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The Sun powers all life processes on earth and is one of the most important blessings in nature. Nature’s full spectrum light has immeasurable benefits that are awe-inspiring, astonishing —and ofttimes ‘jaw-dropping.’ Life-changing phenomenons are continuously occurring within you and all around you.

One example of the innumerable inspirational wonders created by this heavenly light can be found in your eyes:

How in the world does sunlight enter the eye muscles and nerves to produce a two-dimensional image?

Next, the marvelous brain interprets two flat pictures —sun-delivered through the eye— compares the differences, builds a 3-D image and instantly creates the illusion of depth.

Vision is truly a miracle and only made possible with sunlight.

Now, that is jaw-dropping!

40 Benefits of a Fresh-Air Life with Sunlight

Can I get Vitamin D indoors sitting by a sunny window?

Pavilion KitNo. The body and brain functions like solar-powered batteries which run down when there is not enough natural sunlight.

Your body will not make vitamin D from rays filtered through a window. Typical window glass will filter out the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays, the crucial ones your body needs.

It is also important to note that metal oxides found in sunscreen lotions prevent healing UVB rays from being absorbed by molecules near the surface of the skin.

1. The Rays of the Sun Cleans Drinking Water
UV light is known to inactivate viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogens and is even used to clean drinking water.

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Solar disinfection (SODIS) is filling clear plastic soda bottles with water and then exposing it to sunlight for several hours. This technique reduces the viruses, bacteria and parasitic pathogens in water. More than 2-million people in 28 third-world nations use the Sun with this process daily to purify their drinking water.

2. The Sun Initiates Removal of Toxic Waste From the Body
Cellphones, computers, televisions, pesticides, air fresheners, and food additives are just a few on the roster of common household products that contain toxic chemicals harmful to our bodies.

sunshine vitamin d sleep helps body to heal

The Sun is good news. During deep sleep while the neocortex neurons of the brain rest in silence the body removes toxic waste products to restore the body and brain. Sunlight plays the central role in the restorative deep sleep stage.

We need vitamin D (the vitamin D we get directly from the Sun) to synthesize a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the chief neurotransmitter that dilates blood vessels, contracts muscles, and slows the heart rate. It is the chemical messenger necessary for reaching REM, the deep sleep stage.

As a specialist in the diseases of the brain; which include stroke, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS) and Parkinson’s disease, the famous neurologist, Dr. Stasha C. Gominak, MD says, “Stages of deep sleep is where you can actually repair the body and remake things that have been injured.”

Dr. Gominak explains this paralyzing state of deep sleep as a time to restore the heart, mind, and body as,  “Well, you can’t fix a pump when it’s pumping. You turn it off and you open it up, and then you fix things inside it.”

In reality, Vitamin D derived from sunshine functions as a hormone and is NOT a vitamin.  The proper word would be the D “hormone.” This healing hormone is not found in food but is created with synthesized skin and sunshine.

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3. Sunlight Vitamin D Repairs DNA
Lack of sunlight means lower levels of the important photolyase enzyme. The photolyase enzyme binds pyrimidine dimer lesions and chromophore molecules which converts light energy into chemical energy. These are the chemical energies that heal damaged DNA and guard against mutated cancer cells. Timber Pavilion Kit

4. Experience a Clearer Mind with Doses of Sunlight
Serotonin is the primary hormone that stabilizes your feelings of well-being and happiness helping you to focus and to think clearer.

5. Faster Healing with Natural Sunlight
Your body heals faster with sunshine. and sunshine it needs. Indonesia conducted a study of exposure to sunlight on Covid-19 patients and saw an increase of recovery rates. In fact, natural sunlight speeds up the recovery time better than artificial light. Timber Pavilion Kit

6. Sunshine Can Trim Your Waist Line
Tendencies to gain weight through the winter holidays can be due in part to a lack of sunshine intake. The sunshine Vitamin D hormone levels fluctuate seasonally. Not enough natural light produces changes in the microbiome of the intestines; which promotes weight gain in the wintertime. Sunlight can manipulate the body to reduce body fat and shed extra pounds. Light frequencies control the amount of vitamin A in the eye. Every option in the body is tied to retinol —to vitamin A. There is nothing in the human body that is not tied to retinol. Vitamin A deficiency and obesity go hand in hand. Blue light is what makes people fat. Timber Pavilion Kit

7. Sunlight Lowers Blood Pressure
Reports from the ADA is that over 100 million Americans have hypertension —high blood pressure. According to scientists from the Edinburgh University, UV light encourages the production of nictric oxide —a pressure-reducing compound— which significantly lowers blood pressure levels Vitamin D from Sunlight reduces hypertension, heart attack, stroke and atherosclerotic heart disease. Timber Pavilion Kit

