• Deposit: Once deposit is placed the order it can then be processed. Typical processing time is about 3-4 weeks. (Always give a range of time unless the job requires a set deadline to meet.)

• Balance due: Final balance due once the product is completed and ready for shipping. We do not ship product that has not been paid for. For installations, the balance is due upon installation. Client can give a check to the installation foreman or pay for balance with credit card on file (or they may express to have the balance on a different card). If client is not going to be home they can leave a check with foreman, pay with credit card once they are home and inspect project, or send check next day after inspection.


• Material used: We use a #1 appearance grade, rough sawn timber for all our kits. Although we reject some timbers that may have major flaws we must also recognize that this is natural rough sawn timber which has some checking, chipping on corners and other inconstancies which may be considered “not perfect”. We must realize that these kits are not made from man made materials, which have no flaws. Please also keep in mind that from the time the timbers are manufactured until the time they are shipped and installed there may be some natural warping already started. Most warping can be adjusted with and throughout the installation process by fastening the timbers as illustrated in our installation manuals.
• Shipping: Because our timber kits are up to 1,000’s of pounds we have to load the kits on semi trucks with a forklift, therefore a forklift would be required to unload the kit at the final destination. If you do not have a forklift, please check with your Design Manager to see if there is an option to have the kit delivered right to your home. This option may require additional “home delivery” fees and may require that you have a couple of people be present for the delivery to hand unload the semi-trailer. (We do not pass this additional “home delivery” fee along to client. This as an additional “benefit” VIP service for our clients – all part of the Western Timber Frame™ experience.)
• Shipping waiver: Western Timber Frame™ cannot be held responsible for third party shipping delays, damage, additional labor or subcontracting fees, or other upsets caused by sub contracted shipping carriers.

• Shipping damage: Often times our kits, once loaded on semi-trailers, are shipped to one or more various shipping terminals for transfers. Due to the additional handling, damage may occur as a result of loading and reloading of the kits. If your kit arrives in a damaged condition we recommend that you accept the package and write, “damaged” on the signature slip. We then recommend that, once home, you layout the kit parts and assess what parts, if any, are missing. Send Western Timber Frame™ the parts that are missing or damaged along with pictures of damaged pieces and we will get the replacement parts coming right away. If customer is having kit shipped to a dock with a forklift they may want to consider having 1-2 helpers anyway in case the package is damaged to help unload.
• Site prep: Please see “site prep” doc for additional details on how to prepare the installation area for your kit.
• Confirmations: We need a confirmation day on when client will have debris or material removed before installation (if applicable), such as old decks, concrete patio poured, or other items that may prohibit the installation of the kit.
• Touch up: Average touch up may take up to 2-4 hours. It may be shorter, but shouldn’t extend much beyond this time frame. Extra time may be required if scuffing occurred during shipping or installation (even sliding the timbers across each other or across the ground may incur scuffing and scrapes that will require touch-up staining).
• Re-staining the timbers: We recommend re-staining your timbers 6-9 months after installation to give a good, solid base coat of stain. After this second coating you shouldn’t have to re-stain for several years down the road. You can purchase additional stain directly from the manufacturer or request the formula of the stain to purchase elsewhere.
• Sap: After installation of the timber kit the wood will begin to dry and thereby release sap. We recommend being careful putting patio furniture under the pergola kits until sap is no longer an issue. If sap does get on patio or other furniture we recommend using goo-gone (or other similar type products) for removal.
• Checking: After the kit is assembled there is a period of time for acclimation. During this process the timbers will acclimatize to the altitude, weather, humidity etc. The timbers will appear to crack. This process is completely normal industry wide, and even has a technical term for it; checking. You will see some “unstained” areas under the surface begin to show. Again this is completely normal and will be fixed if you touch up with stain or wait until you re-stain your kit the following season.(See “checking” document for “typical” checking on timbers.)
• Natural Stain: If customer chooses “natural stain”, inform them that it may appear non-stained because it is colorless. There may some darker/grayer spots due to the inconsistency of the timber density. Natural stain also does not cover as many of the natural flaws the timber has.
• Warranty: Warranty card must be filled out and sent in to Western Timber Frame™ within 30 days after installation.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide