Create Your Own Wedding Arbor

valentines pergola for wedding center

Create a truly unique wedding arbor, chuppah or mandap that is right for you.

Your wedding day, there are so few days that are as sentimental or more beautiful than your wedding day. A timber frame arbor creates an impactful and elegant composition creating an obvious focal point for the bride and groom. The solid wood timbers are extremely easy and fun to adhere and attach with wedding decor.


Douglas-Fir ShadeScape® Wedding Arbor w/Natural Finish

Timber frame ShadeScape® wedding arbors, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are impressive architectural masterpieces enjoyed long after the ceremonies are over.

ShadeScape® wedding arbors are timeless by design and will last for generations.

Enjoy For Years To Come

In all reality, your future great-great-grandchildren could be married beneath the same wedding arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola they played under as kids.

hipped roof cabana
birthday pavilion

For an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding Event

ShadeScape® pergola or pavilion kits are at times, set up for temporary – in indoors and outdoors wedding settings – and then at a later date, installed to its permanent location.

ShadeScape® Wedding Arbor Kits Can Be Placed Temporarily or Permanently Installed

Wedding decorated pergola

ShadeScape® Pergola Kit for Wedding Cake Display

We help you design and build your Wedding Arbor kit,
from Concept to Creation

Arched Tiered Roof Pergola

Tiered Arch Roof ShadeScape® Wedding Pergola Kit

Express your deepest love with a custom-created arbor
for the wedding of your dreams!

Whether you are designing an arbor to exacting specifications, or simply sketching an idea on paper, we are here to craft your perfect wedding arbor, chuppah or mandap within your ideal budget.


In working with Western Timber Frame™, we strive to make your experience enjoyable and stress-free by guiding you at every stage. From design to finish, we have you covered with as much or as little help as you like.


• We help you design and build your Wedding Arbor kit, from Concept to Creation
• Wedding Arbor, Chuppah or Mandap Kits are Manufactured to Your Specs
• See Your Dreams As a Reality With 3D Renderings of Your Wedding Arbor
• TimberVolt® power posts give you readily available power for your wedding
• Custom Posts for Wedding Arbors, Chuppahs or Mandaps
• Cantilever Roof extending protection – gives more room
• Wedding arbor color choices
• Adding Visual Interest to Your Wedding Arbor
• Multi-Stain and Decorative Designs
• Wedding Arbor Swings
• Wedding Bar Stations
• Gabled Roof Wedding Pavilions
• Triple Posts Designs
• Hipped Roof Wedding Pavilions

First, determine which of these 3 option points in the process of creating a truly unique wedding arbor that best describes you.

timber framed gazebo bridesmaids
bride groom cake gazebo

OPTION 1 – You Already Have The Perfect Wedding Arbor Design In Mind: This is the right choice if you already have a clear vision of how your arbor, chuppah or mandap will be used and are certain of what type, style, size of ShadeScape® kit you will need. You may or may not need help getting engineering and HOA approval but would now like to move forward to complete your wedding arbor design idea. 

trellis plan

You already have an exact vision of what you are looking for. Building a Reception or Wedding Arbor, Chuppah or Mandap with Western Timber Frame is a simple process you can do in person, over the phone, or via email. We work one-on-one with you to make sketches and finalize your ideas by creating a 3D rendering of your wedding arbor, chuppah, gazebo, mandap, pavilion, pergola, and or trellis. Total turn around time to delivery is about two weeks. In our busy season, it can be as long as three weeks.

– Select your design, style, size, and color.

– Call or Chat with a Design Manager

mr mrs wedding pergola

OPTION 2 – You Know What You Want But Aren’t Sure How To Pull It Altogether: This is the right choice if you know what you want but are not sure of the exact size, how to measure, and other important details. You would like more information and still have a few questions. For example:

Would it be best with an open, louvered, or closed roof at this location?
What size of timbers would best complement the space we have chosen?
How can I get HOA and engineering approved?

Building a Wedding or Reception Arbor, Chuppah or Mandap with Western Timber Frame™ is a simple process you can do in person, over the phone, or via email. 

gazebo plan for david

Traditional Style ShadeScape® Trellis Plan

Your Designer will guide you step-by-step from planning, measuring your yard, and getting your kit, built and shipped.  Our Design Managers are experts in wedding scapes and outdoor living environments. They work for you to help you create a truly personal and inviting reception area or wedding setting that fits your needs and your budget. Total turn around time to delivery is about two weeks. In our busy season, it can be as long as three weeks. 

– List the things you need finalized or have questions on.

– Call or Chat with a Design Manager

OPTION 3 – You Want Some Help Getting Started: This is the right choice if… you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for but are open to ideas. 

