Luxury Cabana Living — Book, Rent or Easy Build Your Own

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The purpose of a cabana is to be sumptuously pampered. Imagine an exquisite resort-style cabana getaway —  reserved and available anytime — just for you. Timber frame ShadeScape® cabana kits are the elite in luxury protective living shelters serving numerous avenues for home, business, and recreational avenues. It is engineered with wood-to-wood connections and a state of the art design called The Dovetail Difference® — creating a shelter that is unsurpassed in strength and durability.    Cabanas Around the World Girl Relaxing Beneath ShadeScape® Cabana Kit Around the world, the word "cabana" can mean several things. Cabana is a capital city in Peru, a municipality in Cuba, Honduras and Spain; an ancient lake in South America, and an island off the coast of Portugal. It is also a brand of cigar, fast-food restaurant chain, passenger [...]

Wow! Husband Wife Install XLrg Outdoor Living Retreat

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Mike Jenson, the Design Manager for this outdoor living retreat said, "This is one of the largest projects I've been a part of. Bill, our ShadeScape® owner installed the metal roof himself and installed the entire project with him and his wife, Jennifer." They saw us at the Home & Garden Show in Sandy and loved the pergola and pavilion kits. Now, a few weeks later, look at what they were able to accomplish together: their own private backyard retreat. #FullWrapRoof • 2 large oversized pergolas • 1 attached pavilion • 2-tone ceiling • metal roof It isn’t just that there are three structures but it is all the extra details that were included, such as a FullWrap® roof. The end profile style wraps around the corners. It doesn’t take much more effort to install but because it looks like [...]

Should YOU or a PRO Install Your Gazebo, Pavilion, or Pergola?

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Congratulations! You’ve decided to do something that will dramatically change the appearance and use your landscape more efficiently: install a ShadeScape® shelter kit. One of your next decisions is whether to install the pergola kit yourself or to hire a professional to do it for you. Not everyone wants to install their own ShadeScape® pergola kit, but for those who do: they find it surprisingly satisfying. But if you are still wondering: Do I have to install the kit myself or can you do it for me? We are very happy to install your pergola for you, just give us a call. Many of our clients have installed a Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape® kit in one day! With very little carpentry skills, a few basic tools, and the help of a friend or two, your ShadeScape® kit can be [...]

What is the Difference Between Pergolas & Gazebos?

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Discover the beauty of architectural composition, diversities', purpose, and process of construction for pergolas and gazebos. You may never look at pergolas or gazebos quite the same again. Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. ~ John Muir 1838-1914 What is a Pergola? Archetypical Pergola Perception Pergolas are by design meant to provide the enjoyment of sunshine dappled with the comfort of shade. Commonly, the roofs are rafters supporting crossed over beams for latticed woodwork. The partially open roof is supported by colonnade-style with posts, pillars, or columns. . What is a Gazebo? Archetypical Gazebo Perception Gazebos tend to be more elaborate in style, often hexagonal, octagonal or round. Primarily, since the 19th century, [...]

Genius Minds are Born in Outdoor Living

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It happens to us all: passing lights, blaring noises, long day — your energy feels wagged out. When you feel spent, cultural conditioning may try and tempt you to stay in the house and be entertained with Netflix, a bowl of ice-cream or browsing in cyberspace.  There may be worse things you could succumb to but... ...you have a strict... ...'no deals with the devil policy.'  Instead you step outside, breathe in living air and touch the textured material we all feel at home with: warm organic wood.  The earth grounds us and calms us with its fragrance. Out-of-doors is where you find your rest, renewal and clarity; the heart of coming home. Outdoor natural environments contain significant secrets that lift more than the clouds of your mind; it recharges your mitochondrial batteries —  and it can even make [...]

Choosing The Perfect Paving To Pair With Your Pergola

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Guest Post by Kelsey at Primethorpe Paving A pergola can be the perfect way to add a final flourish to your garden that enables you to spend extra time in your yard, sheltered from the sun. We all love spending time outdoors and a pergola is a perfect way to make this more comfortable. So, you’ve got your customer-designed pergola picked out and ready to go, but it needs something to sit on. A paving slab base is an ideal alternative foundation for your pergola. They are decorative and varied – the paving slab you choose obviously has a huge effect on the look of the space. So how do you make sure you are making the right choice? Design Goals Have the Biggest Impact The largest impact on the best paving to [...]

Pavilions & Gazebos As You’ve Never Seen Them Before

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All-in-one ShadeScape® pavilion kit featuring an upper deck, metal railings, a diving platform, and a built-in waterfall for swimming poolside shade, and extra entertainment space.   Throughout history, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas have served multi-purposes, beautifully, culturally, fascinatingly, symbolically, as well as spiritually. Today, most architectural shade shelters erected in the United States primarily are built to protect valuables, expand business space, give shade for outdoor living, and recreation. 1853 Artist Dulclere Cuncinotta Dancing Tarantella Beneath a Pergola Explore pavilions and gazebos from cultures around the globe, throughout the ages, as well as one designed for the future. From gazebos made of pure gold to pavilions covered in priceless ancient gems and ancient porcelain pots; you may never look at pavilions and gazebos quite the same again. 21st Century Commerical, Residential, and Recreational [...]

10 Best Captivating Architectural Gazebos

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Gazebos lift the spirit and are among the most captivating and beautiful architectural structures in the world. The name gazebo - means a shelter gaze from - where like the garden pagoda, people can rest and enjoy the surrounding view. Today, we have built gazebos to serve for multiple purposes, such as a spacious public area, park bandstand, outdoor kitchens, kiosks, reception centers, and more. Although traditionally, gazebos are octagonal with a turret-shaped covered roof, each DFY or DIY Gazebo Plan we design is as unique as the function or individual it is intended for. A Sampling of Unique Gazebo Plan Designs #UniqueGazeboPlans Take a picture tour view of ten timber frame gazebos kits installed for a few of our ShadeScape® families across the United States. [...]

Your Own Wedding Arbor Design – Your Love Story

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Create Your Own Wedding Arbor Create a truly unique wedding arbor, chuppah or mandap that is right for you. Your wedding day, there are so few days that are as sentimental or more beautiful than your wedding day. A timber frame arbor creates an impactful and elegant composition creating an obvious focal point for the bride and groom. The solid wood timbers are extremely easy and fun to adhere and attach with wedding decor. Douglas-Fir ShadeScape® Wedding Arbor w/Natural Finish Timber frame ShadeScape® wedding arbors, gazebos, pavilions, and pergolas are impressive architectural masterpieces enjoyed long after the ceremonies are over. ShadeScape® wedding arbors are timeless by design and will last for generations. Enjoy For Years To Come In all reality, your future great-great-grandchildren could be married beneath [...]

Cool, Crazy, and Curious Tree Trivia

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Our DNA is same DNA as a tree. When the tree breathes it needs us. When we breathe we need what the tree exhales. So, we have a common destiny with the tree. Trees power everything; they absorb movement from the earth and energy from the sun. We conserve energy with trees as well as converting and producing energy for human use. In essence, trees are a great big battery and continue to do give to us even after they are harvested. It is trees that give us the energy to walk, talk and breathe, not to mention the thousands of foods, medicines and other wonderful products we use single every day. Unlike other energy sources such as oil and coal which can be depleted and forever gone, trees are renewable and sustainable. Here at Western Timber Frame, we specialize in utilizing heavy timbers; solid wood timber [...]