding decorated pergola

• Chuppah Wedding Canopy
• Wedding Backdrop
• Photography Backdrop
• Wedding Cake Display
• Table Display
• Hanging Dessert Table
• Sofreh Aghd Spread Cover

• Wedding Mandap
• Covered Altar
• Scene Setter
• Wedding Swings
• Registry Canopy
• Gift Table
• Wedding Bar Station

Build Your Own Garden Arbor Swing


Cradles, rockers, and swings — we have loved them since we were a child and we never grow out of love for swings.

Adding an aesthetically pleasing swing to a backyard is more than ornamental; it has sensory therapeutic benefits turning a garden into a more healing landscape.

The right swing can provide years of relaxation with the warmth and beauty of wood bringing a calming outlook. Best of all, these sturdy timber frame arbor and trellis kits can hold are built to last!

trellis swing shade

Tip #17 — Trellis Swing

Because a trellis usually consists of two supporting posts or a line of posts, it is easy to overlook a trellis as the base and support of kinetic objects, e.g. bench swing, bed, table or bell.

Trellises can also be easily fashioned with a bench swing or swings for a sleek, unique look. These swings are an incredibly sturdy structure that will not rock with the wind or a swing.

Read more about wind ratings here: The Question We Get Asked Most Often.

Tip #18  — Add Another Swing

swing arbor plan

Stretch it out, as in this arbor plan, with an additional swing — twice the fun!

playground-timber frame kit

On this ShadeScape® play set a trellis has a row of three swings.

Tip #19  — Swimming Pool Swinging Rope

If you really want fun in a pool, nothing is better than a rope swing! Kids live swinging through the air like Tarzan and splashing into the pool.


Build Your Own Swimming Pool Trellises

ShadeScape® Poolside Trellis With Integrated Lights #PoolTrellis

ShadeScape® Poolside Trellis With Integrated Lights #PoolTrellis

Finding the right poolside shade might not always seem that easy, however, trellises are ideal. Surprising though it may be, trellises can provide quite a lot of shade while taking up very little space. Installing your own poolside trellis will make life a lot easier than hanging onto portable pool shade covers that get blown and broken down in the wind.

Tip #20  — Adventurous & Artistic Arbors Ideas

diving pavilion deck waterfall
pavilion deck waterfall diving platform
trellis arbor

We have many genius ShadeScape® owners who knew just what they were looking for. Above, is an example — a ShadeScape® pergola/diving platform kit with a built-in waterfall. We really enjoy the artistic and adventurous clients who display that zest for life in planning their personalized arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, pergola, or trellis kits.

fish pond pergola

Shadescape® fish pond

Shadescape® School Bell

Our ShadeScape® shelters have been built to house fish aquariums, bridges, ponds, sculptures, bells, and other works of art clients wanted to especially showcase.

Build Your Barriers, Borders & Boundaries

arbor trellis landscape
trellis wall boundary

The border outlines the property, the real or artificial line that separates your landscape from that of next-door resident or real estate. Boundaries separate, dividing or enclosing areas for specific purposes or guides.

Borders, barriers, and boundaries include forms such as lines, curves, mass, and color. Trellising within a landscape transforms a space and creates a unique experience. Keep nature in mind and the existing colors and composition. Trellising a premise will be reflective of your creativity and style.

Open style trellises give the experience of a boundary keeping a free and open view.

inverse radius roof trellis

Curves are always an eye-pleasing, as well as an elegant way to create a designated outdoor living room.

Or…go full circle. As you can see, trellises give you so much artistic license!

octagonal fire pit trellis
L shaped trellis

On this ShadeScape® trellis plan the roof of the trellis interprets a border.

Trellises specify landscaping zones — dividing a lawn from a driveway or a view to your patio. Most people use trellises with a dual purpose. The lines a trellis makes throughout the property act much like a wall in a home does. With a real or psychological barrier, it creates new edges and borders that can be terraced or put in raised beds and such — basically anything fashioned for borders.

If arbors are set in unison, it does the same as a trellis — formalizing and consigning spaces. Timber frame arbors and trellises give so many opportunities to change the layout of a space. By working with the effects, a cleverly attached arbor or a series of staggered trellises could narrow or widen a side yard — direct the path one would walk — and where one’s eyes fall.

garden arbors

With some creativity, perhaps some potted plants or vines, your trellis will turn a city terrace or urban space into a garden, rather than barren rooftop. A city garden with timber trellises gives quick coverage and conceals the view of unsightly walls or buildings.

