Cedarwood Sunroom Paired w/Pergola

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The serenity of sun parlors, sunrooms, pavilions, and pergolas; words cannot describe the serenity of what these beautiful shelters can do for your life and your home. The beauty of natural light, fresh air, and comfortable convenience invites the family to enjoy more time together in a healthy, fun atmosphere. Showcased today is a newly installed project in Provo, Utah, sent to us by Shane Spencer. The ShadeScape™ is an 8000 Series DIY Kit. Roof Size: 12' x 17' 4" Upgrade: FullWrap™ Roof Wood Type: Cedar Stain: Natural Post Size: 8x8 Shade Planks: 2x6 Knee Braces: 2 Classic Style Upgrade Knee Braces: 3 Full Arch w/ Decorative Keystones Beam and Rafter: 3x10 Crescent Step Style Profiles Height: 10' 2 1/2" Beams: 4x12 The sunroom is 14' x 19' 4" with a red Metal roof. The Corbels are shown on the Sunroom plan (pictured below) will also [...]

Rich Sequoia Cantilevered DIY Pergola

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The reddish-brown hue of Rich Sequoia is has many keywords attributed to its meaning such as: Fire, Love, Energetic, Strength, Passionate, Communication, Excitement, Energy, Protection, Impulsive, Vigorous, Enthusiasm, Health, Assertive, Intense, Responsible, Confidence, Fire, Activity, Desire, Color of Life, Prosperity, Respect, Energy, Vitality, Recognition and a Creative Mind. All beautiful meanings for such a vibrant iridescence. Other words used synonymously with this stunning, reddish hue is Ginger, Copper, Cinnamon, Terra-Cotta, Umber, Sienna, Auburn, Russet, Mahogany, Sepia, Burnt Sienna, and Chestnut. Rich Sequoia is the perfect choice for an architectural showpiece that stands out in a landscape design. Featured on today's pergola in the spotlight is a cantilevered roof. A cantilevered roof is a popular feature on a timber frame pergola. While the added architectural look is pleasing, it also adds more functionality to a shelter. The cantilever roof is beautiful, anchored with its overhanging planes suspended [...]

DIY Pavilion Kit w/Power & Lattices

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Wow, it is awesome to see the full-color rendition of the DIY Pavilion plan to the final completion, a fully installed reality. The fully covered roof provides an umbrella of protective shelter from inclement weather. Open on all sides to the invigorating air, this Pavilion Kit is also enclosed on three sides with beautiful latticed privacy panels.The Pavilion is finished with a dynamically vibrant Rich Sequoia stain. Rich Sequoia works especially well in most outdoor environments as its color is complementary to green, a dominate colorant in landscapes. The red mahogany-like hue of Rich Sequoia closely resembles the tropical Red Mahogany tree which may be why it gives such an exotic aura in an outdoor landscape setting. Color analysts say the red mahogany-like hue boosts mental and physical energy and is equated with a determination and power to go after and achieve your goals.The Pavilion gives [...]

30 Wellsprings of Shade on Parade

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Shade is our paradise, our Elysium, our ideal state of happiness. A wellspring of healing; Shade provides us with a place to hang our hat, bidding us to stay. Without cooling shade to screen us from the beaming vertical sun, the beauties that surround us cannot be fully enjoyed. These were the timeless sentiments of Americas' Architect, Thomas Jefferson on the importance of providing places of shade for America. The shadiness of a timber pergola brings ultimate outdoor comfort, screening the direct sunlight. The standard sun to shade ratio for most ShadeScape™ DIY Pergola Kits have more and closer together shade planks for an 85% sunlight-to-shade ratio. At 85% shade coverage, a standard ShadeScape™ Kit is comparative to the comfort of a shade tree. A Design Manager at Western Timber Frame™ can calculate the [...]

Cedar Easy DIY Pergola Hot Tub Cover

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Cedarwood has a warm, woodsy fragrance that creates a pleasureful, uplifting experience. As a bonus for outdoor hot tub lovers, Cedar is inherently designed by nature with insect-repelling qualities. Native Americans used the oil from Cedarwood to repel mosquitoes and to guard against common pests. Cedar oil was also used to protect crops from insects and repel flies from livestock. Closets and chests are sometimes lined with Cedar to be moth-free. Thujaplicin is the aromatic agent of Cedar, making it a natural antibacterial and antifungal wood. The center of the Lebanon flag is a Lebanon cedar tree, symbolizing tolerance and immortality. Accordingly, the Lebanon Cedarwood was used to construct King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem and in the making of ships for Alexander the Great. Just a bit of fun Cedar trivia. For a pergola, Cedar is most often finished in a clear, natural stain to show [...]