Our gallery is filled with thousands of kits in various styles, sizes, and characteristics to help you glean some ideas in displaying your new arbor beautifully. We have a pergola, pavilion, gazebo, and arbor page that shows options for size, style, and colors to get you started. Each ShadeScape Wedding Arbor, Gazebo, Pavilion, Pergola, or Trellis kit is custom for your needs and your backyard.

Our Design Managers are experts in wedding scapes and outdoor living environments. They work for you to help you create a truly personal wedding or reception structure based on your needs. They’ll listen to you, and in turn, ask you questions to help you create a truly inviting reception area or wedding setting that fits your needs and your budget. This whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes. 

diy arbor plan

Traditional Style ShadeScape® Trellis Plan

Work with our team of expert consultants, designers, and craftsmen to create the ring that will be completely original. Building a Wedding or Reception Arbor with Western Timber Frame™ is a simple process you can do in person, over the phone, or via email.

– Our gallery has thousands of ideas. See the process and why it is so fast and easy to build your own wedding arbor here.

– Call or Chat with a Design Manager

Of the thousands of ideas, you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, that is the beauty of a ShadeScape® shelter. You can discuss your ideas and how you envision your wedding arbor to be with a Design Manager. Our Design Managers know the industry and with your suggestions, they can pull your project together.

arbor for wedding

Wedding Arbor ShadeScape® w/Lattice Plan

trellis for wedding

Wedding Trellis ShadeScape® Kit Plan

step tiered pergola

Wedding Step Tier ShadeScape® Kit Plan

sloped cantilever diy-pavilion plan

Wedding Bar ShadeScape® Kit Plan

If you have chosen option 2, but more particularly option 3, below are some additional wedding arbor ideas and benefits.

Several Ways ShadeScape® Structures Are Used for Wedding, Reception, and Special Events

reception center

Western Timber Frame™ 3D Rendering of an Outdoor ShadeScape® Wedding Reception Center

ShadeScape® wedding shelters range from a simple wedding reception backdrop to a full reception center. These are some of the ways our timber frame structures have been utilized for weddings:

• Chuppah Wedding Canopy
• Wedding Backdrop
• Photography Backdrop
• Wedding Cake Display
• Table Display
• Covered Dancing Area
• Entertainment Area
• Hanging Dessert Table
• Sofreh Aghd Spread Cover
• Wedding Chapel
• Wedding Vow Renewal Cover

• Outdoor Church
• Wedding Mandap
• Reception Center
• Covered Altar
• Scene Setter
• Exchange of Vows Canopy
• Outdoor Kitchen
• Wedding Swings
• Registry Canopy
• Gift Table
• Wedding Bar Station

Quick Glance Details for a ShadeScape® Wedding Arbor

pergola wedding sun

Virtually Eliminates All Unsightly Hardware

Each wedding arbor, chuppah, gazebo, mandap, pavilion, pergola, or wedding trellis comes complete with all hardware and post mounts needed for installation. Our unique assembly method allows the Timber pergola to have a sleek final appearance with no visible screws, lags, bolts, hangers or mechanical fasteners.


Wedding Swing

Quality trellis bench or garden swings are a beautiful way to add an interactive focal point into the landscape for the perfect wedding vibe.

Our ShadeScape® Series pergolas and arbors have grid pattern roofs where the rafters and top shade planks cross. This crossing pattern, along with the structural knee braces creates an incredibly sturdy structure that will not rock with the wind or a swing.

Integrated Power

timber frame pavilion with windows

Wedding lighting sets the mood and focus attention where it is necessary.

TimberVolt® power posts allow you to maximize your outdoor wedding time. For an indoor wedding, it is a convenient way to add more lighting via the indoor wedding arbor.

TimbeVolt® posts are pre-drilled through the entire shaft. Our pre-wiring options will save time and money by making it easy to bring power to your outdoor wedding event area. Your structure will be ready to use the moment you install it; no need to wait for someone to wire it up.

timbervolt post

We designed the new TimberVolt® power system specifically for outdoor wood arbors, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas. The TimberVolt® system is pre-drilled with a hole down the center of one post to accommodate all of your electrical and lighting needs. It is all concealed and out of sight and also offers protection from the elements with electrical boxes with covers installed. The TimberVolt® series eliminates conduits, nails, unsightly and unsafe exposed wires and reduces the cost of, or even prevents the need to hire an electrician.

You can add as many TimberVolt® posts as you need, and configure their locations as much as you like. The Dragon and Inferno models provide grid-free power in a self-contained unit. The Dragon and the Inferno models use GFI plugs to protect you and your equipment. Just connect the male plug to a generator, and you are ready to go.

Drilling for power is ideal for accommodating any outdoor electrical needs. Your electrician can also run wiring for network cables, cat-5 lines, or tv lines. You can use it to run water lines for taps and showers. It is all concealed and out of sight for protection from the elements to maximize your Family’s Backyard Living experience long after the wedding.

