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He Built A Covered Deck w/Attached Pergola Kit

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Building a deck can add a great deal of enjoyment and value to a home. Covering it with a roof is perfect for sunny and rainy days. Western Timber Frame™ manufactures timber ShadeScape® pavilion, pergola, and gazebo kits that make building your own covered deck fast and easy. We just received these pictures today from Jared Allred. He installed a deck with an attached pavilion kit. Beautifully done. Just because it is a "kit" doesn’t mean you have to install it yourself. They are designed, however, so that those who would like to, can do so, easily. As shown here: Easily Build a Fast DIY Beautiful Backyard Shade Structure. Check out more of Jared's attached pavilion covered deck pictures. #CoveredDeck #DIYPavilionDeckCover #CoveredDeck #AttachedPavilionKit #AttachedDeckCover #MetalRailDeck [...]

Benefits of an Attached Arbor, Pavilion or Pergola

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An attached shelter is not a fit for every outdoor living environment. For some, an area with an existing structure to connect to, an attached arbor, gazebo, pavilion or pergola can be the perfect way to easily connect with nature, and expand living space. Benefits of An Attached ShadeScape® Shelter #AttachedPergolaKit • Seamless Connection Attaching an arbor, awning, gazebo, pavilion or pergola to your home or business is the perfect transition, seamlessly blending from the indoor to the outdoors. • Maximizes Space Attached ShadeScape® kits take less room and with fewer posts, they can maximize an area to its fullest potential. • Typically Costs Less Typically, there are fewer posts on an attached awning, pavilion or pergola kit costing less than a free-standing shelter with more [...]

Wow! 6 Post DIY Hexagon Pergola Kit

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What sets this six-post pergola kit design apart is its unique hexagonal shape. Gazebos, pavilions, pergolas, and arbors, all come in a seemingly endless array of designs fit the individual landscape and purpose. This pergola is unattached, freestanding in the middle of the backyard. With nothing to hinder any kind of style, this pergola could have been any shape or design. The hexagon was a brilliant design idea of Design Manager Mike Jenson. It gave the area an extra eye-catching attractiveness, a configuration seldom seen in an architectural shelter. Alpine white was right for this pergola. In America, white has been a traditional color for weddings, christenings, communions, baptisms, and other joyful occasions. It carries a sense of purity, goodness, and order; a newness of life. Western Timber Frame® Alpine white stain is the color of perfection and a perfect finish to compliment this beautiful backyard [...]

The Pergola You Can’t See

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Thursday evening, the sunset could not be painted anymore beautiful. Earlier that morning thunderstorms, with torrents of rain, were pouring down. The previous forecast had been for cloudy skies, nothing more, so I rechecked the reports. My destination was quite a distance away but the predicted conditions said NO expected rainfall. Having already switched days due to unpredictable weather changes, I was greatly relieved as I gathered up all the necessary equipment. It was time to go out and snap those jaw-dropping, eye-popping evening photos of a stunningly gorgeous pergola. I had already seen preliminary photos taken during the installation and I loved it! The anticipation of this photo shoot was like slow-moving ketchup to a genuine ketchup lover, as visually gratifying as the first bite was going to be. The ShadeScape® pergola had massive 10-inch wide posts, [...]

Rich Black Pergola w/Latticed Privacy Walls Hot Tub Cover

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Privacy walls are good windbreakers. You also reap the benefits of an aesthetically pleasing appeal, more shade, and extra protection from prying eyes, so you can comfortably grill, sunbath in a hot tub, and enjoy time with family. The ShadeScape® Kit is finished in an elegant Ebony stain.  Rich Black Ebony is a stunningly bold, eye-catching color that people love but do not consider as a practical option because black absorbs light and converts it to heat. There are many other things that factor into the basic physics and biology of how warm someone feels on a particular day. Humidity and wind are two examples. Timber is nature's best temperature regulator for human comfort. It can hold two temperatures at the same time on either side. While it is warm to the touch one side, it is refreshingly cool on the other. [...]

See Pavilion Plan for Middle of Lake/Pond

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Beautiful plans are the first step to the realization of your ultimate dream shelter. From a simple DIY Attached Entry Awning to an elaborate Open Outdoor Chapel, step into the architectural department of Western Timber Frame™ and there is a breathtaking array of concept design plans in the process. The top, side, back and at every angle, concept drawings give a stunning visual of the ShadeScape® kit before it is built. Although they are kits, each and every ShadeScape® shelter plan is uniquely designed to the specs, the layout of the landscape, and vision for the business, recreational facility or homeowners individual desired use. Flying all over the country to take photographs of all the installed arbors, gazebos, pavilions, trellises, bridges, fences, etc. isn't possible. So, I settle for [...]

Garden Pagoda or Pergola – What is the Difference?

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Providing architectural shade to a functional or botanical garden can transform an ordinary landscape into a park-like atmosphere – a backyard treasure house of play – surrounded in a collection of living plants. #GardenArborSwing #PoolShadePergola A garden pergola is designed to cover a sitting area, passage or walkway, with an open roof of cross beams or sometimes open lattices, supported by vertical pillar or posts. The Garden Pagoda #AsianGardenPagoda Unlike the pergola, a garden pagoda is similar to a pavilion in that it has a dedicated roof that protects from direct sunlight and rainfall. Where the pagoda differs from a pavilion is in the roof, featuring tiered upward curved roof eaves. Pagodas are square, hexagonal, or octagonal, in a plan. They vary in style, color, and material. [...]

17 Gazebos That Grab Attention

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Gazebos lift the spirit and are among the most captivating and beautiful architectural structures in the world. The name gazebo - means a shelter gaze from - where like the garden pagoda, people can rest and enjoy the surrounding view. Today, we have built gazebos to serve for multiple purposes, such as a spacious public area, park bandstand, outdoor kitchens, kiosks, reception centers, and more. Although traditionally, gazebos are octagonal with a turret-shaped covered roof, each DFY or DIY Gazebo Plan we design is as unique as the function or individual it is intended for. Take a picture tour view of seventeen timber frame gazebos kits installed for a few of our ShadeScape® families across the United States. #UniqueGazeboPlans #GazeboWithWindows #UniqueShapedGazebo #DeckWithGazebo [...]

Double Your Space w/Unique Solar Site Stand

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Western Timber Frame™ timber kits compliment solar installations by increasing the available installation roof area to allow for more panels, more flexible site suitability, and accommodates installation in unique and hard to reach areas all the while adding beauty and value to your projects. #SolarPergolaPlan Unique design process Each custom kit comes ready to assemble. We work with you on each project to craft a design that accommodates your site. Our architects offer valuable insight and design suggestions that are both beautiful & cost effective. One of the typical disadvantages of solar energy is that in order to generate the amount of electricity required, you usually need a substantial amount of roof space. In cases where you have a small roof, many corners, hips, and valleys, or if the orientation to the sun is not appropriate, [...]

25 Black Ebony Outdoor Living Timber Shade Shelters

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Feeling the cool breezes of shade beneath the massive timbers of a solid wood pergola is a very pleasing experience. You immediately become aware of being re-energized by the timber itself. Landscape color design analysts believe black to be a color of confidence, resilience, self-control, and authority. Black is is a powerful color and contrasts well with bright colors in landscape design on an outdoor shade structure. Sometimes, we have people say they prefer the look of Ebony ShadeScape® shelters but they want to be cool. Wood is a natural and extremely effective insulator. It retains heat during the daytime and releases heat at night. The black color of Ebony will keep you just as cool as any other stain color. Timber has its built-in natural thermostat. Just like a tree, the larger the dimensional scale of the wood the better it can regulate a thermal equilibrium for amelioration [...]