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North America’s Source For Outdoor Living Shelter Structures


Gabled Roof 

For Pavilions, Gazebos, Cabanas & More

Add an extra gable on one or more sides of your pavilion, cabana or ramada. The Patented extra gabled roof is a complex, elegant and attractive design option.

The high and lofty peaks of a gabled roof bring a stunning elegance to a landscape. A gabled roof is a good choice for a place that experiences heavy rains and snow.

Beneath a gabled roof opens up the shade shelter in a stunning and expansive view of the ceiling. It is breathtaking with the warmth of old world interlocking timbers.

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Benefits of Gable and Extra Gables

pavilion outdoor living room

Third Gable Pavilion

• Gable roofs are versatile and working well with almost any type of roofing material. Asphalt, metal, slate, shingles, and tiles are potential choices.
• Pavilions featuring a gabled roof are generally less expensive than a pavilion with a hip roof design.
• Gable roof designs allow for more space and ventilation compared to hip roof design. The third gable opens up even more space.
• Regions that experience excess precipitation, a gabled design allows rain and snow to slide off easily without accumulating.
• Third gables define the area of entrance.
• A third gable directs precipitation away from the area of entrance.
• Adds fantastic flair to your façade.
• Promotes waterproofing; with steep pitches the gabled roof sheds water and snow easily, allowing for excellent drainage to lessen the chance of leaks or water damage.
• A Third gable showcases your pavilion with a stunning and expansive view to the pavilion’s impressive and breathtaking warmth of old-world interlocking timber trusses.

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