8. Sunlight Energizes Infection Fighting T cells
Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center discovered that sunlight, through a system independent than that of vitamin D production, energizes T cells that synthesize in the immunity process. Sunlight creates hydrogen peroxide in T cells; which causes the cells to move in an immune response to the area of infect. Timber Pavilion Kit

9. Sunlight Improves Your Memory
Are you always forgetting things? Scientist at the Beijing University of Science and Technology discovered that exposure to UV light creates a novel glutamate bio-synthetic pathway inside of the brain which enhances cognitive functions and improves memory. Timber Pavilion Kit

10. Natural Light Boosts Your Creativity
Environment plays a crucial role in how we think and behave. Interacting in the outdoors improves our prefrontal cortex-mediated for better attention. Nature has restorative effects and without distracting information. With natural light people are able to focus with higher levels of engagement and creative imagination. Sunlight helps you to be alert in mental and physical tasks.Timber Pavilion Kit

11. Sunlight Vitamin D Improves Eyesight
The eye has what is called the vitreous EDI. The vitreous EDI is composed of water, collagen, and hyaluronic acid and occupies 80% of the volume of the eye. The EDI is a unique substance not found anywhere else in the body. The job of the vitreous EDI is to slow light down before reaching the retina. In physics, E equals MC squared, anytime light slows down matter is created. Ponder on the beauty of this for a moment. Through the light we receive through our eyes we are being recreated with new life every day.

Other than the skin, the eyes are the only major organs of the human body laid bare to sunlight. Using the light of the Sun, the eyeballs (corneal epithelium) are the fastest healing organ in the body! The eyes are the perfect place to start on a wellness journey by spending time with family in the outdoors.

Along with all its’ miraculous properties, the Sun provides relatable symbolism and meaning metaphorically for life lessons:

The Sun comes up over the horizon in the morning and then you experience the glory of a spectacular sunset at the end of the day —and even on the darkest night— you know the Sun will rise again.

12. Sun Vitamin D is Required to Absorb Calcium into the Blood
Vitamin D from the Sun is required to absorb calcium from the gut into the bloodstream.

13. Time in the Sun Makes You Smarter
In addition, sunlight makes you smarter. A study published in the Journal of Human Resources noted that students performed better on tests that got additional daily sunlight. Electrophysiology experiments have shown UV-activation increases glutamate; which does increase brain activity, cognition, and brain development.

14. Sunlight Vitamin D Elevates Your Mood
Our mood is the most effected by sunshine or the lack of it. Sunlight increases serotonin, the “happiness hormone” that is linked to our prevailing emotional tone. Higher levels of serotonin correlate with a happier disposition, calmness, and satisfaction. Sunlight is a natural antidepressant.

15. Sunlight Vitamin D Promotes Bone Growth
Vitamin D regulates calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood promoting the absorption of calcium in the small intestines. In turn calcium makes stronger, denser bones. helping to prevent tooth decay. Exposure to the rays of the Sun light also lowers the possibility of osteoporosis, osteomalacia and rickets.

16. The Sunshine Vitamin Helps Prevent Cavities
A direct benefit of vitamin D is its ability to facilitate calcium absorption. Your body does not produce calcium naturally; it must be ingested through your diet, and vitamin D allows your body to absorb and metabolize the mineral. Together, vitamin D and calcium work with other nutrients to ensure that your mouth remains fully functional. Calcium makes your bones denser and stronger fortifying your jawbone and safeguards against tooth decay.

17. Sunlight is a Good Disinfectant
Light from the Sun enhances the immune system, increasing the white blood cell count in the body. The more white blood cells we have the better ability the body has to destroy bad germs. Sunlight doesn’t just kill germs in the body —published in the journal Microbiome— researchers at the University of Oregon did a study and what they found surprised them. Rooms that are exposed to daylight have fewer germs. In fact, their study confirmed that rooms with additional daylight had about half the viable bacteria (able to grow), compared to dark rooms. But then, they are only proving what our grandmothers already knew.

18. Sunlight Increases Oxygen in the Blood & Efficient Blood Circulation
The light rays of the sun also produces an increase of red blood cells; which in turn increasing the oxygen in our blood and how well our body can circulate it efficiently.

19. Sunlight for Clearing Skin Diseases
Sunlight also has the ability to clear up some types of skin disease such as acne, athletes foot, eczema and psoriasis.

Did You Know You Can Still Get Sunburned on a Cloudy Day?

On a white cloudy day there can be as much as 90 percent of the Sun’s light shining through. But even on a dark cloudy day about 32 percent of the Suns’ rays still shine through. It is worth going outdoors to get your daily doses of Vitamin D.

20. The Sunshine Vitamin D Gives You Quality Sleep
Exposure to daylight improves melatonin the body will produce at night. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, that lowers stress, synchronizes the biological clock, and has a wide range of effects on the brain. Lack of a good nights sleep increases the risk of your physical and mental well-being.

Clinical research on Alzheimer’s has shown patients who received sun throughout the day had better scores on mental exams and saw improvements which were attributed to better regular circadian rhythms.

21. Relieves Some PMS Symptoms
The lack of sunlight results in low serotonin and dopamine. It also loses some of the body’s ability to fight off inflammation. Sunshine assists the body to increase follicle stimulating hormone (FHS), the hormone helping to regulate the reproductive processes of the body. Sunlight tends to balance hormones relieving some of the symptoms of PMS.

22. Sunlight Linked to Living Longer
Sunlight is linked to longevity. A 20 year study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine monitored 30,000 Swedish women. They concluded that those who spent additional time in the Sun lived longer than those who had less sunlight.

23. The Proportion of Sun Exposure Makes You Unique
Years of sunshine Vitamin D hormone deficiency can permanently alter the intestinal microbiome ecosysytem; which consists of four major phyla: Actinobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Firmicutes and Proteobacteria, To function properly, we give the phyla sunshine through our skin and they in turn make Vitamin B5 and other Bs. Every person has a unique gut microbiota. Microbiota are communities of microorganisms with specific functions, hosting. No one else has a microbiota that is exactly like yours.

24. Sun Exposure Lowers the Risk of Cancers
The Environmental Health Perspectives Journal published a study saying adequate amounts of sunlight have also been correlated to have a protective effect against cancers including: colon, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate: as well as non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Exposure to the Sun may protect against Melanoma according to a study published by the Lancet Journal. Dr. Michael Holick MD and PhD, author of The Vitamin D Solution has been doing research on the effects of Vitamin D for over 40 years and says that Vitamin D3 improves the immune system preventing many types of chronic diseases and believes it has the potential of cutting cancer cases in half.

25. Sunlight Destroys Mites on Skin
The Suns’ ultra violet rays destroy bacteria, viruses, including colds and flu while working as a natural antiseptic to destroy mites that live on the skin.

26. The Sunshine Vitamin Lowers Rate of Infection After Surgery
Sunlight turns on the body’s ability to survey cells and signal, and beefs up the immune system. Studies have shown that it reduces cancer, the rate of infections and mortality after surgery.

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27. Vitamin D Makes You Happier
Sunlight boosts our body physically and makes us happier by increasing the amount of endorphins and serotonin in the body.

28. The Vitamin D Hormone Assists Break Down of Food
When we shift our exposure to sunlight by sleeping during the day and staying awake at night working under artificial lights, it disrupts the metabolism of the whole body. It affects chemicals in the brain, how effective the immune system is, our moods, weight, energy, and how well food gets broken down.

29. Sunlight Aids In Protection Against Influenza
Sunlight helps protect against influenza and fights all kinds of infections.

30. Sunlight Boosts Energy Levels
The Sun energizes and empowers the body. One third of the human body’s electrons comes from the intake of food and two-thirds of the electrons is derived from sunlight.

31. Exposure to Sun Vitamin D Lessens Pain
Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with increased pain and higher opioid doses. Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory effects in the body. Many studies have shown that cases of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are misdiagnosed vitamin D deficiency cases.

32. Sunlight Regulates the Function of Cells
The DNA of plants is filled with small physical units of light in the form of biophotons. The more sunlight a plant stores, the better nutrition it provides for our bodies to eat. Light regulates functions of cells and other vital life processes.

33. Sunlight Defends Against Diseases
Sun vitamin D is a potent immune adulator to prevent autoimmune diseases such as MS and inflammatory bowel disease.

34. The Sun Supports Life-Giving Oxygen
Without the Sun you would not breathe. Heat energy from the Sun warms our atmosphere and generates our weather patterns, and gives energy to plants for life giving oxygen.

35. Sun Grows the Food You Eat
“Everything is light. We have been driving biology the wrong way. The Sun is food as all food is created by photosynthesis, an electromagnetic barcode of sunlight.” — Dr. Jack Kruse, Member of the Congress of Neurologic Surgeons, the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, and Age Management Medicine Group.