Tip #21 — Embellish With Your Personality & Interests

Latticed trellises are fantastic for screening or concealing wherever it is needed. It is also an excellent structure to adhere to or enhance with memorabilia, artifacts or pieces that bring you everyday delight.

diy trellis plan with 40 ft privacy wall

For those of us who constantly feel the need to change the living room furniture around, desiring constant environment makeovers, an outdoor structure such as a timber frame pergola, pavilion, arbor, gazebo or swing can be an exciting foundation for celebrating life and splashing new rainbows of color and textures of change very easily. The timber frame is great for attaching decorations for special occasions, events, and holidays.

christmas lights pergola

If you delight in antiques, a timber frame outdoor trellis makes an excellent backdrop. Instill a nostalgic reminiscence feel by placing some signature pieces around with some splash of wildflowers. Bring on the pleasant scents of flowers and herbs and surround yourself in an aromatic retreat. Draw in some geometric patterns and stimulating textures. Put up curtains, hang wind chimes, potted plants with dynamic shapes. Build it to please your personality and interests.

Build Your Own Garden Trellis

arbor trellis

The garden is the perfect canvas for trellises to paint in interest, add richness while giving wind protection. Garden trellises are timeless — even a small trellis delightfully enhances a humble garden. A garden trellis is also a problem-solver. It hides an adjacent building or unattractive view — is a foundation for vines and vertical gardening.

Tip #22 — Up, Over & Around

contemporary style arbor kits

The customary usage of garden trellises is for vertical gardening. With some creative imagination, plan your garden to sculpt in some beautiful geometric patterns. Also, design your trellises with your plants in mind. For shade or sun-loving plants, it provides as much shade or sunlight you want and is all in the design and location.

Build Your Own Garden Arbor

Inspire your colorful foliage, ruffled leaves and other horticulture lovelies with a garden arbor. Garden arbors are not particularly designed for vertical gardening but it easily can be. Simply install lattices or potted walls. Like the garden trellis, an arbor gives shade — more especially overhead shelter for plants that need some protection from the sun.

Bonus Tip! — Repurpose Your Space

bench swing arbor pergola

A garden is for more than growing vegetables — put a swing arbor in your garden. Studies have shown that getting your hands in the dirt increases happiness, reduces stress and is good for your health.

Life — they say — began in a garden and it is the perfect place for the soul. Add a timber frame covered bench, an arbor or trellis swing and feel the warmth of nature’s solid wood timbers connecting you with the earth —beyond pulling weeds and watering.

Install a trellis for a backdrop to a work of art, an arbor bench seat, bed, table or swing into some previously unremarkable area and it will turn a garden to be admired, to double as a cozy reading corner, chess or mini pickleball table, or any other activity your family enjoys. Hang a punching bag… paint a hopscotch pad…encourage mind and body exercise.

Life is movement. Invite animation and motion. Liveliness could also come from the subtle effect of birdhouses. Provide for the birds and bring some music to a rediscovered patch of earth. The oscillation of a water fountain would help drown out sounds while acting as a natural humidifier. Interacting not only instills a sense of care and value throughout the property as a whole but it strengthens our vital connection to the earth and childlike love for the outdoors.

Give a destination targeted expectations with dual-purpose.

Commercial Arbors & Trellises

ShadeScape® Radius Trellis Kit

At Western Timber Frame™ we customize for the uniqueness and expansion of businesses and recreational purposes. From beautiful timber entryways to massive shade shelters — we can do what will suit your needs.

Arbor and/or trellises offer a quick and ever so easy renovation, alteration, or addition to an existing storefront, or business setting without slowing down or detouring some business while under construction. ShadeScape® timber arbor and trellis shelters are a quick and durable solution that — as stated previously — can be installed in most cases, in as little as ONE Afternoon.

Build the Arbor You Always Wanted

Arbors and trellises are considered to be primarily on the smaller scale of all other architectural outdoor living structures. So, taking that into consideration, it is fantastic how much an arbor or trellis can do to frame or highlight even a goliath landscape.

ShadeScape® arbors and trellises are an easy and super-fast way to mold your ideas into reality.

Meet Your Design Manager

cabana design

A Design Manager can personalize your ideas to help you easily build the arbor you always wanted. Your Design Manager will make sure your preferred outdoor living needs are met with as much or as little help as you want.

No matter if your goals are simple or complex, your experience will be easy and straightforward. 

Your Design Manager will also ensure that the design is within your budget and time constraints. He will spearhead your project so that it is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide