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The home is the pivotal hub of everyday life but what about the groundwork that cradles it all? The yard has higher value than its display of charm or the surrounding attractive vegetation. Homeowners are discovering the treasure in a new comfort-loving backyard that gives them a greater sense of belonging. They are designed with greater purpose, as a place where family, friends and relatives can participate together in a nourishing atmosphere.

According to Outdoor Living Design Manager, Hyrum Thompson of Western Timber Frame™, a purpose filled backyard design extends beyond a great place to have a lot of fun. Hyrum referenced Will Durant’s quote, “The family is the nucleus of civilization.” He went on to say that families who are involved with each other will, “build trust and commitment, bonds that are the framework of our communities.” like “the hearth” and “the front porch”, uniting the nation, with the engaging of great minds.

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A well-designed out-of-doors living area will reflect the family interests energized by activities they take joy in. This might include a cozy reading nook, home theater, outdoor office, barbecue station, athletic workout area, or maybe a full kitchen/dining room. This open-air living area can inspire some new leisurely activity or undiscovered passion as well.

With these 5 To-Do’s, a family may just be tempted to move out into the yard.

1. Prepare a Habitable Climate

A habitable climate is the first priority in an out-of-door space and open-air living can be enjoyed everyday, in the heat of summer or on a cold winter day.

Plants are able to alleviate some of the heat in the surrounding atmosphere. Umbrellas, shade sails and patio canopies offer some relief but are not a permanent year-round solution. Trees are a natural and wonderful producer of human-friendly shade. If the home does not have a sheltering tree, a good shade tree will take several years to grow. If planting a tree, root systems, sewer lines and location are all things that must be taken into consideration.

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A solid wood shade structure gives the same comfortable shade as a tree would, without the water, wait or worry. It can also provide shade in places that a tree is not practical. Wood has its own built in natural thermostat. Just like a tree, the larger the dimensional scale of the wood the better it can regulate a thermal equilibrium for an amelioration of temperature. An architectural shade structure e.g. an awning, arbor or pergolas is a fast, permanent shade solution. A responsible architectural shade structure should provide 85% shade coverage in a full sun area.

Installing an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, Chiminea or radiant heater can provide the warming comfort to hold Christmas and New Years parties on chili winter evenings.

2. Plan with Precision

A yard is much larger than an indoor room but like a work of art, it is in the attention to the tiny details and the fine points can make the difference between a nice piece or a masterpiece, e.g. living in one home for several years, a person can believe they are sure of the sun’s pathway across their own yard. When one homeowner chose to install a DIY timber frame pergola kit her own backyard, she was a surprised to learn how the shade traveled when produced from an open sided structure with some partial privacy trellises.

When she was shown a set-in-motion schematic of the DIY pergola kit, as it would appear after being installed within her yard, it allowed her to watch the positional changes of the sun through the length of daylight and the amount of shade the pergola would provide at any hourly-and seasonal period of time.

This resulted in her decision to turn the pergola a full 37 degrees from her original proposition. In the end, this gave more sunlight and shade for the time of day it would be needed most.

There are many free solar path-finding tools around the web that can keep the job simple.

3. Accommodate Those You Love

Accommodate to enhance the friendliness of an area with seating. Again, take delight in the details especially when furnishing a cozy sit-able area. It will increase satisfaction and gladden the intercommunications.

Eclectic seating is a current widespread trend. This fashion is the combining of new materials with garage sale treasures e.g. repurposing an everyday piece of furniture into an Artisan-inspired design, mixed with textures, shapes and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look of intriguing visual appeal.

An outdoor space will feel more like a room if it is integrated with an outdoor area rug, chairs/couches/benches that are softened with weatherproof cushions or pillows. Non-weatherproof items such as a throw blanket can add to the invitation but will have to travel.

Concrete seat walls or log can also do for additional seating and will withstand the outside elements. There is a lot of fun customizing with a variety of choices to form a personal place.

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4. Light Up the Landscape

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Good lighting for landscaping is sometimes overlooked in place of a barbecue or other amenities.

Lighting extends usability, extending the hours of family enjoyment in an outside living room. Solar LEDs, garden path lights, fire braziers, candles, a fire pit, etc. are some of the many possibilities.

Lighting is not the most expensive outdoor betterment, yet it adds value to a home, showing off while enhancing the beauty of the landscape.

5. Make it Convenient

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Ease of access with the resources of indoor convenience encourages more outdoor togetherness. Adding some power is incredibly easy with a Grid-free power, a self-contained solar generator that is ready-to-go.

Sunrooms, pool houses, pavilions, pergolas, etc. and even “hobby” sheds are often wired for power. With access to USB outlets it is convenient to charge a smartphones, tablets, USB devices or appliance, while watching a movie on an outdoor TV.

Create a natural gathering place for the bonding of hearts and “To-Do” it, today.

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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide