Blow by Blow Gazebo Pavilion Specification

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For most architectural structures, the required specifications provide a set of quantitative requirements that outline what an implemented project is. The visual expression of a Gazebo or Pavilion is the formulation of the design concept. There has always been an interrelationship in their specifications but their distinct characteristics are at times blurred and are often integrated into one. Much like homographs and heteronyms in the English language, Gazebos and Pavilions can present similar identity perplexities. So here is a breakdown through pictures of Gazebos and Pavilions with some of the exceptions to the recognized architectural standards. The Roof The roof of a Gazebo or Pavilion covers the uppermost part of the shade shelter to provide protection for people or animals from the rain, snow, heat, wind, and sunlight. The roof shape [...]

So, What Exactly is a Pergola?

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Pergolas are known as a gathering place. A Pergola is a building designed for convenience as a comfortable environment to welcome and bring people together. It is often conveniently located near a home and is a magnet drawing people to the delight and refreshment of life in the outdoors, any and every day. Having a pergola allows you to extend your home outdoors, creating inviting spot where you and your family will enjoy spending time. A Pergola is a backyard structure made of posts, beams, and supporting cross beams which hold up rafters and top shade planks creating a lattice-type roof. They provide shade for backyards, decks, pools, and more. They can be free-standing or attached to a home or building. We help you design and create beautiful multi-purpose Pergola for all your family events, social gatherings, romantic evenings, and general entertaining. Don’t let [...]

Building an Easy DIY RV Cover

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In the beautiful State of Oregon, the Bush family installed their solid Cedar wood Pavilion Kit. They are delighted with their pavilion to cover their recreational camper. It is also large enough to cover their truck, tractor and some farm equipment. Recreational vehicles, trucks, tractors and farm equipment are all big investments. Whether you travel and need to safely store your RV or other recreational vehicles, operate a family-run farm or a large agricultural enterprise, a timber frame pavilion is a cost-effective solution to protect your valuable equipment.  A ShadeScape™ kit is easy to install. Best of all, you can quickly do it yourself. The Bush’s ShadeScape™ DIY Pavilion Kit measures 27' 8" x 30'. The posts are 10" x 10", a 10,000 Series ShadeScape™. Every pavilion kit is designed to the landowner's needs. Though they are kits, these ShadeScape™ kits are not a "cookie cutter" [...]

3 Steps Before You Measure for a Pergola

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A pergola can add a private oasis, reclaim a patch of yard, highlight an entrance, and form a stunning new look for your business or landscape. They are also a lot of fun to build. Measuring is the first step in the construction process towards a new pergola. Before you can begin to measure for a pergola there are three things you will need to do. Step 1. Plan Your Exercise of Space The pergola type best suited for the area you have outlined for construction will determine how and what you will need to measure. Whether the pergola is for personal ... ... or for commercial use ... consider the outside boundaries and surrounding landscape and what you cannot change. For example: Driveways, [...]

Easy Guide: How to Measure for a Pergola

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You have decided on a new project, a pergola; the go-to-place for conversance and the renewing of vitality. Once you know what the scope of your projected plan is, you can begin the moment you have been anticipating, measuring for your pergola. This pictured "check for" and Measure Guide will help launch your vision into reality. Measure twice, cut once. This old carpenter's proverb means just what it says, double-check your measurements for accuracy. It is always faster to double-check than to waste time and material. Unless You'd Like to Shift Gears & Peek at Part 1: 3 Steps Before You Measure for a Shade Shelter You Can Now Begin Measuring for Your Pergola. Measuring Tool Options Measuring Tape: A measuring tape has a coiled metal strip marked with increments of measurement. A metal tang [...]

3 Gable Pavilion Kit Win for Sunroom

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Walls, privacy panels, or lattices can easily integrate into a Cabana, Pergola, Pavilion, or Gazebo plan for any ShadeScape™ Kit to suit a family’s outdoor living purpose. The Kinghorn family ordered a 3 Gable DIY Pavilion Kit to build their stunning new Sunroom. A DIY Pavilion Kit is a winning way to build a sunroom as the entire frame structure with roof, in most cases, installs in as little as one afternoon. A sunroom or solarium is a fully enclosed place caressed in warmth and sunlight. A Sunroom is in some circles, called a Go-to-room, Patio Room, Conservatory, Sun Parlor, Sunporch, Sun Lounge, Garden Room, Winter Garden Room, or Florida Room. It often has a "knee wall" framed in with transparent glass. A sunroom can be freestanding, attached, or as in this featured DIY pavilion [...]

Ooh Ahh! Timber Puzzle Lock Pavilion

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The Dovetail Difference™, an innovative and revolutionary connection system has solved the impossible lock puzzle. Interlocking timber joints in architecture, with NO nails, glue or ugly hardware was a typical type of construction in the birthplace of the United States of America. The warmth of solid wood timbers locked in puzzle-like pieces complimented each other as part of a whole structure that is mesmerizing. Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ structures built with majestic, oversize-timbers, have advanced state-of-the-art technology with The Dovetail Difference™, a technological design that our honored forefathers could have only dreamed of creating. We are thankful to our forefathers who have lit our way for us to enjoy the blessings we reap so plentily today. It is also exciting to think that in using old world craftsmanship, we are also building not only for today's enjoyment but for future generations in creating heirloom architectural masterpieces [...]

Choice California Cedar DIY Pavilion

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Solid cedar wood has a woody aroma that relaxing, soothing and comforting. The oil from Cedar is also a natural mosquito repellent. Its smell is pleasant for people, but unpleasant for moths and insects, which is why cedar has been the wood of choice to line hope and blanket chests particularly for heirloom fabrics. For a timber frame pavilion, solid cedar wood is the choice for beauty that shows off the physical characteristics, charm, and warmth of real wood. This is a solid cedar wood, 6000 Series 13' x 22' ShadeScape™ DIY pavilion kit installed in California. The DIY pavilion plan included a TimberVolt™ integrated power post. DIY Pavilion Plan Specs for 6000 Series ShadeScape™ Cedar Wood Pavilion Kit Post Size: 6x6 Stain: Natural Wood: Cedar Roof Size: [...]

Early American Pool Shade Kit Install

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There is nothing more inviting for a swimming pool area than the shade on a hot summer day. The warmth of solid wood architectural shelters adds the perfect amount of relief and light of healing sunshine. Imagine lounging by the pool, laughing with family and enjoying a barbecue. All this and more, beneath a timber structure you planned and built yourself. Western Timber Frame™ has made it easy for those who have ever dreamed of building a customized arbor, cabana, gazebo, pavilion or with a DIY pergola plan or kit. Nonetheless, there are those who would rather have it all done for them. In those cases, they can have their installer or independent craftsmen in which Western Timber Frame™ has some they highly recommend. Featured today is pictures of an Early American Timber Frame Shadescape™ Pergola Kit sent to us by Shane Spencer installed by him [...]

Cool Keystones! XLong Roof Pergola w/Pizza Oven

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A pergola covering an outdoor fireplace, pizza oven or fire pit in the backyard offers freedom from the life's usual routine and delight the family with a camping atmosphere while enjoying all the conveniences and cleanliness of the home. Showcased today is a ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kit installed over an outdoor pizza oven, barbecue, and outdoor dining area. This ShadeScape™ 14' x 17' DIY Pergola Plan featured: 1. FullWrap™ Roof 2. Crescent Step Beam & Rafter Profiles 3. Full Arched Knee Braces 4. 4 TearDrop™ Keystones 5. Extended Roof The TearDrop™ Keystones are always a show stopper exhibiting the art of Old-World Craftsmanship at its finest. Each Tear Drop Keystone is centered at the peak of the arch of the Knee Braces creating a handsome focal point at every angle. The purpose of a pergola is not [...]