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Couple Builds Home Getaway at Breathtaking Pace

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One attached timber frame pavilion and two large oversized pergolas are installed at a breathtaking pace, in just a few hours! Not by professionals but by the conjoined efforts of a husband and wife, team. Bill —our ShadeScape® owner— installed the entire project (including the metal roof) with just him and his wife, Jennifer! What an amazing husband and wife accomplish —their own private backyard retreat— they installed themselves. How big was their accomplishment? 13ft x 67ft — 2 Pergolas and an Attached Pavilion kit.. Western Timber Frame® makes installing an outdoor living space as easy as ever with with virtual design appointments via the computer, consultations over the phone or by email and we ship all over the country. Here are just few of many benefits and reasons people choose to [...]

Luxury Cabana Living — Book, Rent or Easy Build Your Own

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The purpose of a cabana is to be sumptuously pampered. Imagine an exquisite resort-style cabana getaway —  reserved and available anytime — just for you. Timber frame ShadeScape® cabana kits are the elite in luxury protective living shelters serving numerous avenues for home, business, and recreational avenues. It is engineered with wood-to-wood connections and a state of the art design called The Dovetail Difference® — creating a shelter that is unsurpassed in strength and durability.    Cabanas Around the World Girl Relaxing Beneath ShadeScape® Cabana Kit Around the world, the word "cabana" can mean several things. Cabana is a capital city in Peru, a municipality in Cuba, Honduras and Spain; an ancient lake in South America, and an island off the coast of Portugal. It is also a brand of cigar, fast-food restaurant chain, passenger [...]