3 Testimonials

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The 3 Testimonials Ready to get started? Call us at 801-331-6690. Or go to https://www.westerntimberframe.com/contact-us/ to start your project. Scott Becker talks about how his ShadeScape® Pergola helped them use their backyard more. Check out Jennifer and Jeff Byers's poolside ShadeScape® Pergola and Arbor. Imagine spending a day there! And finish by checking out Kendall Grose's ShadeScape® third Gabled Pavilion. And learn just how he picked it out. All designs trademarked by Western Timber Frame®. Scott Becker Draper, UT "My experience from the beginning for the end was fantastic... any concerns or any time I had a call for questions they were prompt to get back to me... It was a fantastic experience. Yes I would absolutly reccomend Western Timber Frame® to do your work" Jennifer & Jeff Byers Fruit Heights, UT "We wanted to do some special in our backyard and [...]

50 Architectural Landscaping Trends for 2016

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Apprise the Architectural Landscaping Trends for 2016. Enjoying time together outside in the form of backyard barbecues, porch visits and parties has been a traditional way of American life but gone are the days when a yard was used only a few months of the year. Today, in America, outdoor living retreats are high in consumer demand, growing more convenient and elaborate than just a patio and grill. The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) conducted a Residential Landscape Architectural Trend Survey for 2016 reporting that residential landscapes are attractively designed for relaxation and entertainment maintaining strong continuing growth in popularity towards sustainable, low-maintenance designs. As the demand for well-designed, low-maintenance and sustainable outdoor living spaces continues to increase manufacturers have acted in response by creating new and more innovative products. Entertainment areas with amenities such as kitchens, installed dining and [...]

Cherishing American Tradition of Family; In Touch Face-to-face

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Gather together on a beautiful, summer night, a stargazing fall evening, or enhance a cool winter afternoon with the melting of marshmallows and eating s’mores with family and friends in an outdoor living room. A timber framed pergola complimented with an outdoor fire pit as part of a landscape can extend the time and seasons that you and your family can enjoy with each other in the outdoors. The fire pit provides warmth and a romantic ambiance, making it a natural gathering place to relax, socialize and entertain. There is something about a campfire-like atmosphere that draws people to spend time together with story-telling and laughter. The natural warmth of a timber framed pergola with a fire pit also creates an important focal point in your outdoor landscape design. In this world of texting, cell phones and instant messaging there is a tendency to substitute social media and electronics [...]

Communities, Cooperatives and a Common Social Cohesion

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Bridging differences in cultures, races, faiths and points of view to work together for solutions to concerns that might threaten our future is a popular challenge often voiced by the mainstream media of today. Differences can open the eyes to new experiences, broadening perspectives, elicit surprise and possibly even humorous us. For instance, the Center of Intercultural Competence states that in Africa it is said that if a female friend tells another woman she has not seen in a while that she has put on some weight she is either complimenting her on her health or telling her she had a nice holiday. Here in America, I deem that most women would take that as an insult. Simple things such as shaking the head or hand gestures can also be interpreted with widely varying meanings differing from culture to culture. It is however the things that people hold in [...]

Eight Tips To Planning the Perfect Family Staycation

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Unplug from most of the world For a real staycation you have to step back from whatever consumes most of your time such as work, social media or volunteering. You can let people know you will be away, take time off work, and set up an automatic e-mail reply, etc.Set a planned goal A staycation can be a time to do things you haven’t had time for. Pick a project or hobby such as adding to you backyard landscape or spending time as a family swimming while teaching someone younger how to swim. If you are doing a big project plan some fun activities to enjoy together with relaxing time in between so it is actually a vacation and not a work project to recover from. Eating Out Some If you are not spending money on hotels and transportation it is easier to afford eating out some. You might [...]

Live Well, Spend Less, Staycation Ideas Close to Home

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A staycation is a relaxing combination of staying close or at home on a vacation away from the daily routines of your life. Unlike a vacation that can be physically draining and sometimes exhausting, a staycation can energize and revitalize your life. No checking in hotels or flights and vacationing with strangers. No wasted travel days at the beginning and end of a vacation. One big advantage is the money you save without high fuel, rental car, airfare or hotel expenses. Even when cost isn't a deciding factor, work obligations and health issues can prevent us from traveling far. That doesn't mean you can't have a great time and still save money. Here are a few suggestions that might inspire you for even more creative ideas for your own staycation: Easy Meals Save money and enjoy the pleasures of good, fast and easy home cooked meals. If you plan [...]

Timber Frame Arbor, Pergola, Pavilion Gazebo Kit: What To Expect

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• Deposit: Once deposit is placed the order it can then be processed. Typical processing time is about 3-4 weeks. (Always give a range of time unless the job requires a set deadline to meet.) • Balance due: Final balance due once the product is completed and ready for shipping. We do not ship product that has not been paid for. For installations, the balance is due upon installation. Client can give a check to the installation foreman or pay for balance with credit card on file (or they may express to have the balance on a different card). If client is not going to be home they can leave a check with foreman, pay with credit card once they are home and inspect project, or send check next day after inspection. • Material used: We use a #1 appearance grade, rough sawn timber for all our kits. Although [...]

Timber Frame Pergola or Pavilion Kit; Expanding Your Outdoor Living

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Extending your home's natural environment can enhance your home's appeal and increase the size of your living area. An outdoor pavilion or pergola can connect you to your yard and create a welcoming escape. A pergola is wonderful for enjoying those gentle breezes, rich earth and a garden like atmosphere so irresistible during the warm summer months. Some enjoy a year round relationship with the outdoors and a pavilion with its entirely enclosed roof may be preferable in some settings. Decide what kind of addition is right for you by identifying the activities that are consistent with how you and your family live. Do you enjoy cooking outdoors? Are you a gardener or sunbather? Do you like a place for playing with the kids or a quiet place to start your day with a warm cup of coffee? Will it be an extra bedroom, pool house, walk out or [...]

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