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Joining with family and friends in the backyard on a cool, summer evening and eating good food in the comfort of the outdoors has always been a pure American delight.

Outdoor dining is a favorite past time of Western Timber Frame™ founder, Hyrum Thompson, too. Hyrum is the inventor of many pioneering and innovative year-round outdoor living designs and construction methods for better backyard family environments including the amazing The Dovetail Difference™.  The Dovetail Difference™ was tested by independent engineers to be 500% greater in strength and load carrying capacity over traditional timber framing hangers. The Dovetail Difference™ also had 160+ WIND RATINGS!

It takes that kind of strength to hold Hyrum’s latest design, check out this massive, heavy-duty, solid wood suspended table! This suspended table was an incredible hit at the Home and Garden Expo!

Suspended table
oriental girl suspended table.

Enjoying a seat at Western Timber Frame’s thick suspended table is a feeling of adventure or glimpsing into the thrilling life of an old world mariner, where a seaman slept in a hammock between two heavy guns and ate from a table suspended from the crossbeams.

Ships often hung barrels, hammocks, beds, shelves, tables and other furniture and belongings from the ship timbers for storage and convenience but also for a safer sailing.

This was not only for the convenience of saving space for minimalist living and preserving floors but floating furniture like a table rode the waves making it a better mealtime, cleaner, safer, less-likely to spill the meal.

This suspended table is amazing to feel and sit at and created a lot of excitement at the show. It would be a great piece of furniture in any outdoor family gathering shade structure. Eating Thanksgiving dinner would be a blast on this!


As beautiful as the suspended table is the TimberClad™ decorative steel hardware fastening these massive heavy ropes to the crossbeams of the dovetailed timber frame pergola.


As a personal note, I loved the feel of the ropes in my hand! I don’t know where they got ropes this size but these ropes are massive and feel like they could anchor a ship in place!


I think what is most fascinating is the fact that this suspended table is so impressively large and yet with the massive size of the posts and crossbeams of Western Timber Frame’s outdoor shade structure, the suspended table just seems to float there like an optical illusion.

table suspended

The suspended table is not just a masculine feel, it has a romantic feel that is exotic and enticing as well. Children were also drawn to it and wanted to explore every feel of it. A few expressed they’d love to sleep on it.

suspended table
wine on suspended table

It was quite fun to show how amazingly stable the table was with fluid filled wine glasses as we swayed the table. Shaking a table with four legs on the floor would have toppled over those glasses for sure.


The dovetailed timber frame pergola that displayed the suspended table was a more modern contemporary style finished in the popular premium high grade Canyon Grey stain finish with white trellises through the corner posts. This style is wonderful for growing vines and hanging outdoor artworks and decor.

The Dovetail Difference virtually eliminates all exposed hardware that is not of a decorative nature. Adding decorative cladding with the TimberClad™ from Western Timber Frame™  is both breathtakingly beautiful and easy to install. Plus, unlike most decorative hardware, they can be installed after a timber kit has already been secured in place. The cladding on the posts would really compliment a suspended table, bed or couch.

Thanks to all who stopped by the show and said hello!

suspended table timberclad

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