Resourceful Organizational & Commercial Outdoor Space

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An outdoor timber frame arbor, pergola, pavilion or gazebo is a welcome sign, creating a congenial thinking-of-you environment. Restaurants, hotels, churches, hospitals etc. and commercial establishments are being more resourceful than ever before by maximizing the potential of their outdoor spaces. Even the smallest of physical wasted space have been utilized into an effective sidewalk café, patio dining, seating areas, WiFi and phone charging stations for employees and/or clientele. In our digitized, on-the-go and ever diverse culture, some business organizations and commercial establishments believe that by capitalizing on their natural open outdoor spaces they are focusing on efficiency and increasing their employees productivity. It is awesome to have an outdoor workspace you can retreat to with a sense of getting out of the office, not having to go anywhere. It creates a great environment that feels less trapped to be able to [...]

An Architectural Classic Heirloom • Landscaping Masterpieces

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Trends, styles, fashion, "what's in and what's out" in architectural landscaping for the year 2016? Your own judgment in style and taste, and how you want to use your backyard, is what matters most in preparing to design a functional backyard landscape, yet checking out the latest trends, styles and fashions is a good idea. By exploring the richness of creativity and artistic imagination shared by others, literally available at our fingertips, we can discover, be inspired and feel more empowered, to create our own unique outdoor environments, to our own personal taste, in ways we may never have thought of before. The human spirit has always enjoyed the unique, the surprising, something new to delight and awaken the mind to the beauty of this world. 21st Century technology has paved the way for free-spirited architects to be [...]

What Outdoor Structure Are You Looking For?

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I have customers call in or email on a regular basis that are looking for some type of outdoor structure but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what these structures are called. They say they want an Arbor and after asking a few questions I see they want a Pergola or they ask about a Gazebo and I find what they really mean is a Pavilion. Even in the articles written on outdoor living I see many different names for the same structure types. This is not too surprising to me since there are so many outdoor structure names. For example there are Pergolas, Arbors, Awnings, Trellises, Pavilions and Gazebos. This is my effort to try to get us on the same page. I will start on the smaller structures and work my way up to the larger. An awning is [...]

DIY Heavy Timber Arbor, Craftsmanship of Old World Architecture

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Western Timber Frame™ arbors and trellises are built with heavy timbers and the award-winning mortised joint system called The Dovetail Difference™ that utilizing the best qualities from the traditional craftsmanship of old world architecture with the precision of advanced technology. The Dovetail Difference™ dovetail joint system interlocks fastening the timber together for a tight fit while allowing for the natural expanding and contracting of wood. Western Timber Frame™ arbors and trellises use quality grade timber as found in outstanding historical Dutch and Colonial gardens and landscapes. Western Timber Frame™ can match or compliment any architectural style to taste with the finest in quality arbors and trellises. All of Western Timber Frame™ timber frame kits are numbered, pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-notched for a fast, efficient assembly process. Below is the steps before installing the DIY timber frame arbor kit. Design Manager Tyler sent us these photos [...]

Easily Build a Fast DIY Beautiful Backyard Shade Structure

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A ShadeScape® shade structure from Western Timber Frame™ is a piece of cake. Slide Circled Arrows for Before and After You can easily build a beautiful do-it-yourself backyard shade shelter and go from this.... ... to this...  in as little as ONE AFTERNOON! How can installing a MASSIVE, oversized timber frame structure be a picnic? There are many reasons, but firstly, there is an essential element that makes a Western Timber Frame™ architectural shade structure: • Stronger • More Durable • More Aesthetically Pleasing • Faster & so Much Easier to Install than modern conventional timber frame structures or ancient time-proven architectural timber frame structures. The essential [...]

Handsome Timber DIY Arbor Kit with Metal Balusters

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This area of Washington is naturally landscaped, thickly forested with large, coniferous trees. It has an oceanic climate with a pattern of strong rainfall in the winter. October through May have 90% of the annual precipitation and then July and August are almost completely dry. A timber frame arbor is a great material for this kind weather conditions like this. The natural air pockets within timber adds to its structural stability and is less affected by temperature extremes or prone to condensation, naturally dampening out resonate frequencies, maintaining its integrity. A handsome rough-sawn Douglas-fir timber frame DIY arbor kit with decorative metal balusters and Early American stain finish adds an inviting charm to this landscape. This DIY arbor kit features arched support beams, 2 decorative keystones; posts are 6" x 6", 2" x 8" rafters, 2"x 4" shade planks, 8'2" posts. It has  3x10 [...]

20 Cool Pool Side Shade: Pergolas, Pavilions & Arbors

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Sunshine and swimming pools are a natural hallmark of summer months. For pool lovers, shade, a refuge from the burning midday sun is also a priority. A timber frame pergola is the best solution for the most comfortable shade relief and UV protection, also giving beautiful ambiance and style. These large-scale permanent massive scale structures also add value to the home. A lounge chair or outdoor furniture and other accessories can create an enjoyable place to retreat and relax with family and friends and enjoy the water and sun as much as you like. Here for your enjoyment are 20 cool pool side timber frame DIY pergolas, pavilions and arbors kits installed for more comfortable shade. Then scroll on down below for all the full details of each timber frame shade structure kit. [...]

Livelier Landscape: 10 Gorgeous Garden & Poolside DIY Arbor Kits

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”Arbor” literally means a tree, orchard, or shade covering. Arbor and Trellis structures are an excellent way to accent your backyard living space. They are often used in conjunction with a pergola, gazebo, or pavilion to accent a walkway, hidden corner, or provide shade for a swing, or bench. Arbors are also a great way to provide a small amount of shade to a dedicated area or walk way. Western Timber Frame™ Arbors and Trellises are heavy-duty utilizing patent pending design, The Dovetail Difference™ joint method for superior strength and a minimum of maintenance. Enjoy ten gorgeous garden and poolside DIY arbor kits installed for a livelier landscape design. [/fusion_builder_column] [/fusion_builder_column] [/fusion_builder_column] #1 A timber frame DIY arbor kit installed over entryway featuring [...]

Is it a kit? What’s the cost? How do I…?

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A 30′ x 40′ ShadeScape™ solid wood timber frame pergola kit featuring Classic knee braces, Crescent beam end profiles and finished in an premium high-grade UV protective Rich Cordoba timber stain. "I really like the 30′ x 40′ Western Timber Frame pergola." "
Does it come as a kit?" "
How would I go about building it?" "What is the approximate cost?
"                                               — Fred As these questions are general queries were are often asked, I am republishing David’s reply here. First, I would like to add, that most our kits are considered "custom" but we still follow a standardized method for design. This allows us to maintain quality control and to maintain our unique styles and branding and maintain better pricing. Thanks again, Fred for your inquiries. Hey Fred, Yes, all of our timber pergolas, pavilions and gazebos are permanent outdoor shade structures, available as kits. Each kit has [...]

12 DIY Arbors, Awnings, Decks, Pavilions, Pergolas & Bridge in Rich Sequoia

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Rich Sequoia works especially well in most landscape designs because of its rich reddish hue; which is a complementary to the color green, a dominate colorant in landscaping. For instance, in painting if an artist wishes to achieve a more vibrant and visually interesting painting through the method of applying an under-painting they will oft times add a combination of a warm red with a cooler red beneath a green landscape. A solid wood timber frame outdoor shade structure, wood deck, bridge or garden arbor & trellises finished in a Rich Sequoia stain is an awakening, bold and dynamic color that demands attention. Although Rich Sequoia stain is vibrant it also adds an inviting warmth for an artistic landscaping. The red mahogany-like hue of Rich Sequoia stain boosts mental and physical energy, equated with a determination and power to go after [...]

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