Drilling for power is ideal for accommodating any outdoor electrical needs.

The process of manufacturing a TimberVolt® electrical post requires the skill of an experienced Timberwright Craftsman and a 10-foot long drill bit to bore through the entire length of a heavy timber post. It is challenging to drill through the center of a 10-foot+ post, which makes this process is very time-consuming. We also prewire each post before we ship your kit.

Wedding Lattices

Lattices are the perfect way to add privacy, and they provide additional shade and wind protection. They also help to define boundaries and channel foot traffic. Lattice panels combined with a trellis, arbor, or pergola can help you take advantage of vertical space for making your wedding more beautiful with growing vines, hanging planters, and wall art.

A trellis used with a lattice panel also works well for adding additional privacy along the edges of your landscape.

Add Visual Interest to Your Wedding Arbor

Add visual interest with custom metal cladding tailored to fit your ShadeScape™ Arbor, Chuppah, Gazebo, Mandap, Pergola, or Pavilion posts.

TimberClad™ decorative steel hardware designs. This luxury decorative cladding is intended to be both breathtakingly beautiful and easy to install. Plus, unlike most decorative hardware, they can be attached after a timber kit is installed.

metal timberclad cladding

Multi-Stain & Decorative Design

Two-Tone or Multi Stain is very attractive on timber frame ShadeScape® shelters. On darker stained pavilions, it gives a lighter feel beneath to have a light or Natural stain finish beneath the roof overhead.

Gazebo Roof two tone
poolside pergola shade
sybrowsky wedding gazebo shadescape

Wedding Arbor Color Choices

Each individual is unique in their response to color, whether it is subconsciously or emotionally. Color can evoke a particular mood, speak a language not spoken in words. It can inspire us to experience joy, even awe combined with massive oversize timber shelters.

Western Timber Frame™ offers an array of beautiful stain colors for wedding arbors. We also do custom colors to match or contrast an existing structure.

wild olive stain

Wild Olive



beach sand

Beach Sand

black ebony


black ebony

Rich Sequoia

canyon grey

Canyon Grey



early american

Early American

rich cordoba

Rich Cordoba

rich cordoba


Clicking on a stain color icon will take you from this post to that stain color page.

Cantilever Roof for Wedding Arbors

A cantilevered roof is an attractive feature on a timber frame wedding arbor or pergola. While the added architectural look is pleasing, it also adds more shade with a smaller post footprint. This upgrade works well in tight areas; allowing you to get as much shade as possible. The cantilevered roof can also help you prevent obstructing a view by pulling your posts back and keeping the view of your landscape open.

cantilever roof timber frame pergola kit

Custom Posts for Wedding Arbors, Chuppahs or Mandaps

The posts on a ShadeScape® wedding arbor, chuppah, gazebo, mandap, pavilion, pergola, or trellis can be customized for a particular style or look.

timbervolt power pergola
shadescape pergola posts

Triple Posts Design

timber frame pavilion

With Western Timber Frame’s sturdy timbers, one post is more than enough to provide adequate support for each corner. For those who want a powerful look or special meaning, triple posts deliver. This upgrade is beautiful and unique for a stately wedding setting.

cedar rafters

Contemporary Style ShadeScape® Triple Post Pergola Plan

Hipped Roof Wedding Pavilion

A hipped roof is asymmetrical rectangular construction with two hips meeting at either end with four sloping uniform sides meeting at a single peak.

When the hip is equal on all four sides, it is sometimes called a pavilion roof or a pyramid roof. Where the adjacent sloping sides meet is the hip. The degree that the hipped roof slopes from the peak are the hips level. At the center of the hip roof is the king post showcasing the artisan crafted interlocking joinery.

Note: If desired, you can go even further with a cross-hipped roof. For more information, please speak to your Design Manager.

Gabled Roof Wedding Pavilion

hipped gabled roof cabana

Extra Pavilion gables help to define an entrance and create an open view showcasing your pavilion’s impressive trusses. They are also a great way to expand your pavilion with an additional wing.

Although, they are very beautiful, adding extra hips or gables typically cost more than most other upgrades. This is primarily due to the additional material used and the compound angles on the dovetails. A single small gable on a pavilion can use up to 40% more timber and it takes twice as long for our craftsmen to build. Furthermore, a hipped pavilion is nearly as complicated as a gazebo to cut out because of the multiple compound cuts and angled dovetails. However, given the extra cost, gables are still very popular for traditional weddings.

Wedding Bar

outdoor tv by pool

A timber frame or Tuscany style wedding bar makes an ideal drink serving-station or elevate high-traffic areas guaranteeing yourself some ultra-impressed guests.

timber frame shade scape

Western Timber Frame™ is honored to help you celebrate your solemn and special day with a wedding arbor personally designed for the both of you.

Couple marriage proposal by a fire pit