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36. Sunlight Re-Engineers the Brain
As the eyes transmit programming light into the brain it is breathtaking to consider the magnificent operations of our malleable brain. You have the ability to veritably re-engineer your brain. The key is in making new connections and light helps the brain to do that.Shade Pavilion

37. The Sun Powers Electricity
The light rays of the Sun can be converted into electricity with solar cells. Solar cells are used to power and charge many things such as: calculators, cell phones, dryers, cookers, fans, furnaces, street lights, traffic lights, flashlights, refrigerators, balloons, boats, cars, buses, and more. Other ways the Sun’s power has been harnessed by commercial-scale plants that generate electricity whenever it is needed is with sun tracking mirrors that reflect the sunlight into a tank of molten salt. And MIT has developed a new material with graphite flakes and carbon foam that generates energy from the steam created by the heat of the Sun.Shade Pavilion

38. The Sun Reduces Migraines
The bright light of the Sun may not feel good if you have a migraine but regularly avoiding the Suns’ rays may contribute to the development of headaches. Low levels of vitamin D produced by your body when exposed to sunlight are shown to cause migraines and other types of headaches.

39: Our Sun Influences the Weather & Other Planets
The Suns’ gravitational pull holds the our planet in orbit. It radiates light and heat, or solar energy, which makes it possible for life to exist on Earth. Without the Sun there would be no ocean currents, winds, or clouds to transport water. The Sun doesn’t just influence our world but also other planets and bodies in the Solar System. Note: Over one million Earth’s could fit inside the Sun.Shade Pavilion

40: The Sun’s Perfect Proximity for Life to Exist
The abundant energy delivered by the Sun to our planet is only possible because of its right spot (neither too close nor too far) to form life on earth. The hydrologic cycle (origin, distribution, and properties of water) on earth only works because of the exact proximity of the Sun to our globe.Shade Pavilion

BONUS: Sunshine is Good for the Soul
In the similitude of the earth, the human body is wild and in need of care, turbulent and lively, seasonal and incredibly beautiful. The soul like the Sun that illuminates all the corners of the earth is the shining bright and Divine light of our being —regarded as immortal— that animates us.

The Sun Vitamin D initiates positive reactions for physical body and rejuvenates the spirit. In many mythological, philosophical, and religious beliefs, the soul is the essence of a living being —the spiritual side.Shade Pavilion

Live a Fresh Air Life Year Round

winter pergola tv kit

For many Americas it has become culturally acceptable to spend the majority of our time indoors, especially when the weather is cold because of this gloomy “wintertime mind-set.”

Back in November of 2020, president elect Joe Biden warned there would be “a very dark winter” —referring to the coronavirus— not the weather. News headlines predicted that the winter months were “going to be just horrible.” DIY Pavilion

In many countries colder weather is ingrained in their culture as a special time of year full of contentment, happiness and togetherness, In the Nordic, sub-Arctic regions such as Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden —they view winter as an enjoyable sense of coziness, not something to endure.Timber Pavilion

When someone from the Nordic is asked why no one seems to experience seasonal depression the common answer is, “Why would we?” Their mindset makes all the difference: A person may not have adequate clothing but there is no such a thing as bad weather.

Changing how we respond —or mentally re-framing— cold wintry days the easier it is to spend time in the winter sunlight. One simple way to increase your exposure to the Sun would be to take your lunch break outdoors. With additional sunlight you you will become creative in finding ways to take in sunlight every day.

Many respectable scientists, sociologists, doctors, and mental health experts suggest that when people do not get out in the natural world and play, it doesn’t only affect their individual well being, it also affects society as a whole in how they interact and influence each other. Nature is a tool. Nature influences people and people who spend adequate time in nature can increase their ability to construct new ideas and produce happier thoughts. Timber Frame Pavilion Kit

In another publicized study, researchers reported that not having enough exposure to the Sun carries a serious risk for death – comparable to physical inactivity, smoking, and obesity.

Today, in a society burnt-out from spending most of its free time on computers, smartphones, and T.V.s it has become in many cases, a vital need to energize, heal, and bring people closer together. Rather than identifying with the culture behaviors, patterns, and practices, go out in the natural sunlight, purposefully, every day.  When you “mentally slow down” with nature it can change your life. Timber Pavilion Shade Cover

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Here at Western Timber Frame™ we believe in bringing families together and that fresh air and sunshine is a necessity to life. Internalizing the nutrients from sunlight and fresh air supports people to stay motivated and focused with purpose and meaning. Viewing science behind the need for sunshine and oxygenated air reminds us that it is not a luxury. It is imperative. #EasyDIYPergolaKit Outdoor Living Shade Shelter

It is only within quite recent times that the question of utilizing the Suns’ rays for the purpose of the prevention or cure of disease, or other objects of health, has been seriously considered and practically applied. Like most of the greatest things in life, the very simplicity and obviousness of the method – at any rate the principle of it – seems to have concealed the secret. It is the obvious things that invariably escapes our notice. In our moments of idealism, we talk of “hitching our wagon to a star.” May we not, in a more prosaic and material spirit, harness our bodies to the Sun?
Sunlight and Health, Edward J. Deck

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