Unplug from most of the world
For a real staycation you have to step back from whatever consumes most of your time such as work, social media or volunteering. You can let people know you will be away, take time off work, and set up an automatic e-mail reply, etc.Set a planned goal
A staycation can be a time to do things you haven’t had time for. Pick a project or hobby such as adding to you backyard landscape or spending time as a family swimming while teaching someone younger how to swim. If you are doing a big project plan some fun activities to enjoy together with relaxing time in between so it is actually a vacation and not a work project to recover from.

Eating Out Some
If you are not spending money on hotels and transportation it is easier to afford eating out some. You might try a restaurant you have never been to before.Plan some activities
Sometimes a vacation can be literally in your own home or backyard, a barbecue with family or an outdoor movie and games.

A visit to a local pool, water park, or picnic in a park. Not all activities have to cost money such as a hike or games in a field or meadow.

Find Good Deals
Look for group deals or coupons for activities or dining on websites.Tour your own town
Hotels and local visitor centers with coupon books and pamphlets can give you a wealth of information and ideas for local activities and attractions.

Change the routine
Relax and be comfortable, such as sleeping in, eat breakfast in bed or watch a movie late, whatever feels like “letting your hair down”. Any activities that are a break from your normal routine can be refreshing to the mind. Try something new or something you have enjoyed in the past such as paddle boat rentals, horseback riding, local theatrical plays, mountain slides, tennis court, biking, ropes courses, or if you are adventurous, a bungy trampoline.

Booking a room in a city close and enjoying the local attractions by can be a vacation without the expense of traveling far.


However you choose to spend your family staycation the most important thing is making the most of your time and enjoying a mental and physical break with those you love.

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide