shadescape pavilion

The 2017 Home and Garden Show with Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ pavilions, pergolas, arbors, and gazebos on parade throughout the show and over the entryways.

The Spring Home and Garden Show was a lot of fun this year. Again, Western Timber Frame™ received the Best of Show award before going on to receive the Best of State award. Here are a few of the many highlights of the show this year.

4000 Series Pavlion

Over the North entryway featured our new ShadeScape™, the 4000 Series Pavilion. The 4000 Series was a big hit. Western Timber Frame™ is well known for massive overs Timbers on the ShadeScape™ outdoor shelters. For those looking for that same look on a smaller scale design or budget, this was a happy bonus surprise.

Double roof pergola at show

The arched double tiered pergola was stunning from every side. Underneath though was my favorite view. It felt like being in a sacred Cathedral to me. Completely stunning. There were four  ShadeScpae™ shelters grouped at this particular location. A grand pavilion spanned the entire main expressway, the double tier pergola, a traditional pergola with full arched knee braces, and a gazebo on the right. They all featured the TimberVolt™ power posts.

gazebo home show tow tone roof

The ShadeScape™ gazebo was stunning with built-in color changing lighting. It also featured two egg swings that were a great attraction to children as well as adults who stopped by to enjoy swinging for awhile.

gazebo home show lights
two stain gazebo roof

The underside view of the ShadeScape™ gazebo was a favorite. The two stain tone was so gorgeous on these incredibly large Timbers all dovetailed so beautifully without the use of glue or nails or the view of unsightly hardware.

The beautiful colored lights that changed colors put on a spectacular show.

colored lights gazebo
gazebo egg swing

The egg swings hanging from the timber frame gazebo was a delight to sit in … and as always, children had especial fun with Hyrum who took delight in his teasing them for swinging in “his” egg swing.

hyrum tease child gazebo

He’s not into getting his picture taken but it I was glad to have captured one of those choice times with his “giving people a good time” expression.

Swings on the gazebo
Pergola with outdoor furniture beneath
arched roof at Home Show
arched knee braces roof

Arched roof underneath a timber frame ShadeScape™ pergola featuring fully arched knee braces.

pergola full arched knee braces

One of the many pergolas displayed throughout the Home and Garden Show. This one featured the upgrade full arched knee braces.

pergola furniture

Looking into the pergola with outdoor furniture at the Home and Garden Show.

2017 home garden show award

The Best of Show award at the Home and Garden Show of 2017.

Timber frame gazebo with swing

A glimpse of the center gazebo light in relation to the height of a person.

pergola round

A round timber frame ShadeScape™ pergola, one of the pergolas on display at the Belgard booths.

cladding timber post
cladding post pergola

Cladding is always a beautiful feature on an old world style pergola, gazebo or pavilion. There were various choices of design and size on display.

light on pergola
suspended bed pergola
timbervolt power post

TimberVolt™ power post one of many featured on ShadeScape™ kits throughout the show.

contemporary style pergola

Our Contemporary pergolas were also a hit but this two-tone Contemporary style with the suspended bed was a show stopper. The beauty of the Western Timber Frame™ ShadeScape™ with the patent-pending The Dovetail Difference™ design makes a pergola, pavilion, gazebo, awning or arbor easy to pick up after the show and take it home with you, just as it is. Thanks to all those who stopped by and to our many clients who came by just to chat and see us again!

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide

Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide