Extra Living Space – Easy DIY Shelter w/Seismic Resilience

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An easy solution to a cancelled vacation is a relaxing getaway, at home with a cabana, gazebo, pergola, or pavilion. Western Timber Frame has always offered Virtual Design appointments via the phone or over the computer. If you like, it is simple to build yourself. And in most cases, can be installed in as little as one afternoon! Or you can have it installed for you. What Is DIFFERENT About a ShadeScape®? Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie-cutter kit. These are not kits that you can buy in your average big-box store. All of our pre-fitted and pre-cut shelters are custom built to match your requirements and to fit your back yard. We call our pergolas and pavilions “a kit” because we ship them to your door ready to assemble. However, due to [...]

Vacation Everyday w/Easy DIY Attached Shelter

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An attached shelter is an easy solution to a cancelled vacation and you can enjoy a relaxing getaway, at home everyday.  Like an attached ShadeScape® arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola, you can also install a free-standing shelter in as little as one Saturday afternoon. For an attached shelter you need an area with an existing structure to connect to, expanding your living area from indoors to outdoors. You may like to build one yourself or have one built for you. This simple step-by-step informational guide may help you decide on an attached shelter that is right for you. And as always, Western has Virtual Design appointments over the via phone & computer. BENEFITS of an Attached Shelter for Outdoor Living Seamless CONNECTION Attaching an arbor, awning, gazebo, pavilion or pergola to your home or business is the perfect [...]

29 QUICK Before-and-After EASY Decks Pergolas Pavilions Gazebos

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Want more out of your yard? Do you have a free afternoon? In just a few short hours —you could easily live closer to nature — enjoy an additional living area, new-purposed space, a canopied deck —or anything from a private, cozy corner to a resort-style getaway.  See inspiring examples of before and after with old-world craftsmanship (wood-to-wood connections) in timber shelters delivering fun, function, comfort, and class. ShadeScape® Outdoor Kitchen Arbor w/Cantilever Roof Whether an area is established or under construction, ShadeScape® prefabricated shelters are custom prefabricated to fit the designated area. Shown here is a 6000 Series ShadeScape® DIY arbor kit that is installed in San Diego, California over an already there outdoor kitchen. Western has a variety of popular stain colors to choose from. The arbor is finished in a unique and custom stain [...]

Prefab 1 Afternoon DIY Purposed Yard

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When you install prefabricated, wood-to-wood connected structures to better the presence of a private property, highway, or business area, you are doing more than just creating "curb appeal." ShadeScape® pergola, pavilion, gazebo, and arbor kits are built with old-world architectural principles and craftsmanship that has proven to last for thousands of years. Timber frame is a timeless architectural form that gives beyond its present-day use —future generations will be able to benefit from it, too, thanks to you. Most kits can be installed in as little as ONE afternoon! Whether it is an arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion, pergola, trusses or trellis —each ShadeScape® kit is prefabricated at the shop, pre-cut, and pre-tested before it is shipped to its new home. You can transform the layout of your landscape or build a beautiful do-it-yourself backyard shade shelter and [...]

We’ve Built 1000s of Arbors & Trellises — Here’s 100 of Our Best Tips & Ideas

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Proudly made in the USA, we have built thousands of trellis and arbor ShadeScape® kits. Now, here are over 100 arbor and trellis design tips and ideas to make a yard beautific. From simple to complex, it may just spark some ingenious ideas of your own. Trellised Step Walls Form walls in a single chain or a combination of multiple stepped segments. The options will depend some, upon the parameters set by the existing landscape —e.g. a terrace, embankment or dip-slope. Trellis walls can step up or down, to conform to an area or just to add pleasing composition on the top, sides, or bottom of the shade shelter. Turn the corner with L-shaped step trellises or smooth flowing step-style curves. #StepTrellisPlan Build Your Own Arbor Grill or BBQ Island #TrellisGrillIslandPlan [...]

22 Tips To Start Building An Arbor You Always Wanted

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Living on a busy street, working with less than 300 square feet — an arbor will turn a previously underutilized space into a warm and winsome front entry, a garden to be admired, or a concealed haven. Imagine being nestled in the comfort of your own personalized paradise with an arbor you have always dreamed of. With this arbor guide, you can now dream with your eyes open and glean some useful tips to build your own arbor. In the many years of designing and fabricating outdoor living environments, we have found that when most people are wanting an arbor they are often looking for an aesthetically pleasing accent to the larger outdoor living shelters.  And, it makes perfect sense. Used with a cabana, pavilion, pergola, or gazebo — arbors do draw the eyes to include more of the surrounding landscape for [...]

3 Big Home Shows w/Ideas to Inspire You

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Winter, it is the most exciting time to discover new ideas and start your outdoor projects. We’ve seen a tremendous surge in winter installations and this is because — more and more — people have discovered what used seem like a best kept secret: Winter is the best time to order an outdoor living shelter. 4600 Pergola Series We have 3 BIG Shows this week so here are the dates, time and places, along with a roll out of ideas and newly installed pergolas and pavilions sent back to us from delighted homeowners. Salt Lake Home Show The Salt Lake Home Show is the first home show we did. Every year it has been an event that families look forward to gather ideas for [...]

Add Spectacular Color to Your Winter Landscape

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Embrace a new landscape with eye-directing lines and vibrant landscape colors that will showcase your yard year-round. The quiet season is a good time to inspect and notice where you can create some additional attention-grabbing interest. Afterall, evergreens are not the only backbone of a steady color you can count for a winter landscape. ShadeScape® Pavilion - #DIYPavilionKit - #CupolaPavilion #ParkPavilion We specialize in solid timber structures —such as pergolas, gazebos, pavilions, arbors, trellises, post and beam, trusses and more. It is a fast and easy way to ensure a year-round outdoor show of textural interest and sculptural beauty as well as the practical use of space. Plants and shrubs are also another way to introduce intensity and coloration —as is a hedge, piece of garden art, and lights. Here are some ideas to start you on your way [...]

Luxury Cabana Living — Book, Rent or Easy Build Your Own

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The purpose of a cabana is to be sumptuously pampered. Imagine an exquisite resort-style cabana getaway —  reserved and available anytime — just for you. Timber frame ShadeScape® cabana kits are the elite in luxury protective living shelters serving numerous avenues for home, business, and recreational avenues. It is engineered with wood-to-wood connections and a state of the art design called The Dovetail Difference® — creating a shelter that is unsurpassed in strength and durability.    Cabanas Around the World Girl Relaxing Beneath ShadeScape® Cabana Kit Around the world, the word "cabana" can mean several things. Cabana is a capital city in Peru, a municipality in Cuba, Honduras and Spain; an ancient lake in South America, and an island off the coast of Portugal. It is also a brand of cigar, fast-food restaurant chain, passenger [...]

Wow! Husband Wife Install XLrg Outdoor Living Retreat

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Mike Jenson, the Design Manager for this outdoor living retreat said, "This is one of the largest projects I've been a part of. Bill, our ShadeScape® owner installed the metal roof himself and installed the entire project with him and his wife, Jennifer." They saw us at the Home & Garden Show in Sandy and loved the pergola and pavilion kits. Now, a few weeks later, look at what they were able to accomplish together: their own private backyard retreat. #FullWrapRoof • 2 large oversized pergolas • 1 attached pavilion • 2-tone ceiling • metal roof It isn’t just that there are three structures but it is all the extra details that were included, such as a FullWrap® roof. The end profile style wraps around the corners. It doesn’t take much more effort to install but because it looks like [...]