Please NOTE:

After reviewing the images that were submitted this year, we’ve decided to make a change to the 2015 photo contest.

Instead of having categories of images from which to vote, the top 3 photos with the most votes will win one of the 3 grand prizes!

The grand prizes will be awarded at random to those who submitted the top 3 images that receive the highest number of votes.


Western Timber Frame™ annual Photo Contest is rolling in with the fierceness of a blizzard! Blow us away with your best seasonal shots for a chance to win!

Upload your photos using the form below by January 5, 2016 to enter. Our panel of judges will select the finalists before turning the vote over to our fans to decide the winners.

BONUS:  You will win a FREE Western Timber Frame™ 2016 calendar ($16.99 value) simply by submitting your photos!** Be sure to fill out the entire form with your name and mailing address with your submissions.

We are offering prizes to the winners of each category.

The categories are as follows:

Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance
Simple Elegance


Lily Garden Bench
$379.90 Value!

Fond Memories

family pergola
Family enjoying fireplace beneath a timber frame pergola.


Patio Heater & Cover
$309.98 Value!

Let's Celebrate

birthday celebration pavilion
Timber frame pavilion celebrating birthday.


Wood Burning Fire Pit
$336.00 Value!
This is an incredible opportunity for you to share your amazing timber structure photos and have a chance to win any and ALL three prizes!
Once the finalists are chosen, the voting will begin. The photo with the most votes in each category will win the grand prize! Each voting day presents an opportunity for you to win yet another prize, simply by submitting a vote!

Remember, submissions are due before 11:59 p.m. MST on Tuesday, January 5th, 2016. Be sure to keep your camera handy while you enjoy your holidays! We look forward to you sharing memories of your Thanksgiving dinners, snowy activities, Christmas celebrations, and New Years Eve parties under your timber structure.

May the best photos win!

Photo Contest
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Get the Free Ultimate Pergola and Pavilion Guide