Cantilevered Pergola for Narrow Yard

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An arbor, cabana, pavilion, gazebo or pergola is the perfect way to maximize a narrow yard, mixing openness with inviting enclosure. This elegant 8000 Series ShadeScape™ pergola kit turned an outside corridor into a relaxing gathering place for family. Structure Type: Pergola Project Type: Freestanding Timber Size: 8000 Series - 8" Posts Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Footprint Size: 9'6"x14'6" Beam & Rafter Profile: Roosevelt Step Stain Color: Rich Cordoba Knee Brace: Classic Hardware: Knife Plate Roof Size: 12'x16'6" Knee Brace Opt 2: Arched w/ Keystone Btm of Beams: 135 Cantilever towards house with extra rafter length If you have a long, narrow, small corner or sideyard that could get better use, unleash your imagination, and personalize your living space with a natural timber shelter, trellis, privacy wall and more. [...]

South Carolina 2-Tone DIY Pavilion

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Color is one of the best elements to direct attention to a specific area for better landscape design. The combination of stain color on a solid wood, timber frame shade structure speaks a beautiful language all its own. Nature's vibrant South Carolina colors are enhanced by a two-tone DIY pavilion ShadeScape® 8000 Series kit. The posts and beams are finished in Rich Cordoba. The arches, rafters, and T&G are exquisite, Rich Sequoia. ShadeScape® DIY Two-Tone Pavilion Kit Structure Type: Pavilion Project Type: Freestanding Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 8000 Series - 8" Posts Stain: Two Tone Rich Cordoba and Rich Sequoia Beam Profile: Champion Knee Brace Option: Arched w/Keystone Roof Size: 14' x 14' Footprint Size: 12' x 12' Btw of Beam Height: 8' Hardware: 4 EarthAnchor® Knife Plates [...]

Remodel w/Fast Easy Deck Pergola Kit

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ShadeScape™ kits are not just about refashioning for a new look but as a whole new way of living life every day. What is different about these kits is that it is not a pre-made one size fits all kit. They are only a kit in the sense that they come to your door ready to assemble. Every piece is cut and built to match a homeowners requirements for a perfect fit in their backyard. Doing a redo such as a deck and a pergola kit featured here today is a simple process that can be done in person, over a phone or via email. After, the kit is delivered, hassle-free, right to the front door. If desired, Western Timber Frame™ has certified installers, or they can help find a contractor near the location of interest. They are however, easy to install, going together somewhat-like a [...]

Showy Pergola w/4ft Cantilevered Roof

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Today’s featured project is a stunningly white, ShadeScape™ 8000 Series pergola kit featuring a 4 foot cantilevered roof. I have included the DIY pergola plan for the view of the cantilever portion where it juts back with the house for full coverage. A cantilevered roof has many benefits such as covering space that otherwise would be too small, taking up too much room for an additional post. A cantilevered roof also adds more interest as well as the practicality of more protection. The overall roof size is 22’ x 15’ 8”. The side with the cantilevered extension measures 19’ 8”. On the front facing is a full arched knee brace with a decorative keystone. The six Classic style knee braces finish the surrounding posts. The beams and rafters are completed with the Crescent Step style profiles. The posts are [...]

Your Précis for a ShadeScape™ Pergola

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Highlighted today, is a précis of 27 features and benefits that will serve you best in doing a ShadeScape™ pergola. ShadeScape™ shelters come in a variety of timber frame products, such as Pergolas, Pavilions, Arbors, Gazebos, Timber Exteriors, and so much more. Each ShadeScape™ comes with easy interlocking joints that are ready to drop into place, somewhat similar to the toy “Lincoln Logs” we played with as kids. Kits Manufactured to Your Specs Western Timber Frame™ is different; we do not fit you with a pre-made, cookie cutter kit. These are not kits that you can buy in your average big box store. All of our kits are custom built to match your requirements and to fit your backyard. We call our pergolas and pavilions a kit because we ship them to your door ready to assemble. However, due to the [...]