suspended sofa couch bed swing
suspended sofa couch bed swing

The Spring Home and Garden Expo in Sandy, Utah had room enough to display quite a few outdoor shade structures for resort style backyard retreats from Western Timber Frame™ including the entranceway which displayed a beautiful four arched Canyon Grey pergola.

Western Timber Frame™ has developed various styles of products outdoor structures for shade designs including their Traditional, Contemporary, Asian, Tuscany, Rustic/Reclaimed, and Tropical designs.

Along with the various architectural styles Western Timber Frame™ introduced a few more products for a more convenient and comfortable backyard retreat, including a suspended sofa/couch bed which was a real invitation for everyone who could not resist trying it out.

suspended bed couch swing
suspended bed couch sofa hanging
suspended sofa couch bed swing

Although none of the heavy duty pergolas on display were grounded into the earth as it would be in a backyard, there is no movement or sound that feels to give in any way as there would be if attached even to a house rafter or smaller sized or conventional pergola.

Many expressed their amazement at how this suspended sofa/couch bed is as soothing as a gentle swing or baby rocker and yet so intriguingly heavy, as though it were built for the Shakespearean period or for a royal medieval King. As it hangs from the rafters of this pergola it gives you a completely new perspective of how incredibly strong these timber frame outdoor shade structures really are!

We tend to be fascinated by the unusual and unique. A hanging bed, swing bed, suspended couch or sofa offers a wonderful visual contrast to an outdoor environment as well. This suspended sofa, couch bed is extremely unusual as to its size and dimensions which are extremely massive pieces of timber as seen in this illustration.

Besides the size, what makes this suspended sofa/couch bed such an heirloom piece is in its construction being dovetailed with old world craftsmanship combined with the new technology of the patent pending design,  The Dovetail Difference™ ; which creates an outdoor furniture piece built to last for hundreds of years.

This new suspended sofa/couch bed swings with massive over sized ropes attached with beautiful metal decorative cladding to the crossbeams of a solid wood timber framed pergola.

Another product at the expo was these luxury decorative Timber Clad™ cladding is designed to be both breathtakingly beautiful and easy to install. Plus, unlike most decorative hardware, they can be installed after a timber kit has already been secured in place.

For those looking for porch or patio furniture that will give a bold, beautiful impression with years of comfort and enjoyment this suspended sofa/couch bed is a genuine heirloom piece of furniture. Check out the suspended table also shown at the Spring Home and Garden Expo.


Here is the back view of the dovetail timber frame pergola that supports the suspended sofa. With an added privacy trellis you can hardly see the hanging suspended couch.

We would like to thank again all of the landscapers in Utah who use and/or recommend Western Timber Frame™ products are Reinheit Landscape & Design, Classic Jack Landscape, Roth Landscaping, Legacy Pools & Design, Affordable Lawncare & Landscape, Landscape Supply of Utah, Innovative Excavation, and Lighting Pros of Utah, Utah Ponds, as the many others.

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