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An outdoor kitchen takes your entertainment style to a whole new level. A grill is great, but with an outdoor kitchen, you can prepare full meals with all the amenities available at your fingertips. Whether you have an existing outdoor kitchen or are going to install a custom or prefabricated design you can easily cover it with a ShadeScape® pavilion kit. Most ShadeScape® kits can be installed in as little as ONE AFTERNOON! Outdoor Kitchen Plan Ideas #DeckPergolaKitchenPlan #OutdoorKitchenPlan #2-ToneCoveredOutdoorBarbecuePlan #OutdoorKitchenDIYPavilionPlan With the help of a Design Manager, a ShadeScape® pavilion can everything you’ve dreamed about. An outdoor kitchen that is Straight, L-shaped, a U-shaped Outdoor Kitchen, Curved or Corner Kitchen, a Bar or Barbecue Island; no matter what your specifications, you can be sure that the outcome will be [...]

6 Post Early American Arizona Poolside Pergola

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Britt says she LOVES her new pergola! Design Manager Tyler Jenson designed this with 6 posts and the Early American stain gives this #TimberFramePergolaKit an eye-popping contrast with the lighter Arizona landscape. The 6000 Series was the perfect choice for the amount of space next to the pool. Thank-you, Britt for the photo! 6 Post Early American 6000 Series DIY Pergola Kit ShadeScape®: Pergola Structure Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 6000 Series Stain: Early American Beam Profile: Crescent Step Beam & Rafter Style: Classic Knee Brace Opt 2: Arched Knee Braces Roof Size Dimensions: Custom Footprint Size: Custom Post Size: 6" Btm of Support Beam Height: 8'6" Hardware: 6 Knife Plates Footing: Concrete Pad Already Exists Shipping and Job Schedule: 3-4 Weeks [...]

Wow! 51’5″ Step Tiered Cantilevered Roof Pergola

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Step tiered ShadeScape® Shelters, the combining of levels placed one above the other creates beautiful dimensions. The geometrical design puts on a delightful show of transitioning sunlights and shadows throughout the day. Paying attention to every detail, Design Manager Mark Mackert added a four-foot cantilever on the left side to ensure continual shade throughout the day covering the end of the patio. Step Tiered Cantilevered 8000 Series ShadeScape® Pergola DIY Kit Structure Type: Pergola Notes: 4' Cantilever on left side Project Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 8000 Series Stain: Rich Cordoba Beam Profile: Champion Knee Brace Style: Classic Knee Brace: Includes Arched Knee BracesArched w/ Keystone Roof Size Dimensions: 15'6" x 51'5" Footprint Size Dimensions: 12'6" x 48'5" Posts Size: 8" Height to the Bottom of Support Beam: 9' and 11' [...]

Stunning Swimming Pool Side Trellis w/firePit & Pergola

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You can admire great architecture and design from afar, but up-close --  great work in a natural environment is at its apex, in your own backyard. Best of all you don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy it, any and every day.   Molding an outdoor area into a family gathering place is easier than one might think. A ShadeScape® timber frame kit is designed to complement, harmonize or emulate the design of a residence or business. Design Manager, Mike Jenson designed this 8000 Series ShadeScape® Pergola to match the elements of the home. The white posts showcase the same dimensional pattern as seen on the exposed beams featured on the house.  On the far corner of the pool is a ShadeScape® #DIYTrellisKit featured with bench seating and a fire pit.     No matter if your goals are simple or complex, the experience [...]

Marriage of the Rustic & Refined in Pool Pergola

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Enjoy swimming and entertaining with the Old World look and feel of the romantic Renaissance style. Design Manager Shane Booth did an excellent job of gorgeously blending a traditional rustic timber style with the elegant Alpine Tuscany Style! The union of these two looks is fabulous! Awesome job, Shane. Tuscany Style ShadeScape® 8000 Series Pergola Kit ShadeScape® Type: Pergola Project Type: Freestanding Project Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Timber Size: 8000 Series Knee Brace Style: Classic Stain: Two Tone Stain Notes: Rich Cordoba Upper Post Stain: Alpine White Posts Beam Profile: Roosevelt Step Roof Size: 14x20 Footprint Size: 12x18 Btm of Support Beam: 8' Hardware: 4 Knife Plates Shipping and Job Schedule: 4-5 Weeks

Tile Roof Arizona 24’x20′ Pavilion Kit

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ShadeScape® #DIYPavilionKit is a beautiful combination of timber and tile, a vision of Design Manager Mark Mackert. A tile roof has some advantages when installing in the right climate. Here in Arizona, a #TileRoof can last over 100 years. As solid wood timber frame does, tile roofs also perform better in withstanding fire, hail and high winds and carries a class-A rating.  Tile Roof 8000 Series ShadeScape® DIY Pavilion Kit Specs Structure Type: Pavilion Note: 2' Overhangs and Gables on the 24' Sides Project Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Size of Timbers: 8000 Series Stain: Rich Cordoba Beam Profile: Roosevelt Step Knee Brace Style: Classic Knee Brace: Includes Arched Knee Braces Roof Size Dimensions: 24' x 20' Footprint Size Dimensions: 20' x 16' Post Size: 8" Height to the Bottom of Support [...]

6 Reasons to Plant a Canopy Instead of a Tree

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To plant is to place or fix something into a specified position and often must be well thought out in advance. When setting or positioning a tree close to a home or facility, an important factor is to consider how tall it will grow, how far it will branch and root out. If the benefit of planting a tree is for the comfort of shade, a timber frame shade shelter kit will provide a protective canopy without any obstacles. Timber is temperature regulating just as trees are. Like a good shade tree, ShadeScape® canopy timber kits have a perfect light to shade ratio of 85%. The benefits of building a canopy with a ShadeScape® kit instead of a shade tree are: 1. No clearing tree limbs from overhead power lines and utilizes. 2. No strong winds [...]

Create Shade With 9 Aesthetically Uptown Colors

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Making a bold statement or subdued surrounding can be achieved primarily through the premium stain choice. Western Timber Frame™ offers nine classic stain color choices as well as custom stain colors. A new and unique style can be achieved through a combination of multi-stain choices. Two-tone stains colors are popular, adding depth, beauty, and intrigue. Dry space areas such as beneath a porch or deck, are often stained with a lighter stain which gives the illusion of even more height. Families enjoy the open and brighter ambiance it creates. For more color ideas, check out the page links to our nine standard stains with several photos of ShadeScape® pergolas, pavilions, arbors, trellises, gazebos and more. #ThreeStainPergolaKit Navigation Keys For An Array of ShadeScape® Kits In One Stain Color Choice [...]

Fast Swimming Pool Shade w/Integrated Power

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Patented interlocking The Dovetail Difference® makes putting a kit together fast and easy and built to last with Old World Craftsmanship. It can be installed for you or it can easily install by yourself with the help of a friend.  ShadeScape® kits are for decks, covered patios, poolside shade to whatever you dream of to fit for each unique landscape. They can be free-standing or attached to a home or business. Today's featured ShadeScape® pergola kit was a project of Design Manager Mike Jenson for a backyard pool area that needed shade. The pergola is equipped with integrated outdoor power, the TimberVolt® Inferno power post. Many people are intrigued as to how we drill a hole through the entire length of such a long post. The actual process is pretty fascinating and requires a great deal of skill from an experienced timber wright [...]

Early American 6 Post 12′ x 24′ Pergola Kit

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Early American gives a solid, earthy appeal to a landscape and is extremely popular in our outdoor solid wood timber frame structures. It is a protective color that gives a sense of belonging. Today's featured project is a six-post 8000 Series ShadeScape® pergola, a design of Design Manager Brian Thompson. When contrasting a darker hue over a light background it creates more depth to a landscape; beautifully done. This DIY shade kit also has the TimberVolt® power post. Early American ShadeScape® 8000 Series 6 Post DFY Pergola Kit Outdoor Power: TimberVolt® Power Post Structure Type: Freestanding Structure Style: Traditional Wood Type: Douglas Fir Size of Timbers: 8000 Series Stain: Early American Beam Profile: Champion Knee Brace Style: Classic Roof Size Dimensions: 12' x 24' Footprint Size Dimensions: 10' x 22' Overall Structure Height: 11' Post Size: 8" [...]